This mission would be exciting. It was his first mission in a while. Lavi was excited to even be in the same boat as the "Destroyer of Time". He has only seen him a few times before {in bed, of all places, but covered up and recovering from a mission, unfortunately} but he must say – he liked what he saw. As he climbed into the small boat to embark, he got a nice, full-body view of the petite, white-haired boy. The only slight downfall is that Kanda – along with his attitude - was on the same trip. Oh yeah, this mission would be exciting.

Hours later, the Bookman-in-Training put poor Allen to sleep with his ramblings about a girl in China {which was a total lie, but Allen didn't have to know}. Not knowing what to do with himself, now that his cute listening ear was gone, Lavi decided to take this plentiful amount of time to actually observe the younger boy opposite him. Allen had a small mouth, but that was OK, because it fit his rounded face perfectly. His white hair framed his face well and the mark across his left eye was a bit radical, but he thought it looked cool. The very thin layer of pudge that padded his body from all the eating that he does made him look exactly like what he was – a boy. Allen wasn't a man yet, no, not to Lavi. You have to be eighteen to be a man, then you have a few more years of experience on your shoulders, just enough to be considered a "man". Lavi re-considered. Though Allen's features made him look child-like and innocent {especially while he was sleeping}, the Bookman in him did not let him forget that this was Hevlaska's Destroyer of Time and that this "boy" that he was creepily staring at was cursed. He must've been through a lot to be on a train, working for the Black Order. Allen was a man. Besides, his grey hair made him look older anyway.

Getting bored with facts, Lavi turned to his imagination for entertainment. He wondered where Bookman was, and then imagined him in a panda costume, which wasn't really much of a change from his normal appearance. Lavi giggled. Bored with Bookman in a matter of seconds, he wondered where Kanda was and about the endless ways he could piss the samurai off. Deciding against getting sliced into sashimi, he stayed put. Besides, this beautiful piece of eye candy was sleeping right in front of him, eyes closed so he couldn't catch the older man staring at him {that would be creepy if he slept with his eyes open…}

Lavi pondered the conversation he might be able to strike up with the younger one, given that he wasn't asleep. Allen obviously didn't like girls, if he had been able to identify with Junior's tales of getting the girl, he wouldn't have fallen into slumber. Lavi thought this was perfect, what better luck could he get? {His mind wandered to Kanda for a moment, but he pushed the thoughts to the back of his head. That was another task for another time.} He had a conversation with Allen in his head, re-doing parts and adding things that sounded good to form the perfect dialogue to get the porcelain sex kitten across from him, off this train and into bed. Ah, into bed. The very thought of it clouded Lavi's eye with lust as he continued staring. He mentally undressed the younger man, playing naked Sims in his mind, thinking about what he looked like. Did he have any scars? Is the skin underneath paler? It'd be nice if he didn't have scars, all the more perfect…Does he have strong legs? Does he shave them? Shaving? Ohhhh, what about the size of it? Yeah, that's awesome. Lavi liked this, it was like art without the work. Once a good image was in the redhead's mind, he began adding minor details. The position Allen would be in, how his face would look, how he would be flushed and moaning and…

These thoughts began to be too much, they were making him hot and bothered. Bookman was around, so the obvious solution was not an option. Thinking fast, Lavi pulled out a marker and drew silly designs on Allen's face. A couple times, his knuckles grazed the pale skin, and he knew that these simple drawings would not be enough to subtract from his thoughts. Capping the marker, he ran to the other car to bother Kanda, deciding that being sashimi was better than being tortured.

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