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Doctor Who:

Your Past is Better than Your Future

#2: Fortune's Child

Rose must choose who she loves best. Are all Doctors really the same Time Lord?

Fortune's Child

By Eugena

Rated: M

Chapter One:

The Library

An implied sequel to "The Living Rose," set between the episodes "Girl in the Fireplace (a.k.a. why everyone who does hates Ten)" and "Age of Steel."

Mickey had been avoiding him since he came back. Normally, he wouldn't care, but now Mickey was his only insight to Rose. He hadn't talked much to Rose since Reinette's death. When he had, he noted the dark circles beneath her eyes.

Nine had become his new companion. Their constant arguments between his ears gave new meaning to arguing with oneself and provided him some comfort, until today when Nine still said nothing. He searched for him, but found Eight instead. Even he didn't look too happy.

The TARDIS became quiet. He hadn't felt this silence since the Time Lords died. He felt them die again.

He turned away from his path, and nearly stuck his head on a door that just appeared. The TARDIS had changed the rooms around again, but he recognized this one. It was the library he last used in his Eighth life while he and Charley were in the other universe. It contained archaic Time Lord history, nothing of interest anymore. The books in here were outdated, even by Time Lord standards.

He opened up the door, but instead of inhaling musty air, he inhaled the scent of a well-used room.

He looked around the room, wondering who might have been their since his last visit. His fingers skimmed the spines of many books, until his way Rose sitting in a chair in the corner.

He cursed the TARDIS for not telling him she was here. Of all places in the living ship, she had no right to be here.

He crept up to her, noting her still form and dried tears on her cheeks. He couldn't tell what book she had been reading, so he reached out to take it from her. As his fingers brushed past hers, he felt her cool skin.

He flipped through the chapter, then through the entire book.

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