Dakota: "You watch my face expectantly and you see my eyes staring at your sex for a long time. You feel the cool air around caressing your recently trimmed brown pubic hair. I tuck the edges of your dressing gown between your bottom and the bed and it stays in place around your hips without me holding on it.
I don't break my stare. I'm in a haze and my hands caress your thighs. My eyes, once in a while, flicking to your legs where my hands run over. Your goose bumps intensify and I bend my head and place soft kisses on your thigh. The softness of my lips contrast with my firm hands on you.
I nuzzle and kiss your inner thighs and I feel you holding your breath.
I look up at you at the same moment that my mouth finds your hidden treasure."

Salander gasped and adjusted herself on the bed.

"Am I going too fast?" Dakota asked.

"N" Salandar punched while starting to grow ever more excited and impatient. 'Fucking slow, you are going,' she thought. She couldn't wait to hear more from Dakota.

Dakota, on the other hand, was taking things purposely slowly. To make Wasp want more and more was Dakota's intent.

"I take a sharp breath perceiving the smell of your arousal. My tongue comes out experimentally and touches your centre, tasting your wetness. I can feel your shiver coming from the top of your head to the bottom of your spine. My tongue is firm at fist, probing and exploring every millimetre of your folds; it circles your clitoris, pressing down on the skin around the most sensitive part of you now. Your body is getting warmer and my saliva makes the area even more moist. I flick my tongue firmly over your clit and you jerk forward suddenly, bringing an immense amount of air into your lungs. I think you just came; fast and hard- explosive..."

"...I pin your hips down with both my hand. My face breaks the contact with your skin and I wait until you calm down a bit."

Salander lowered her upper body onto the bed resting on her left elbow. Her right hand was inevitably drawn into her panties and her fingers now caressed unashamed her pussy; Its lips were slick and hyper-sensitive. She was indeed very turned on by Dakota. "Fuck!" Lisbeth breathed out into the air while uncontrollably touching herself.

Dakota knew better than to ask questions now or interrupt her own storm of words. She restarted filling the screen, "While my hands still hold you down, my mouth kisses your wetness. My tongue comes out in long languid strokes, I'm lapping your essence and at the same time inducing more and more out of you..."

Ok, Guys! This story, from now, will take different paths. One for each pairing I have in mind.
As a second character shows up the story will become more interesting and the interaction between this person and Lisbeth will be as much in character as possible, I can assure you. So... Keep tuned, folks!