Title: Ungodly Hour

Authors: Cassy27
Words: 512
Rating: K+
Pairing: Merlin/Morgana
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Merlin.
Spoilers: Spoilers from both season 1 and 2

Summary: With Morgana's return to Camelot, Merlin knows she is back for a reason; revenge. As no one listens to him, what consequences will it have? Merlin must decide where his loyalty lies; friendship or love. Morgana/Merlin

AN: Where does the title come from? There is a song called 'Ungodly Hour' by The Fray. It is really beautiful and it inspired me to write this story. I find the text fitting with the entire story. Really, you should listen to it!

Another story for Merlin; I don't know where they keep coming from. I can only hope to be able to update my chapters soon because I don't want to leave you guys waiting. I hope it will be enjoyed and I hope the characters aren't too ooc. I am trying this pairing for the first time so let me know if there are any things I still should be working on!


Chapter 1

"Don't," Merlin heard himself beg. He didn't want to, it only made himself sound so desperate, but he simply couldn't help it. "Please, don't do this."

As Morgana's gaze locked with his, Merlin swallowed heavily. How had it come this far? When had it all start going wrong? Merlin knew these answers, though. He didn't want to accept them however.

She looked graceful, even now after all that had happened the past few hours, past few days. Her green eyes shone brilliant, her skin like only porcelain dolls should have.

"What else can I do," she whispered, sadness filling her voice.

Should it be comforting Merlin that she too found this difficult? It didn't. Nothing could comfort him at this stage.

"I am begging you, Morgana," Merlin said, trying to sound stronger this time, "stop. You can still-"

"What?" Her voice broke and with it, Merlin's heart. "I can still come back? Everything can still return to normal? It's impossible."

She was right. There was no point of return anymore. That didn't mean Morgana was lost. Merlin refused to believe that. She could still be saved. He could still save her.

"Help me," Merlin said, stretching out his hand. He could feel how Morgana's gaze fell upon it. "Take my hand and come with me. We can still save-"

"No," her answer came quickly, though, she did not seem certain of her answer.

It were these little moments that gave Merlin hope, that had given him hope since the very beginning. He couldn't understand why he was the only one. Why hadn't Arthur seen it? Why hadn't he tried? Or even the King?

"I'm sorry, Merlin," Morgana said after having taken a deep breathe to steady herself, "I made my choice a long time ago and I will stand by it."

A loud crash coming from down the hall startled Merlin. He knew that wall had been broken as dust started filling the room. Another loud bang could be hear and this time, the windows around them broke. They seemed protected though as none of the glass hit them. Merlin gazed at Morgana. He knew this was her doing, she was protecting him.

"I will miss you," he said, fighting to stay in control of himself.

"We both are loyal, Merlin," Morgana smiled faintly, "to different people. It simply cannot be."

Merlin nodded slowly. "I know."

Behind Morgana, a figure appeared again. Her long blond curls stood in strong contrast with Morgana's black hair. Even with all their differences in appearing, they looked so alike. It was only now that Merlin realized this. They had the same gaze, the same determination filling their eyes.

Merlin knew he had lost. He had tried to win Morgana over and he had failed. Having nowhere else to turn to anymore, Merlin ran passed them. He forbid himself to look behind, to look at Morgana one more time. It would only make this more difficult.

Running like he had never run before, Merlin set out to meet Arthur. If only he wasn't too late.

AN: First of all; don't worry. The next chapters will be longer. This first one is really just an introduction to draw you in. Mwhuhaha! I hope I succeeded, though. Let me know what you think might happen, what you hope will happen and what your fears might be for our beloved characters!

I will post the second chapter soon.