Chapter 1

I do not own 'Hellboy'. I only own Amelia, Levi, Felix, the twins, and any other characters you don't recognize from the movies as I am not all that familiar with the comics.

Amelia walked down the halls of the BPRD with her pet entity, Oak, walking beside her at her feet. Oak had grown so much since she had gotten him and he now stood about knee high on all fours. Amelia kept a close eye on the two four year old winged twins as they ran and skipped ahead of her and Oak laughing occasionally as they did so. Onyx and Coal had improved greatly since they had been brought to the BPRD only a few months ago. It had been Amelia and Levi who had found the twins and had rescued them from a mad scientist who had been illegally testing on them. When the twins were first brought to the BPRD, they were full of fear and mostly tried to stay out of a lot of peoples' way not knowing who they could trust anymore after living with the horrible mad scientist. But now, the two had improved as they began living as close as they could to the other paranormal residents such as Hellboy, Liz, Abe, and of course Amelia and Levi. Even though they both had white feathered wings, they couldn't quite fly yet as they were only able to maybe go a few inches off of the ground with a little practice.

Soon, Onyx and Coal had run down the halls and led Amelia and Oak to the garage but it was empty as there was no truck and no black 67 camaro ss which belonged to Levi. Onyx and Coal ran around the garage for a few moments before running back towards Amelia and Amelia stopped as the two reached her.

"Amelia, when is Levi coming home?" Onyx asked and Coal looked up at Amelia with the same questioning look on his face as his twin sister.

"He'll be home soon" Amelia answered as she kneeled down to their level and smiled, "And as soon as he get's back, you can both tackle him with lots of hugs. How does that sound?"

The two twins smiled and then laughed as they each took Amelia's hands and headed back down the halls towards the kitchen for a snack. Levi, Hellboy, and Abe had been gone for just over a week on a mission for some sort of amphibious sea monster half way across the earth. They had decided on the three of them because Abe was able to travel on both land and water. Levi had his shape-shifting ability which made him accessible to land and water with the animals that he morphed into. Hellboy was just there because he was the one who could handle wrestling with a large creature when no one else could. Liz and Amelia had stayed behind because Liz would be no help by the water as her power was with the fire element and would have just doused her. Amelia stayed behind because someone needed to look after the twins and keep them out of trouble. Liz couldn't do it as often because she was usually busy with paperwork from other occasional missions that came up while the others were gone.

Onyx and Coal laughed as they pulled Amelia towards the kitchen and she smiled as she let them lead her and Oak trotted happily beside them. They soon reached the kitchen and they walked inside to find that Liz was there as she sat at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee in one hand.

"Hey Amelia, hi kids." Liz greeted as Onyx and coal rushed forward and hugged Liz at the same time before climbing into their own chairs.

"Hey, Liz" Amelia replied as she moved towards the fridge to look for a snack for her and the twins, "taking a break?"

"Preferably a long one, there's still a mountain of paperwork to get back to so I'm taking my time for as long as I can."

Amelia smiled as she found a jug of milk and placed it on the counter; Amelia then looked in one of the cupboards and found a box of cookies. She took three of the cookies out of the box and placed them on a plate before retrieving three glasses for the milk. Amelia placed a glass of milk in front of each twin and handed them each a cookie. Oak whined slightly and Amelia laughed as she moved to get a small chunk of leftover chicken in the fridge for Oak and she tossed it to him. Amelia was finally able to sit down as she grabbed her own cup of milk and sat down to eat her cookie.

"Have you heard from the guys yet?" Amelia asked.

"Not since yesterday morning" Liz replied, "I was only able to talk with Red at the time but he promised to say 'hi' to Levi and Abe."

Amelia quietly sighed, "I hope everything's going alright over there."

"Hey don't worry; they're just fine. Our boys will come home safe and sound within a few days I'm sure."

Amelia nodded as she took a bite out of her cookie and Liz continued to drink her coffee. After some time, Liz reluctantly had to return to her dreaded paperwork as she excused herself from the kitchen making sure that she kissed the top of each of the twins' heads before leaving. Amelia and the twins soon left the kitchen as well as they finished their cookies and milk and Oak had eaten his leftover chicken. Oak and the twins ran ahead of Amelia as they headed down the halls towards the library to relax and Amelia smiled as she called out to the twins to not go too far ahead. When they reached the library, the twins pushed open the doors with both hands pressed up against the wood of the door as they shoved the door open and rushed inside with Amelia and Oak following behind. Amelia plopped down on the couch as Coal found Oak's favorite toy that was perfect for tug-of-war and he tossed it to Oak. Oak held on to one end of the toy while Coal and Onyx held on to the other end. Oak knew to be gentle as he only tugged slightly so as not to knock over the twins who were laughing as they played with the paranormal creature.

"Kids, be careful." Amelia warned as the twins and Oak continued to play a game of tug-of-war.

After the tug-of-war, Oak plopped down on the floor as he rolled over on his side and the twins laughed as Coal rubbed Oak's belly while Onyx stroked his head. Oak lifted his head just enough for his tongue to reach up and lightly lick Onyx's face making her squeal in delight and Amelia laughed. The door to the library opened and Amelia turned to see Agent John Myers walk in as he first spotted Oak and the twins playing in the middle of the floor and then glanced around and spotted Amelia on the couch and he headed over to her.

"Hey Myers, what's up?" Amelia said.

"Actually… Manning wants to see you and Liz in the board room" Myers replied, "There's a new agent he wants you and Liz to meet."

"What kind of new agent?"

"He's around the same age as you and Levi and that's a little bit why he wants you to meet him."

"Him? This new agent is another guy? What does he do?"

"I don't exactly know very well other than he can do something with his mind… something like that."

"Huh… well, I guess we should go meet this new guy then" Amelia stood from the couch, "Onyx, Coal, c'mon let's go."

"Onyx and Coal stood and rushed over to Amelia, "What are we doing?" Coal asked.

"We're going to meet someone so you two need to be polite."

Onyx and Coal nodded as they each took hold of Amelia's hands, "Oak, come!" Amelia called. Oak immediately stood from his spot and rushed over to Amelia and the twins as they all began heading down the halls once more with Myers leading them to the board room.

"Have you met the new agent yet?" Amelia asked.

"Briefly" Myers replied, "From first impressions he seems like one of those 'I'm-so-cool' kind of guys if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I get it."

Great, Amelia thought I get to deal with a dumb and brainless jock.

They soon made it to the board room where Manning was already seated at the head of the table with Liz standing in the room with a few other agents. Myers led Amelia and the twins into the room as Myers moved to join the other agents while Amelia stood next to Liz with the twins on either side of her as Manning stood.

"Alright, here it is" Manning began, "We have a new agent coming in and I want you all to behave, got it?"

Liz rolled her eyes, "We don't need to be told to behave, Manning" she said, "Red's not here, remember?"

Manning just sighed and shook his head, "Whatever, just try and get along."

"Sure." Amelia muttered.

Within a few minutes, the door to the board room opened and in walked a dark haired boy with his head held down obviously not wanting to be here as he was escorted in by two other agents. He wore a black leather jacket with a gray shirt underneath and jeans with sneakers and his arms were crossed over his chest and he looked to be about near the same age as Amelia.

Manning quietly groaned, "Oh for god's sake look up and meet your new colleagues, will you? I've got work to do."

The dark haired boy groaned as he lifted his head and Amelia's eyes widened when she saw who it was.