Sorry for the long delay for the last chapter... busy, busy, busy. Ok, I admit; I squeed so hard when writing this. Little Sammy is so cute! And Jimmy, bless him. Hope you all liked this little fic- let me know what you thought of it! I might do some more Wee!chesters one time:) x Nic

Jimmy didn't leave until nearly midnight that night- he stayed with the boy and looked after them. Little Sammy was so cute; when he'd woken up a bit later on, he asked Jimmy If he could sit on his lap, and tell him about his life. Jimmy nodded, smiling- and told Sam the story of his life up until then. Sam smiled the whole way through.

Dean, however, was sitting on the sofa, feigning a look of annoyance, when he was really listening to Jimmy's story.

He would have loved to have had the teenager's life- he was free to do what he wanted, when he wanted and how. He had a future ahead of him.

Jimmy told Sam about how he worked at the church at weekends; a devout catholic. Sam looked curious.

'Is their really a God Jimmy?' Jimmy smiled. 'I think so.' But Sam just looked sad at that. 'If there is a God, then why doesn't he make daddy come home? I miss him.' There were tears in the toddler's eyes. 'Why didn't he keep mommy safe?' Jimmy heard Dean growl. 'Shut up!' Sam whimpered. Jimmy sighed- he wouldn't ask about these poor kids' lives. Jimmy looked at Dean sadly. They seriously had a life that would terrify him. Jimmy glanced at the clock, it was almost midnight- his parents would be going ballistic. Jimmy never disobeyed his parents. Never.

He sighed. 'I've got to go- will you two be alright?' Dean nodded curtly, and Sam tilted his head and asked curiously. 'Must you go?' Jimmy laughed. 'Yes.' Sammy pouted. 'Will we see you again?' jimmy laughed, picking him up and placing him by his brother.

'Maybe Sammy, maybe.'

Sam smiled, making Jimmy smile too. He ruffled the kid's curly hair. 'See you soon Sam-' he looked at Dean. 'Bye Dean, look after your brother.' Dean nodded. 'It's my job.' Jimmy sighed- the boy was scared, he could tell that. He was hiding it under all that hostility, afraid to let anyone past his barriers.

'Bye.' Jimmy waved, going out the door. 'Wait!' Sam called, jumping of the sofa; Jimmy turned in time to see the little boy hug his legs- the only bit he could reach. 'You're an angel Jimmy. You must be.' He looked up in awe. 'Are you our guardian angel?' Jimmy laughed. 'Im not an angel, but if you want to think of me as one, then that's ok.' Sammy's big grin and puppy eyes were back as he let go and backed away. Jimmy smiled once more, and then left.

The next day, Jimmy left extra early to check on the boys. But when he got there, he saw that their father was back, and they were getting into a dark, sleek car. Jimmy stood next to the bushes, watching. As the car started to drive off, he saw a little curly brown haired boy in the backseat window, staring at him with wide eyes. He raised a small hand and waved a few times. Jimmy waved back.

He wouldn't forget these boys- if they ever needed help, be it their guardian angel or whatever-

He'd be there to heed the call.