Chapter 13

I do not own 'Hellboy'. I only own Amelia, Levi, Felix, Drake, the twins, and any other characters you don't recognize from the movies as I am not all that familiar with the comics. I am so sorry for the super late update but everything has gotten so much busier taking my much wanted writing time away. Plus, trying to break down writers block with a large sledgehammer isn't exactly working. I hate writers block! Anyways, on with the story!

As the days went by, Amelia and Levi avoided Drake as much as possible only making contact with him very brief as they passed him in the halls with a quick 'hello' from Amelia and a small glare from Levi. Finally, by the next week it was the first day of school once again as Amelia prepared her backpack in her room with Oak sitting on her bed watching as she rushed around her room getting ready. When she was finally satisfied with the contents of her bag, Amelia gave Oak one last scratch on the head and told him to be a good boy before heading out of her room to meet Levi in the garage. Now that Amelia and Levi were starting school again Myers had the exciting opportunity of being Onyx and Coal's 'babysitter' throughout the school year. It didn't take Amelia long to reach the garage where Levi was waiting for her as he leaned against the hood of his car wearing his black leather jacket with Felix perched on his shoulder as always. Drake had been arranged to get a ride with an agent as nobody wanted to risk another fight between Drake and Levi.

"About time" Levi joked as Amelia neared him, "I swear you girls take forever to get ready."

"Well I'm ready now" Amelia replied, "So what's the problem?"

Levi raised his hands in defense making Amelia giggle as she briefly kissed Levi and the two climbed into the car and were soon on their way. As they drove down the road, they stopped at Kelly's house to pick her up and once Kelly was seated in the backseat, Levi pulled out of the driveway and drove towards the high school. After the events that destroyed the high school last year, the students practically had an early summer vacation as construction workers rushed to rebuild the school. The new high school was finally finished within the last month of summer allowing teachers and students to return after summer vacation.

As Levi pulled his car into the school parking lot, many students looked with awe, shock, and curiosity towards the car as there was not that many people around with that kind of expensive car such as Levi's 67-camaro ss. Levi finally parked the car and Felix scurried into Levi's backpack so as not to be seen.

"A new year" Levi began as he slipped his sunglasses on over his eyes, "And a new look. Shall we, ladies?"

Kelly grinned as she leaned forward from the backseat, "I think we shall." She said and the others smiled.

"Let's do this."

The three teens stepped out of the car as all eyes landed on them as Levi walked in between the two girls and slipped his hand into Amelia's who lightly squeezed his hand in return. Out of the corner of her eye, Amelia could just barely see Drake with his 'gang' and he had a small glare on his face towards the three teens. Amelia pushed it out of her mind for now as they finally neared the school doors and headed inside to collect their schedules. Levi and Kelly's schedules were a little farther down the line in last initials and Amelia headed over to the 'C' section to find her schedule. Just as she finally found her schedule and turned to meet up with Levi and Kelly, Amelia almost literally ran into Drake if she hadn't spotted him just in time.

"What was that stunt you pulled?" Drake angrily asked, "Walking into the school like that just now?"

"Well sorry if you weren't the center of attention for a few seconds, Drake." Amelia replied.

"I thought you were supposed to not draw attention to yourselves."

"We didn't do anything but walk into the school, it's no big deal. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a class to get to."

Amelia turned and walked off leaving Drake standing there as he practically glared at the back of her head. Amelia made her way through the crowds of students as she made her way over to Levi and Kelly who were comparing schedules and she silently sighed in relief as she headed over to them.

"Hey" Kelly greeted, "What took you so long?"

"I ran into Drake, it was no problem though."

"Did he say anything to you?" Levi asked in concern and Amelia shook her head.

"It was nothing I couldn't handle, he was just 'complimenting' on our entrance earlier."

Levi nodded in understanding as Amelia pulled out her schedule and compared it to Kelly and Levi's. It turned out that Amelia and Kelly had art together while Levi had gym. Amelia and Levi were slightly saddened that they didn't have all of the same classes together like they did last year but they soon shrugged it off as not everything could be perfect for them. Amelia and Kelly headed off towards the art room while Levi headed over to the gym, both on opposite sides of the school.

"I can't believe it!" Kelly squealed, "This is our grad year. I can't believe we actually made it this far."

"I know it's so exciting" Amelia replied, "I just hope nothing happens this year to ruin it."

"Shhh! If you say it like that, you might jinx it!"

"Right, back to good grad feeling."

The two girls smiled and laughed as they finally reached the art room and they walked in and seated themselves down at a table. Since it was the first day of school, the art teacher decided to let the students make whatever kind of project they wanted for the first week of school using the art room supplies. Amelia was beginning to get a little more excited as she could finally be able to show what she could really do in the art area. The teacher announced for them to get started and Kelly stood to go grab some paints as Amelia tried to decide on what she should do. Amelia pulled out her sketchbook and began sketching some rough ideas as Kelly came back with a small tray of paint and began painting a few rough ideas of her own.

The class finally ended and the two girls cleaned up and left the art room towards their next class before lunch. But as they walked, they passed by the school office and spotted Levi and Drake both sitting in the office with the principal and gym teacher standing furious in front of them. Amelia pulled Kelly to the side and the two did their best to peek into the office without being seen.

"… -first day and already you two are in trouble!" the principal was saying, "You should be grateful that I am only giving you an hour of detention for this."

Amelia turned to Kelly and whispered, "I think I jinxed it."

"We'll talk about that later" Kelly replied, "Right now I want to hear this."

"But, sir-" Drake tried to argue but the principal wouldn't hear it.

"I do not want to hear another word about this. Now, both of you head to your next class and don't get into anymore trouble."

The two boys nodded and replied 'yes, sir' as they stood and began heading for the door. Amelia and Kelly quickly moved out of the way so as not to get hit by the door as Drake walked out first and he stormed down the hall taking no notice to Kelly and Amelia. Levi came out next and before he could do anything, Amelia grabbed his wrist and pulled him over to the side with her and Kelly.

"What was that all about?" Amelia demanded and Levi sighed.

"I… had a little misunderstanding with Drake in gym class." Levi replied.

"So you guys had another fight. You better not have been the one to throw the first punch."

"I didn't. Drake was pulling the whole 'tough guy' guy act and a few of his gang members were with him. We were playing a game of basketball and Drake and I were on opposite sides. Drake had the ball and when he wasn't paying attention, I stole the ball from him like I was supposed to and he shoved me and I fell to the floor. Drake came over and started saying stuff about how I shouldn't have done that and he tried to kick me but I tripped him instead. And that's where things got a little rough."

"Rough as in…?" Kelly questioned.

"As in it took the gym teacher and two other teachers to break us up."

"Wow that is rough."


"What's your punishment?" Amelia asked.

"Only an hour after school today. The principal didn't want to suspend us on the first day of school."

"C'mon we should get going to our next class."

Levi nodded and the three teens began heading down the school halls towards their next class. This time, Kelly had math while Amelia and Levi had biology. Levi and Amelia linked hands as they walked down the halls and as they walked a small group of football players walked past them and purposely knocked into Levi's shoulder almost making him fall over but he quickly regained his footing.

"Loser… moron… what a freak." The group said amongst themselves and Amelia lightly tightened her grip on Levi's hand.

"Some things just never change." Levi muttered.

"You okay?" Amelia asked.

"Yeah, let's go."

Amelia was still a little unsure if Levi was really okay but she had to shake the thought off for now as the two headed off to biology. Thankfully, there were no problems through biology not even when one of the members of Drake's 'gang' was present in the same biology class.

The class was soon finally over and Amelia and Levi left their biology class and met up with Kelly as they walked down the halls and headed towards the cafeteria. The three teens sat down at an empty table as the girls set their books down on the table and Levi set his bag down on an empty seat, sneaking a few crackers into it for Felix to eat.

"I just hope nobody back at the BPRD will harass me for getting detention." Levi said.

"Depends on who it is" Amelia replied, "If its uncle Abe or Liz, they'll lecture you about violence. If it's Hellboy, he just might congratulate you on the whole thing."

"Great that makes me feel so much better."

Amelia and Kelly laughed at Levi's sarcasm and the three teens began eating their lunch. After a few minutes, Levi happened to look up. "Trouble at twelve o'clock." Levi warned and the tow girls were at first confused as they turned and spotted Drake and his 'gang' walking into the cafeteria almost like they owned the place.

Amelia sighed in annoyance, "Just pay no attention to them" Amelia said as she turned back around, "They can't do anything in this crowded place without drawing loads of attention to themselves."

Levi nodded as Drake and his 'gang' sat down at an empty table almost on the other side of the room. Despite Amelia's prediction, Levi almost constantly kept watch on Drake just out of the corner of his eye just in case Drake might actually do something. It was a good thing he had been when Levi suddenly warned the girls.

"Duck!" Levi instructed and all three of them ducked down just in time as an empty pop can flew over their heads and crashed down on the floor behind them.

The three teens cautiously raised their heads and looked around for the culprit. It wasn't very hard as they spotted Drake and his 'gang' laughing at the stunt they had just pulled. Drake in particular looked their way and gave them a look as if to say "I'm in charge around here, don't try and get in my way."

Levi let out a breath of air in annoyance as he forced himself to remain in his seat and not jump up to possibly do something stupid. Amelia spotted the expression on Levi's face and she gave him a look instructing him to calm down and Levi somewhat obeyed, only slightly relaxing.

"If you cause a scene now, you will actually get suspended rather than just detention." Amelia warned. Levi finally nodded as he calmed down a little more and the group tried to continue to eat their lunch before their next class of the day.