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The clouds were gathering across the grey sky. Rain was threatening to break through any minute. The wind was increasing. And the big empty building looked less than inviting.

The black SUV pulled up next to a broken entrance. And out of the car three people with guns drawn jumped out and headed to the abandoned factory.

"Okay," Jack began. "We have three floors to go through, and somewhere that pink alien is hiding. Ianto, you take the basement. Gwen, you take the entrance. I'll take the top one."

Ianto and Gwen nodded.

They all entered through the door, but before they split up, Jack had one last thing to say:

"Keep in touch. We don't know what it is or if it's dangerous. So keep your guns held high and ready."

One more nod and they all went their separate ways.

Jack soon found the stairs leading to the top floor. As he ran up them, he contacted Tosh who was staying in the hub.

"Tell me it's still here."

"You're in the same building. I don't know where it is. There's no cameras inside. But I do know that it hasn't left the building."

"That's good news, so keep your eyes on the surroundings. And tell me straight away if anything leaves."

"Will do."

As Jack entered the top floor he could hear the rain beginning to tap on the metal roof. The sound echoed through the empty hallways.

He carefully walked through the long corridor in front of him. Closed and locked doors on both sides of him. His steps clicked on the metal floor. His heart was beating hard and fast. Adrenaline running through his veins. The thrill of the chase getting to him.

He could see the end of the corridor getting closer. And at the end he could see it open up in to a big empty hall. He lifted his gun. Footsteps in front of him made him speed up. The steps were running away from him. Trying to hide, Jack went faster. The end of the corridor getting closer.

As he entered the big hall he got blinded by the sudden flash of a lightning bolt outside. Then he could see something. A shadow trying to hide behind one of the columns holding the ceiling up. And he could see something pink quickly being drawn out of sight.

He put his hand to his comm.

"Ianto. Gwen. I've found it. Get up the stairs and run through the corridor. I'm at the end."

"Copy that," Ianto answered quickly and Jack could hear him starting to run.

"Copy," Gwen soon said. "I'll just have to find out where…er…I think…I…umm…where's… oh…ouch…bloody fucking…I'm so going to…"

"Gwen, turn your comm. off. You're distracting me."

"Sorry Jack. I just…"

Jack turned off his own comm. and sighed before getting his attention back to the thing behind the column.

"You there," he half shouted. "Come out with your hands up. We do not want to harm you, we just want to help you."

The sounds he got in reply was something he had never heard before. It sounded like a cat trying to imitate a seagull with a sore throat.

Jack could hear footsteps approaching quickly from behind. From the sound of them it was Ianto.

And apparently the thing had also heard Ianto coming. It gave away a loud scream as it came out of hiding with a gun in its hands. Jack was not prepared that it would be armed and hesitated a second to long. He heard Ianto scream for him to take cover. And at that same moment he could hear the thing firing its gun. A flash of green hit him straight in the chest, his own gun falling from his hands. His knees giving away under him. He fell to the floor. A shot rang out from Ianto's gun. A slashing sound from the column. His body hit the floor. His head slamming down hard. The world around him was getting dark. His vision smaller. He could feel Ianto falling down on his knees beside him. From far away he could hear Ianto call his name. It was all dark, like he was dying again.

And then he felt a sharp pain. He tried to scream. Every nerve in his body was hurting. Green flashes in the dark. More pain. His scream echoed in his head, not reaching his lips. Ianto's voice faded away. Someone else's was there. Calling his name. The pain was still there, making his body twitch. The green was fading and white took its place.

The unknown voice still calling his name. Calm. Trying to calm him down.

Jack opened his eyes. He was lying on a soft white floor. Everything around him was white. He tried to focus and saw a face in front of him. It smiled at him, saying his name again.

"Are you okay?"

Jack blinked a few times. He'd never seen this face before in his life. It was a woman; dusty hair and green eyes. She was also dressed in white.

"Who are you?" Jack asked as he tried to back away.

"Who do you think I am?" she asked with the same calm voice.

Jack felt his chest tighten. He found it hard to breath.

"Who are you? Where am I?"

The woman looked at him and he could see some sorrow in her eyes.

"I'm doctor Jane Brody."

"I don't know who you are. Where's Ianto? What have you done to him? Why am I here? Where's the factory?"

He backed away, hitting the soft wall behind him. He reached for his comm, but found nothing. He began to hyperventilate. Panic filled him.

The woman came up to him with a needle in her hand. Jack tried to back away. Tried to move out of the way. But he had nowhere to go.

"If you don't calm down I have to sedate you Jack. And we don't want that, now do we?"

He looked at her. She was still calm. He wanted to calm down. But he couldn't breathe. He was beginning to feel weak. Vision fading again.

"Where am I?"

"Cardiff Safe Haven Mental Institution," the woman said. "Just like you have been for the last ten months."

And Jack's world became dark once more.

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