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Doctor Who:

Your Past is Better than Your Future

#2: Fortune's Child

Rose must choose who she loves best. Are all Doctors really the same Time Lord?

Fortune's Child

By Eugena

Chapter Two:

Inner Conflict

A headache exploded within him. A cacophony of voices filled his ears. Nine swore so much at him that he could not make out his words.

"You're a real idiot."

He turned to see Eight standing beside him. It had to be an illusion. Too American, Ten commented to himself.

"Would you prefer I said it in French?"

His eyes returned to the book. He had dropped it, yet the book was suspended in air.

"Ten the Idiot," Eight said, sounding a bit like Nine. "I should have committed permanent suicide."

"Logical thing to do," smirked Seven, his arm on Eight's shoulder.

"I'm seeing more of them," thought Ten.

"And all the time I fought the Valeyard, he said he came to avenge his Bad Wolf,*" said Six, looking at him from across the room. "I guess now we know why."

Six shook his finger accusingly at him. Five appeared beside him. "I've never been that good at relationships, but you've really screwed up big time."

Four appeared mere inches from his face. "What would Romana say?"

"Enough!" shouted Ten, throwing up his hands. "What the bloody hell is going on."

"I'm what's going on," said Nine, fading in next to Six. He walked slowly towards Ten, a tiger going for the kill. "You're trying to cope with the fact that you've just lost the best thing in our lives. Rose was my whole world, my everything. But she was your nothing."

The other selves parted to make way for Nine.

"Couldn't love Romana enough," said Four. "Wasn't proper for a Time Lord."

"Yet you gave yourself to a French whore," commented Eight. "No hesitation. I loved many people in my lifetime, but I was never in love with any. I kept looking for The Wolf. The one who sung to me.** The one who held my hand –."

"As I regenerated," said Nine, now standing next to Eight. "I've stopped time before," Nine said, referring to the time he took rose to The End of the Earth. "I've done it again. Now clean up your mess, or the Valeyard's coming for you."


A/N: This chapter focused on the other doctors' reactions to Ten's actions. I refer to my other stories as follows:

* refers to The Religion of Bad Wolf I and The Final Revolution (future parts not yet posted)

** refers to "The Wolf's Song"