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This is my new Narnia story, an Edmund Pevensie/OC love story. I came up with this story just last night, when I was watching Prince Caspian. Emma Watson is my inspiration for Alena -

This is an entirely fictional story - I own no characters other than Alena, Darcy and Carlos.

I lay on my bed, watching the rain pour down, drenching the outside world.

"Alena, can you come downstairs?" my Aunt shouted to me.

I had been told to stay at my Aunt and Uncle's house for the week. Strangely, though, I had never met them before. When I did, I saw my Aunt was so pale. She had white blonde hair and nearly white skin. When she hugged me in greeting, I realised how cold she was. My Uncle was so weird as well; he had thick black hair, a black beard and a black moustache. It covered most of his face so much, that I secretly joked he could be mistaken for a Minotaur.

I sighed, but got up and wandered downstairs anyway. As I walked into the hallway, I became aware of movement behind a door to my left. I turned and looked at the door, realising I had never seen it before.

It was made of an old oak wood, which was a deep mahogany colour. I took a few tentative steps forward and placed my hand on the door. When it seemed real enough to me, I pressed my ear to it, trying to hear any other signals that there was movement behind the door.

Instead of hearing movement, I caught a few hurried whispers.

"Peter, we need to leave, now!" a male voice hissed.

"Not yet Ed, we still haven't found the locket," another hissed back.

There was a pause.

"Let's try the maze," the voice called 'Peter' said.

"Alena, what are you doing?" my Aunt's voice made me jump, causing me to stumble to the side.

"I was just listening to the sound the door made when I knocked it," proud that I came up with such a good excuse.

"There is no door," she told me.

I turned around and saw that there was no door, and the wall showed no signs of even having a door there.

"Alena, sweetie, I need to prepare the house, and my husband is out getting food for dinner, so you can do whatever you would like to do, but you must not enter the maze in the gardens, as you will get lost and it will take hours for you to find your way out," she smiled at me. "I'll see you at dinner, in the dining room."

As soon as she walked away, I turned and started banging on the wall.

"Ugh, there was a door there," I groaned in defeat and sank to the floor.

Suddenly, I had a flash of thought. The voices said they were going to the maze, so that's where I should go.

I smiled at my plan, which then turned into a frown as I realised the only way to get to the maze was through the kitchen, and that was where my Aunt would be.

I looked around, searching for a place to go, when I saw another door. This one was part of the back wall, and theoretically, it should lead to the garden, which would then lead to the maze.

I darted silently to the door and reached for the door handle. To my relief, it was unlocked and opened without a trace of sound. Looking around for the last time, I slipped out of the hallway and outside, where I closed the door behind me.

To my surprise, it wasn't raining, but in fact, bright and sunny. The grass however, showed signs that it had been raining heavily, as it was waterlogged and had turned marsh-like.

I walked across the garden, feeling my brown, knee-high squelch in the ground. I was glad I had my jeans tucked into my boot, as if I had worn them out of my boots, the hems would be soaking by now.

As I drew nearer to the maze, I realised it was getting colder.

Internally, I cursed myself for wearing a light green tank top. It was warm inside the house, so I had ditched my jacket and left it on the banisters.

It was too late to turn back, so I carried on until I reached the entrance to the maze.

The hedges had become distorted in the shadow of the forest to the right of the gardens, so they looked as if they were black with talon-like branches reaching out to get me. The path was a cobbled stone that was deep grey in colour.

As I walked into the maze, I realised how dark it was getting in the sky as well. I looked up and saw the sky was a grey, turning slowly into a black.

Looking at my watch, I realised it was half past four. I had half an hour; that would be enough time to explore the maze.

I was wrong though, forty-five minutes later, I was stumbling about, shivering madly. Finally, I reached the middle of the maze. The hedges opened to reveal a small courtyard, and I gasped at what was in the courtyard.

Situated at irregular intervals, stood stone statues of many different animals, all with fear written across their faces. Some human, some wolf and some were even half human-half horse.

A Centaur, if I remembered correctly.

Wandering through the statues, I realised all of them were cowering away from something that would have been stood in front of them. Some had even put up a paw, arm or hoof, in aid to protect themselves from whatever had done this.

A year ago, I would have said they were just statues, and I did a few minutes ago. But when I looked at them closely, I realised something must have done this to them, in order to capture to much detail and so much fear onto each and every one.

As I walked past the statue of a fox, something pinched me from behind.

"Ow!" I yelped, spinning around to see who had done it.

However, no one stood behind me; I was the only living thing in the courtyard.

I was pinched again, this time, on my leg.

I looked around, trying to see if it was someone hiding on the floor.

"Is anyone out there?" I called out, backing away slowly.

There was no reply.

"Please, stop it!"

I bumped into a statue, which made me jump and spin around. This was a statue of a magnificent lion, roaring angrily at me.

In the courtyard, this was the only statue that didn't look afraid.

Suddenly, pinches were all over my body. As everything around me spun, I was aware of the lion glowing gold, and a lion's roar ringing in my ears, before everything went black.

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