The redheaded therapist put her glasses on, then greeted Eve as she made her way out on the front door of prison.

„Good afternoon. I'm Dr. Kimberly Shaw, the life coach appointed by Wilshire Memorial to help you get accostumed to the outside world again."

„I had quite a few years for self-reflection, I don't need some shrink to tell me what I have to do! Besides…I know how to handle myself."- said Eve with a scary sparkle in her eyes.

„Sure you do..That big knowledge got you in prison, twice as I recall? –Kim took a peak at her files again, trying to look as professional as she could, like a little girl playing doctor- „It's the 21th century for God's sakes! I'm gonna teach you to protect yourself without physichal violence and with the least amount of confrontation. I myself adopted those skills not too long ago."

Eve grabbed her wrist and threw her to the wall.

„I've had enough of fairy godmothers and big sisters! Get lost you skinny bitch!"

„Okay, sweetheart. Tell me if you found your peace without justice being served, I'll happily add that to the new agey studies I started analyzing lately. Good luck for being the one riding off into the sunset next time."

„Nobody rode off into the sunset, the people who did this to me are dead!"

„All right, believing in something really helps sometimes.."

„Tell me what you know! And drop that condescending tone or you might get a few pages in my files."

„Well, great sex brings out unexpected things from a person, especially from someone using his dumbstick as a substitute for a brain, like my ex-husband. It turns out his chief position came with an offshore bank account from his old buddy Peter and his partner in crime. The SOB bought the entire mortgage off the Beach House by the time I was strong enough to come back..Listen, my roommate left the other night and I need someone to split up the rent with until I get my first paycheck. Those two monsters don't keep in touch with anyone in the old building, the FBI is watching them really close. We will have the space to figure out how to get back at them."