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This is for mrsharryjamespotter' Song Prompts Competion and I got Drops of Jupiter by Train.

Snape looks at the girl named Lily Evans. How pretty she was, how nice she was that everyone wondered if she really was a Muggle. She always looked pretty but as he looked at her now in class he could feel happy that he was here.

"Lily Evans," called a teacher.

"Yes," she said.

"You may give your report now," says the teacher.

As Lily walks up and begins to speak Snape holds onto every word she is saying. Her sweet melodic voice, carrying the whole class to another world far, far, away as she speaks her voice rising and dropping in almost song like way.

She starts to talk about things wondrous and free though somewhat plain and constricted. That's what Lily Evans did when she talked to you she made you feel like you were somewhere else. So when Snape wanted to hide from the world she took him out of the world though still in the confines of life. She helped him imagine life beyond the point of one's imagination.

That was then, but then was, that it was then Lily would tell him. Nothing made sense to him while to Lily everything made sense and she could tell him all about what he knew not. Why did he have to go the road he went? Now he was alone and bitter as he remembers that day of when she said that report how happy and proud she was to say it to the class.

All she wanted was to be loved by Potter and his love for her wasn't enough though he never blamed her he unlike Potter wasn't brave enough to have her even if he begged her to stay. But they were gone and he was still there why didn't he just leave that thought be while his life was still at its apex.

Hope you all liked it :)