It was just after leaving the evening service at the local parish church, that Jimmy Novak heard the crying. He stopped dead, looking around- it was twilight, and the failing light was creating an eerie atmosphere upon the small town in which he lived. On any normal day, ordinary Jimmy with his messy black hair and dark catholic school uniform would just take the long, beaten track back to his house on the edge of town. But for some reason, he felt compelled to search for the source of the child's obvious distress. He sighed and hitched his light brown shoulder bag higher up onto his shoulder, turned around and followed the crying.

For ten minuets, he searched, just as he was about to give up- 'Huh? Who's there?' Jimmy froze at the level of authority lining the boy's voice. He turned around to face a boy of about ten, dark spiky haired, suspicious green eyes and a taught line for a mouth. He wore dark jeans, dark brown jacket and a curious necklace that had a golden amulet on the end.

Then Jimmy spotted the younger boy who was hiding behind his elder sibling and frowned; this boy only looked about five, too young to be out with only a ten year old for protection; his soft hair fell in light brown waves to below his ears, and was staring up at Jimmy with big, tear filled puppy dog eyes. Jimmy noted how he was clinging onto his brother and concluded- their scared of me. 'Are you two ok?' he asked softly, walking forwards. The older boy growled, 'Don't come any closer!' and the younger one whimpered, clinging tighter. Jimmy put his hands up. 'Hey; im not going to hurt you. I just wondered if you needed help.' The dark haired boy narrowed his eyes and shook his head. 'No.' Jimmy nodded and turned away.