Grimmy: Hullo, hello, hiya. I've returned with another fluffy oneshot. I'll probably be writing more like these thanks to the song, if you hadn't already guessed, 21 Questions by 50 Cent. Not that I'm a big fan of rap, I simply love that sweet beat and the overall somewhat nice message included in it. And of course, fluff was produced. I should note that this wasn't betaed and I'm dead on my ass tired as I post this.

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Helga scrunched up her nose as she looked Arnold over for what had to be the thirteenth time. And while the sight wasn't particularly unpleasing, the smell certainly was. Her eyes were watering and she had barely caught a wiff before she wanted puke. She took a few steps back and looked at the floor, somewhat guilty. She could only imagine how he felt, he couldn't escape that stink even if he tried.

"What the hell happened to you?" she asked rudely. She didn't mean to sound so harsh but she was willing to bet all the money in her pocket that, that smell was killing off the few 'nice' brain cells she had left.

Arnold shrugged sheepishly. "I had mascot duty at work today. I don't think that suit has been cleaned since they got it." With a sigh he turned to start walking off towards the boarding house, knowing that Helga would be a few steps behind.

With a gag, Helga followed him, more than just a few steps behind. It seemed as if luck was on her side since the wind was blowing opposite of her face. "Criminy, how long have they had it! That's gotta be against the law to have something so... rank." She gagged again, a lot louder this time.

Arnold sighed again, let his shoulders droop, and took up the opportunity to study the old sidewalk. "No need to rub it in Helga," he muttered, obviously upset.

And because he sounded upset, she was upset. If she had enough oxygen in her lungs at the moment she would have huffed, grumpily. But since she didn't she settled for hugging him from behind. It felt more like she was leaning on him and it wasn't the first time she'd considered making a short joke. Several crossed her mind as she brought his hands up to pat her forearms.

She could practically see his smile, even though she had her eyes closed tight.

"Thanks, that means a lot." And just like that, his tone was lighter.

Helga rolled her eyes and shoved him further down the block. "Don't get used to it bucko. You still stink to high hell." She crossed her arms over her chest, slightly regretting hugging the boy in front of her. That stink was seeping into her clothes already.

He turned back and flashed her one of those heart melting, at least for her, grins before saying, "Whatever you say Helga."

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