Mirany slid underneath the car, reaching back out to pull her toolbox down beside her, rummaging through it for a spanner.

"Latest killer news?" she grunted, fiddling with the car.

"The police found out that the vics were getting killed by stakes to the heart," said Josh, grinning as he watched her from his position on his stomach. "Very vampirey. And they also discovered that each of the vics wanders through graveyards at night. Someone is out there, thinking that they are literally killing vampires."

Josh's short orange hair was gelled up in a tiny moe-hawk and his light brown eyes were gleaming with amusement. The idea that someone believed in vampires seemed to be very funny to him. His long, gangly body stretched from underneath another car right up to the car that Mirany was working on.

"How many does this make?" asked David, tossing Josh a screw-driver and gesturing towards another garage, where their boss was working on a car. Josh got the message and started working on his car.

"Ten over the past three weeks," said Mirany. "Well, that's what it was a couple of days ago."

Mirany emerged from underneath the car and got to her feet, brushing herself down. Her long brown hair was tied back in a messy ponytail but her fringe hung in her muddy brown eyes. She was tall for a seventeen year old and had a very fiery personality. Every now and then, her voice would get a bit of an English twang to it. She had moved to America when she was ten.

"Do they have any suspects?" she asked.

"Not that I know of," said David.

"Although they say that the murderer is likely to be female and slightly mad," said Josh. "So Mirany, is there something you'd like to tell us?"

Mirany scowled.

"I know you don't want to hear this but, he's right. You would be a fairly good candidate," said David thoughtfully.

Mirany turned to the boy. His light green eyes were magnified behind rectangular glasses, and his blonde hair was brushed smoothly to the side.

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes," said David, apparently unaware that this statement could cost him his life. "You're very much a night-time girl. You're strong, athletic. You're interested in the supernatural, and you look pretty harmless, thereby lulling victims in a false sense of security."

"Sorry to disappoint Dave but, I'm not the 'Vampire Slayer' as I'm sure Josh would love to put it. Keep on guessing. I'M HEADING OFF MIKE!"

Mirany's boss waved to show that he had heard her and Mirany grinned at Josh and David.

"If there will be no more questions, I have vampires to stab," she said sarcastically as she climbed onto her Harley. "See you next week."

Mirany kicked the bike into life and drove out of the garage.


Mirany sat down, bottle of beer in her hand, and stared at the sheets of paper that were spread across her coffee table. Pictures of the victims - her victims - newspaper articles, even pictures of the crime scenes littered the surface.

She picked up a picture of the latest boy and sighed. He had been seventeen when the stake had been driven into his heart. According to a newspaper article, he would have turned eighteen in a week. He had been out celebrating when he had been separated from the others. Stumbling through the graveyard, he had run into the wrong girl.

"Well, I like the place," said a voice from the front door. "It's a little big for my tastes, but it still has a nice bat-cave sort of a feel to it."

Mirany whipped around. A man stood in the doorway. He had dark brown hair which was spiked up messily, his eyes were black and he was very tall and looked extremely muscular.

"Who are you?" she grunted.

"Well, I haven't come in yet, so I'd say that I was a vampire," said the man. "But don't worry. I don't bite."

Mirany scooped up a cross bow, aiming the bolt straight at the vampire's heart.

"Come in," she said, in a voice that clearly told the vampire 'one wrong move and you'll have an arrow through your heart.'

The vampire didn't seem discouraged by that and entered the mansion.

"Working in a garage pays this well?" he asked. "Maybe I should switch professions."

"Who are you, and what the hell are you doing here?" asked Mirany.

"You've got a one track mind, did you know that?" asked the vampire.

Mirany slammed him against the wall, holding him a foot off the ground by his neck, the cross-bow bolt pressed against his chest, right above his heart.

"Maybe you haven't noticed, but I'm not in the mood for games. Answer the questions," she snapped.

"Put me down Mirany. I'm not here to fight you. I could overpower you of course, but still, you are the Slayer and I don't want to get bruised."

Mirany stared at him.

"What the hell are you on about?" she asked.

The vampire looked at her expectantly and Mirany let go of his throat reluctantly.

"Thank you," said the vampire. "Sit down."

Mirany didn't move.

"Sit down," repeated the vampire calmly, but there was a threat in his voice.

Mirany could tell that this was one vampire that she wasn't about to intimidate and sat down. The vampire stayed on his feet.

"My name is Angel," said the vampire. "I've heard a lot about what you've been doing lately."

"What is it exactly that you think I've been doing?" asked Mirany testily.

Angel picked up a few of the papers on her coffee table.

"Well either you've been investigating these murders...or you committed them."

Mirany's jaw set.

"Committed them," said Angel. "I just had to make sure."

"I didn't say anything," said Mirany indignantly.

"What happened Mirany? They try to take you home with them?"

Mirany got to her feet angrily.

"Get out," she snapped. "Now."

Angel looked at her, amused.

"Make me."

Mirany smirked.

"You should not have said that," she said.

Mirany swung her fist at Angel's head and he ducked, slamming his palm into her solar plexus. Mirany groaned, doubling over. Angel grabbed her in a strangle hold with one arm and twisted her right arm behind her with his other. Mirany struggled slightly but Angel pushed tighter on her wind pipe. She froze.

"I'm stronger and faster than you Mirany. I will use that to my advantage."

"Bite me," snapped Mirany.

"Calm down Mirany."

She kicked him hard in the shins and Angel grinned.

"I was so hoping you'd do that."

Angel threw Mirany hard against the wall and she collapsed.


Mirany groaned as she woke up. Her head was throbbing where she had been hit and there were heavy manacles around her wrists. Mirany caught sight of Angel sitting nearby and glared at him.

"What did you hit me with?" she asked.

"A mansion," said Angel shortly. "Sorry about the chains. It's not that I don't trust you it's...actually, it is that I don't trust you."

"Whatever. Just let me out of the chains," Mirany snapped.

"No," said Angel.

"Look, I was chained up last week, so I really don't need a repetition. Unlock the chains."

"Actually, I knocked you out last week. You've been asleep nearly five days."

Mirany scowled.

"Great," she muttered. "That's just what I need. If I get fired I'm going to murder you."

"Why? It's not like you need the money. You're a billionaire Mirany. Your parents died and left you everything. The money, the mansion, the cars, the bikes. Why are you working? You've got everything you need. What else could you possibly want?"

"You can't buy true friends," said Mirany shortly.

"A car yard?" asked Angel disbelievingly.

"I like it there! And I'm good with cars. And bikes. I guess I like things with wheels. Always have actually. And the guys there are fun. Look, just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't like cars. I'm a great mechanic."

"And a murderer," Angel added.

Mirany sighed.

"And a murderer," she agreed.

"A drunk murderer I might add," said Angel. "Why did you do it Mirany?"

"What? Drink? Maybe to lift my very low spirits. But don't worry. I don't do drugs as well. I don't like lethal cocktails."

"You know what I mean."

Mirany paused, searching for an explanation.

"I'm the Slayer. I see someone in a graveyard at night, my instincts take over. I immediately think 'vampire'. I can't tell what's what until it's too late."

"Three weeks in a row Mirany. You've killed ten people. You need help. You know that right?"

Mirany glared at him.

Angel sighed.

"I'll be back soon," he said, leaving the room.

"Don't feel you have to hurry because of me. Take your time," Mirany called after him.

Angel ignored her and shook his head as he entered the lobby. Wesley and Connor looked up.

"How're you goin'?" asked Connor.

"It's like talking to a brick wall," said Angel. "Only you get more from a wall."

"I can have a go," said Connor, almost eagerly.

"You wish," said Angel. "I'm not trying to raise her body count."

"Hey, I can hit on people from the other side of a room," said Connor, pouting slightly.

Angel ignored him. Connor was slightly older than Mirany, having just turned eighteen. He had scruffy, light brown hair and eyes to match. He was tall and extremely strong, having inherited his father's strength and agility.

"I have no idea how to get through to her," Angel confessed. "She's been doing this for too long. I told you we should have intervened sooner."

"If we had intervened any sooner you would be a pile of dust," said Wesley. "And the only reason you're not is because she wants help. She wouldn't have a week ago."

"The only reason I'm not dust is because I'm stronger than her," said Angel. "She doesn't want help now any more than she would have wanted it back then. But that was when we should have stepped in. Not now. We're too late."

Wesley sighed. He had dark brown hair and grey eyes, which were hidden behind rectangular glasses. He was English and until two years ago, had been a Watcher, before the Watcher's Council had thrown him out. Angel ran a hand through his hair frustratedly, unable to come up with any sort of plan to get Mirany to talk about what she had done.

"Do you think she would open up to someone who hasn't bashed her head in?" asked Cordelia, walking in.

Cordelia's hair was a lot like Mirany's, long and dark brown. Cordelia had brown eyes and looked like she should be a super-model, not a demon hunter.

"No," said Angel. "At least she knows who I am. I think she likes having that advantage. She'd be likely to attack if she didn't know who she was talking to. Or, not talking to."

"It really bothers you, doesn't it?" asked Cordelia. "That a teenage girl, someone that should only have to worry about boys and grades, is murdering people and shutting you out?"

"Yeah," said Angel shortly. "It bothers me. She has a soul. She can't just live with this. She's killed ten people in a month. That's not something you just get over. You should have seen her house. It looks like a serial killer's house. You know, the wall of death or whatever. She's got pictures and information on these guys. Seeing that every day, the guilt would be...unbearable."

"We are still talking about the girl right?" asked Cordelia.

Angel glared at her.

"Sorry," said Cordelia. "Just had to ask."

"She has a point Angel. Tell the girl about yourself," said Wesley. "Relate to her."

"No," said Angel. "She doesn't want to relate to someone. She just doesn't want to feel the pain that the guilt has brought upon her."

"Then make her," said Connor. "It's obviously the only way she'll open up. Make her feel that pain. I'm sorry but I think you need to make her hate you."


"I didn't want to do this Mirany, but you're giving me no choice."

Mirany looked at him, confused.

"What? You're finally gonna let me go?"

Angel glared at her.

"Did Andrew Baker take long to die?" he asked.

Mirany tensed.

"And what about Mark Harrison?" Angel continued. "Cary Donning?"

"Enough," said Mirany, shaking. "Enough."

To Angel's surprise, Mirany crushed the manacles around her wrists in her hands and got to her feet. He hadn't realised how strong this Slayer was.

"If you haven't got anything else to say, I'm leaving," she said tersely, heading towards the door.

"Don't get fooled by those manacles. They were half a centimetre thick. That door is a three inches thick. You won't be able to bust that."

Mirany turned around, glaring at him.

"Let me out," she said, her voice shaking with anger and pain.

"No," said Angel simply. "Why won't you talk to me Mirany? I can help you."

"No, you can't," said Mirany, hitting the wall with anger. "No one can. I put my heart in a box and I threw away the key. I made sure of it."

Mirany sunk to the ground, tears running down her face.

"I didn't...I didn't want to hurt anyone. I've made mistakes, alright? But that's all they were. Just mistakes."

"Mistakes that cost people their lives," said Angel.

Mirany was looking anywhere but at him.

"Why?" he asked.

"You know what?" asked Mirany, composing herself far too quickly and scrambling back to her feet. "I don't care. I don't care anymore. I did what I did, and I did it with a clear conscience. Stick me jail, kill me, I don't care. It doesn't matter anymore. None of it matters. Those men, they don't matter anymore. I've had enough of feeling sorry for them. I've made up my mind. They don't matter."

"You don't mean that," said Angel.

"Prove it," Mirany snapped. "Go on. Prove that I don't mean it. You can't."

Angel pulled a handful of the pictures that were on Mirany's table and handed them to her. Mirany stared at them, but not really seeing them at all. With every photo that she saw, she thought back to how they died.

"If they didn't matter, you wouldn't have tried to remember them. You wouldn't have passed their pictures everyday if they didn't matter. You tried to remember their faces, their names. Their lives and their deaths. Whether they had someone to mourn them or not, you made sure that they wouldn't be forgotten. They matter to you Mirany. They call out to you all the time. You're constantly swamped by memories of them. To you, they mean the world."

Mirany swallowed, tears sparkling in her eyes again, but Angel wasn't finished yet. He gathered up the last of his argument and brought it home.

"You're a seventeen year old girl Mirany. You don't have to go through this alone. You can't go through this alone. I know what it's like to have killed. To feel what you felt with every life taken. To try to live while the weight of their death's press on your shoulders. I can help you Mirany, but you need to trust me."

Angel paused, waiting for Mirany to speak, but she seemed unable to say a word.

"Those men died because you are untrained, careless and angry. I don't know what you're angry about, and I sure as hell don't care. I care about the people that have fallen victim to your anger. You need help Mirany, and you need it now."

Mirany dropped to her hands and knees and sobbed. Angel knelt down beside her, feeling extremely bad about what he had just done, and pulled her into his chest.

"My brother...My brother deserted me when my parents died. A couple of weeks later...the police found his body."

Angel sighed.

"Maybe by walking out, your brother gave you your life," he said.

Mirany didn't reply as she tried to collect herself again. After a few minutes, she got back to her feet and Angel followed.

"Well...it was terrible meeting you and I hope we never see each other again," said Mirany truthfully. "And even though I know that that's not going to happen...don't drop by any time soon."

"Normally, I would agree but, you're working with me from now on."

Mirany glared at him.

"I'm thankful for everything that you've done for me. You know the whole, making me hurt and chaining me up and stuff, but there is no way I am going to work with you," said Mirany stubbornly. "The day that I agree to work with you will be the day that hell freezes over."

"Since when did you have to agree?"

"I'm not going to work with you," said Mirany firmly. "No. I refuse to work with you."

"Let me make this quite clear," said Angel. "If you don't work with me, I'll hand you over to child services and tell the police who's been murdering people. It's your choice of course but I would think twice before you refuse again."

"That's blackmail," said Mirany. "You can go to jail for that too."

"I like to think of it as an agreement where I win either way," said Angel. "I can help you move on Mirany. You'll find that very hard to do that if you don't work with me."

Mirany sighed.

"Deal," she said, defeated. "Can I go now? Please? Or aren't you finished annoying the hell out of me?"

Angel unlocked the door and held it open for her.

"I'll drive you home," he said.


"Why are we here?" asked Mirany.

"To teach you the difference between vampires and humans," said Angel, jumping out of the convertible and walking into the graveyard, Mirany trailing behind him despondently.

"But why are we here?" asked Mirany. "We've passed like, ten graveyards on our way here, which I might add, is in the opposite direction to where my place is. Why this graveyard?"

"Is there a problem with this graveyard?" asked Angel, looking at her questioningly.

Mirany's jaw set and she squared her shoulders.

"I'd just like to keep one graveyard death free," she said.

"You haven't patrolled in this graveyard?" asked Angel. "Why not?"

"My house is fifty miles away," said Mirany. "You figure it out."

Angel looked at her, annoyed.

"You mean mansion. And are you coming or not?" he asked.

Mirany scowled at him.

"Of course I'm coming. I'm not scared of a graveyard."

"Then hurry up," said Angel, tossing her a stake.

Mirany paused before hurrying after Angel, sticking close to his side.

"Try to use that on me and it'll be the last thing you do," said Angel threateningly.

Mirany grumbled an understanding as she caught sight of a group of graves up ahead, quickly changing direction.

"Where are you going?" asked Angel, seizing her around the waist to stop her.

"I just think we should split up. You know, cover more ground. You go that way and I'll go this way," said Mirany, struggling to loosen Angel's grip.

"No, we should stick together," said Angel, pulling her on. "You don't need to kill anyone else."

"I think I heard something over that way," said Mirany, desperately trying to get away from Angel.

"Imagination," said Angel simply.

Mirany shook herself free and glared at Angel.

"Take a hint," she snapped. "I don't want to go that way."

"Hint taken," said Angel, a warning in his voice. "Hint ignored."

"Look I realise that because you're not human, you don't have emotions, but some of us do. And mine will go into overdrive if I go that way."

"Because I have a soul I am capable of human emotion," said Angel calmly. "And I know that seeing your family's graves is going to be hard on you, but you can't live your life unless you face your fears Mirany."

"We didn't come here to patrol," said Mirany, scowling. "We came here so that you could play Doctor Phil."

"Take your heart out of its box Mirany," Angel snapped. "Because at the moment, I'm more human than you are."

That stung Mirany and Angel knew that he had just crossed a line.

"You son-of-a... You don't care, do you?" Mirany asked. "Do you know how my parents died?"

Angel shook his head, wary of the answer.

"They were killed by vampires, right in front of me. Two of them held me down while the others pigged out. They made me watch."

"Mirany..." Angel started, staring behind her.

"And my brother? My brother died because I was careless. Because I didn't bother to make sure that the bloody demon was dead. You wanna know why those people died? It's because I wasn't going to make the same mistake again."

"How touching," sneered a voice from behind her. "It all seems so hard to bear."

Mirany stiffened, her face masked.

"You know what was the best bit about that story?" asked the vampire happily. "Your calling him a son of a bitch. That was heartfelt."

The vampire chuckled. Mirany waited until it grabbed her before she sprang into action. She hit and kicked the vampire until it resembled a bloody pulp, only then did she stab it in the heart with her stake.

Mirany turned back to Angel, only to find that he was standing in front of her mother's grave, reading the headstones of her family. Mirany scowled and started to walk away. She wasn't going to take the bait.

"It's fifty miles to your place," Angel called after her. "Which begs the question, why did you bury them so far away? Seems like a very odd thing to do."

Mirany stood stock still as Angel came up behind her. She could feel his cold breath on the back of her neck as he leant in towards her. She was shaking slightly, almost afraid of what he was going to say to her this time around. Afraid of what he was going to make her feel.

"I'll tell you why. Because you didn't want to face your past. Your mistakes," he whispered in her ear. "You didn't want to remember what you just told me. You simply wanted to run away from your old life. You wanted to stop being Mirany Hunter and just be the Vampire Slayer. You made sure that they were buried far away so that you didn't have to search for the key that revealed your heart."

Mirany hadn't moved yet.

"You think that your emotions are your weakness, but they're not. They're your strength. I'll admit that I've watched you fight before and you've never beaten something up like that. Your emotions aren't the enemy Mirany. In fact, they'll probably be the things that will keep you alive. Sure, your strength helps, but what you feel in here..."

Angel tapped Mirany's chest, almost enjoying watching her squirm uncomfortably.

"...that is what powers you."

Mirany scowled.

"What I feel doesn't matter, my job doesn't depend on it," she said.

"But it's informed by it," said Angel. "Or are you as cold and unfeeling as you seem?"

Angel waited as Mirany searched for an answer.

"Yes," she said finally, walking away.

"Your family is buried here Mirany," said Angel, overtaking her and standing in front of her, blocking her way.

Mirany tried to double take him but he wasn't fooled.

"As much as you don't want to face that, you have to. You're not leaving this place yet, even if I have to chain you to the fence. Now I'm sorry that your family died at the hands of demons that you didn't kill, but that does not give you the right to turn your back on them. To disrespect them."

"How dare you?" Mirany snarled, fingering her stake angrily. "How dare you suggest that I am disrespecting my own blood? I chose to bury them away from me because I knew that if they were still alive, they would never want to lay eyes on me again. I betrayed them. I betrayed their trust. I was the Slayer. Those vampires should have been dead. And I sure as hell shouldn't have been stupid enough to invite them inside. My family died because of me. I have no right to so much as think about them, let alone stand in front of their final resting place."

"What do you mean, you were the Slayer?" asked Angel.

"Jeez, that whole speech and the one line you're interested in is the only line that doesn't matter?" asked Mirany angrily.

"It obviously matters to you," said Angel.

Mirany's shoulder slumped slightly.

"The Slayer died when the girl did," she said shortly. "Now I'm just a hunter. Like everything else in my life, it disappeared when I bound my heart. You've heard the phrase 'a heart of stone,' yeah? Well I'm living proof of that."

Angel shook his head.

"Mirany, you are not to blame for your family's deaths. It's unfortunate that they all died at the hands of demons but that doesn't make it your fault. There are some demons you can't kill, and you're going to have to learn to accept that. Be brave Mirany. Kill the demon that you've become, and find the girl again. Stand in front of your family's graves and pay your respects."

Mirany closed her eyes, fighting back tears.

"I can't..." she started. "I..."

Mirany shook her head.

"I can't."

"Mirany," said Angel, "you have vented a year's worth of anger in half an hour. Find the courage to take that last step."

Mirany turned to look at her family's graves and took a few shaky steps towards them, but stopped.

"Mirany, it's okay. You can do this," said Angel. "Here."

Angel took her hand and pulled her gently forwards until she was standing right in front of her father's grave.

"I'll be in the car," he said, letting her go and heading back towards the entrance.

Mirany grunted, almost unaware of Angel's departure. She was too busy staring at the graves in front of her to take much notice of anything else. She heard the car door slam and took a deep breath.

"Hi," she said awkwardly. "It's me, Mirany."

She sighed.

"This is stupid," she muttered under her breath, but something made her continue. "I have questions but, you can't answer them. No offence but, you're dead."

Tears were welling up in Mirany's eyes.

"I've killed people," she said. "And I can't decide whether I did it by accident or not. Am I still a good person? Should I stop trying to do the right thing? Every time I do someone ends up hurt. Someone innocent. I don't feel like that protector of the innocent anymore. I feel more like the Grim Reaper."

Mirany stood in front of the graves for a few more moments before returning to Angel. Angel took one look at her and smiled sadly.

"You're never coming back here again, are you?" he asked.

"Never," Mirany agreed.


Mirany woke up on the floor beside her bed. Her head was still pounding from where Angel had hit her with the wall.

"Oh man. I should have just staked him," Mirany muttered. "Would have saved me an awful amount of pain."

The doorbell rang loudly.

"Coming," Mirany muttered, scrambling to her feet and staggering slightly before setting off down the hallway to the front door. "I employ people for this but I'm coming anyway."

"Good morning," said the postman as she opened the door.

"Says who?" Mirany grunted.

The postman smirked.

"I need you to sign off on this," he said.

Mirany scribbled on the clip-board and took the package, muttering a distracted goodbye to the postman and closing the door in his face.

The package was covered in postage stamps from Italy to Australia to Egypt. Mirany took one look at it and seemed to jump back in time to nearly four years previously, when her parents had gone on what they had planned to be a six month trip around the world, but had turned out to be around eight months.

Around halfway through the trip, Mirany had discovered her powers and had managed to contact her parents to tell them. She hadn't been able to get much information from them apart from 'you're the Slayer.' Later that month, her brother had received a package from them but she had not. When she had confronted her parents, they had assured her that they had sent one and that it must have gotten lost in the mail.

Now, staring down at all the stamps, Mirany realised that this package must be the package that never came. She sat down slowly and opened it with shaking hands. Inside was a letter and a large, stuffed leather bag. Mirany slit open the letter and read through it quickly. Her eyes filled with tears as she read, and by the time she had finished, they were running down her face. Mirany didn't open the bag. She didn't feel the need to become a human fire hydrant.

"Mirany?" asked Angel's voice as he banged on the door. "You home?"

Mirany jumped and hurried to the door, clutching her chest.

"Angel," she gasped. "Trust me when I say that no one is too young to have a heart attack, so next time, use the doorbell and don't put a hole through my door."

"Sorry," said Angel. "Did I scare you?"

"Only a lot," sighed Mirany.

"Can I come in?" asked Angel.

"Once invited, always invited," said Mirany, walking back into the living room. "Do you want a drink? I'm all out of O-positive I'm afraid but I've got beer."

"No," said Angel, sitting down.

"What can I help you with then?" asked Mirany.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to train," said Angel. "You have a lot to learn and improve on and I'd like to start as soon as possible."

"Sure," said Mirany, shrugging. "I'll just...get ready and you can lead the way."

Angel nodded and Mirany walked out of the room.

Looking around, Angel noticed the package, which hadn't been there when he had searched the place a week ago. Making sure that Mirany wasn't about to return, Angel opened the bag and sifted through the contents, careful not to touch anything that could cause him harm. Unfortunately, that was hard to do and he managed to sustain several burns before re-zipping the bag and unfolding the letter.

Dear Mirany,

You are probably wondering why we didn't say much when you called to tell us about your new found powers. Please understand that we were in a very crowded public area and couldn't say much more than what we did. The Slayer is one girl in the entire world that is chosen to fight and kill the demons and vampires. She is given extraordinary strength and stamina to counteract that of a vampire's.

Now that you are the Slayer, it is time we told you the truth about ourselves. We are no more scientists then you are a lawyer. We are Watchers. We are part of a select group of people that help and train Vampire Slayers and those out to fight vampires. We must ask you that you do not tell anyone else about this. It is of the utmost importance that no one but us knows what we truly are.

As much as we would like to come home this very minute, we can not. Because you have found out what you are, we must wait for instructions from the Watcher's Council. Because of this, we will not be able to be there for you in your first few months being the Slayer. These months will be scary, challenging and disturbing for you. Know that we are only a phone call away, should you need to contact us.

In this package you will find the bare necessities needed for killing vampires and demons. You should remember many of the stories we have told you about vampires and demons but let us remind you. Vampires can be killed by wooden stakes to the heart, sunlight, fire or decapitation. They can be harmed by holy water, crosses, small flames and garlic. Demons can be killed much the same way, but they can resist sunlight. They will also be killed by any sharp object in the heart, not just a stake, though it does do the job.

If you are in need of any help relating to slaying and we are unreachable, we have a friend who lives in LA and who has been fighting demons for many years. He would be more than pleased to help you in any way. His name is Angel and he lives at the Hyperion Hotel (no longer in business). He is a vampire himself, however, he has a soul and no longer attacks humans. Please contact him if you need help from someone a little closer to home.

We hope that this helps you, and if you have any questions, please call us.

We'll see you soon,

Love Mum and Dad.

Angel heard Mirany's door close and he quickly replaced the letter and got to his feet.

"Ready?" he asked when Mirany reappeared.

"You knew my parents and you didn't say anything?" Mirany asked.

Angel tried to look surprised.

"I don't know what you're..." he started.

"Don't be an idiot Angel. Who wouldn't have read that letter when it was staring them in the face? Why didn't you say anything?"

"I didn't think it would help," said Angel.

"Well it would have," said Mirany simply as she led Angel to the door. "Just something for you to think about next time."