Where Snow Roses Grow

Summary: A series of short glimpses into the life of Kaname and Zero, in a different time.

A/N: This is my very first fanfiction after a very long time, and I have only decided to write again simply because VK is incessantly occupying my mind, particularly Kaname and Zero. I find them very intriguing to say the least and I can't help but explore the possible relationship they could form, and I would love to have your reviews.

Disclaimer: I do not own VK

I. A very long walk

Kaname ate the last piece of his dango as he followed behind his parents, careful not let the sweet syrup stain the sleeves of his kimono, and the newly brought scarf. He chewed the soft treat and watched his eight-year-old sister sleep soundly in his mother's arms; a new doll snuggled in her embrace. He suddenly gave out quite a long yawn, as if the sight of Yuuki made him sleepy, going around the nearby village had somehow tired him.

"Kaname, come here," Haruka beckoned, looking back as he noticed his young son wasn't beside him. Kaname was only happy to run to his father's side, and hesitated a moment before he held out his arms, wanting to be carried as well. Haruka understood the silent request, and lifted his son onto his back with ease. Their precious little boy will be turning ten in a few days; and Haruka is cherishing this moment, while his son still wants a piggy back ride from him.

"Otousama, why do we live so faraway?" Kaname asked, so innocent, as he adjusted his pale arms around his father's neck.

They live up high in the mountains; hidden in a lush forest of old giant pines. Together with a few close relatives, they occupy a compound of relative size, secluded from the world. And right now, the contented Kurans are making their long way home after a pleasant afternoon in the local market.

"To keep us safe my son, to keep us all safe," Haruka replied.