My first shot at The Bride of the Water God. A little portrait of Soah from Habaek/Mui's POV.


Soah was not Nakbin. That was easy to see. They were two different persons. For instance to Habaek Nakbin had been beautiful at night, while Soah radiated beauty regardless of the time of the day. Where Nakbin had been quiet and tempered, Soah was outspoken, defying him at any given chance. Nakbin had never proved that she loved him, she had only taken what he offered, giving nothing back. Soah, on the other hand, gave him her everything, silently waiting for him to reciprocate. After Nakbin had taken his right eye, he told Soah the other was hers. It was his way of telling her that how he was only hers.

And indeed, the intelligent girl had understood. He knew she did, so why was she avoiding him? He just had to get her alone, to make her see, really see that she too now was his. Not that she hadn't been before. He distinctly remembered the anger and possessiveness boiling when the Emperor had announced that she was to be wed to Hoo Ye. He barely held himself back, when she danced in that graceful way, arousing all sorts of feelings inside him. The way she spoke, lips parting charmingly to form words. What he would give to kiss her lips at that time. But he had to pretend he didn't know her.

Ah, finally. He saw her standing with her back turned to him, looking in a pond. He moved slowly as to not startle her. He knew she felt his presence. His lean, strong arms came around her waist, pulling her completely into him. Her hand reached the left side of his face, stroking it lovingly. It was a sign that she now wanted to stay with him. She knew that in time his right eye would be there again, but it still hurt. It was proof that he chose to stay behind with Nakbin. He seemed to read her thought as his lips descended to claim hers. The kiss was gentle, as to reassure her, but soon grew in intensity, his grip around her waist loosed as and their lips parted.

Habek twirled her around in his arms and pushed her back to the wall. And he would've continued but they were interrupted by the clearing of someone's throat.


I hope I did this good. I know Habaek is a bit out of character but take into consideration that this is my first fiction on this couple. I'll try my best next time.

Any way R&R please.