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"Be careful when you go to bed at night, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams."-Unnamed

Chapter 2: The Building

Present Day…

Cobb's Dream

Cobb stands before the mysterious building before him.

"What the hell is going on here? This building was not finished when I saw it from a distance."

It had just been a mere ten minutes ago that he had decided to walk over here, expecting to find an unfinished building for him to investigate. Now, a complete building stands before him.

"This can't be possible."

Cobb began to theorize as to how this was happening: Perhaps his subconscious was creating objects without his knowing. It seemed logical. These were 'normal' dreams, of course. Your subconscious usually takes control of your dreams unless you were a lucid dreamer. Cobb was an exception to that rule. His experiences with the PASIV and dream-sharing enabled him to become a lucid dreamer. However, it did not mean that Cobb was in control of the dream all the time. Whenever Cobb would explore his dream-world, he would often find anomalies. Sometimes, he would find a random tree in the middle of an intersection or objects floating in mid-air. Cobb presumes that was his subconscious trying to 'create' the dream.

"But for my subconscious to create an entire building? It's quite a feat."

Cobb frowns. Once again, he was underestimating what his subconscious could do. Cobb looks at the building once again.

"My subconscious must be really digging through my older memories, I don't recognize the architecture."

Indeed, the building was quite different from any of Cobb's buildings, with the exception of Cobb's purely glass office building. Cobb, having lived in Paris with Mal, was inspired to have the world look similar to the French city. Of course, he tried not to make it exactly like Paris, least he bring up some bad memories with him.

"This building doesn't even look French."

The building appeared to be a hotel of some sort. Apparently, it was still closed by way of the darkened lobby entrance. Interestingly, the building had a cylinder shape to it, instead of the normal rectangle shape to most of Cobb's buildings. Most importantly however, was the building's name. It was called Hotel Iset.

"Iset? That name isn't French."

Suddenly, Cobb begins to feel like he is being watched. He turns to look at the streets. His projections are walking by him and moving about, but none seem to notice or care about this hotel. He scans the crowds.


Cobb looks back at the hotel. The mere presence of it is now making him uncomfortable.

"I should just tear it down…," Something however, compels him to investigate this further. "But not before I find out what's inside."

Taking one last look at the street, Cobb enters the hotel.

Inside the Iset

As Cobb adjusts his eyes to the darkened hotel lobby, nothing but silence greets him. Even the sounds of the city cannot be heard.

"It's quite….really quite."

At this point, Cobb felt like he was part of some horror movie: A poor victim; just waiting for anything to kill him. Nothing came however and the silence was soon becoming deafening. Suddenly, noises could be heard from the greeting desk. Cobb walks over, curiosity continuing to lead him forward.


From behind the desk, comes out a man in his early 20's, dressed seemly as one of the workers here. Cobb nearly pulls out his concealed gun in response to the sudden appearance.

"I'm sorry I didn't notice you enter, Mr. Cobb, I was merely attending to connecting the phones here."

Cobb stiffens. The projection spoke his name. With the exception of the man in his office building, none of his projections ever said his name. He had made it that way.

"Something is not right here."

Letting it go for the moment, Cobb acknowledges the man. "That's alright. New hotel, huh?"

The man nods, "That is correct, sir. Welcome to the Hotel Iset. I have to apologize for the darkness for now; we seem to be experiencing some electrical difficulties. I'll get someone to fix that. Will you be staying here for the night?"

"An electrical issue…sounds like bullshit…he's hiding something…"

Cobb continues to humor the projection.

"Yes, I would like to…"

Suddenly, the hotel phone rings. Cobb looks at the man suspiciously.

"I thought you said there was no electricity."

The man smiles, "I never said the phones were down, Mr. Cobb." Cobb could swear that the man's smile was turning into a smirk.

Cobb begins to feel a nagging sensation that he needs to get the hell out of here and out of this dream. He barely notices the man picking up the phone and talking to someone. The man ends it before Cobb can listen in.

"It appears you are needed by one of our guests here."

Cobb looks at the man in disbelief.

"You already have hotel guests?"

The man continues to wear that uninviting smile. "We have already been established here for a while, Mr. Cobb…" The man leans closer to Cobb and finishes his sentence. "Don't you remember creating this place?"

At this point, Cobb steps back from the desk and the man, trying to get some space. The man will not remove the smile. "She is waiting for you in room 204, level 4. Best not keep her waiting."


The man finally gives him a cruel smile.

"Clock's ticking, Mr. Cobb."

Cobb gives the man one last hard look before looking for the stairs that would lead him to his new destination.

Cobb stands next to the door of room 204. He is hesitant to open the door and find out what lies behind it.

"The dots aren't connecting: Mysterious buildings, sinister projections, now this unknown guest…Can my subconscious be really doing all of this?"

Cobb felt cold inside. His dream is becoming a nightmare. He could just wake up; let this dream end here and now. Again, Cobb doesn't. The need to know what is going here continues to drive him forward. With one deep breath, Cobb opens the door. Instantly, he regrets his decision.

Inside, sitting on the bed, is the last person Cobb thought he would see. There, sitting on one of the queen beds, is Mal. No, Mal is dead; it is merely his projection of her, the same projection that taunted him in his dreams for so long. But something is off with this projection. She seems relieved to see him. She smiles at Cobb's entrance.

"Dom, it's been awhile."

"No….." Cobb thinks, shocked. Cobb closes his eyes to make sure this isn't happening. When he reopens them, he is still seeing her.

"This is not good."

"You're not supposed to be here, Mal."

Mal's projection tilts her head, a quizzical look appearing on her face. "Where am I supposed to be?"

"Not here…not in my head. You're dead."

Mal merely laughs at his statement.

"Oh, Dom. You're talking about your Architect shooting me?"

Cobb thinks back to when Ariadne shot Mal. He remembers Mal's tears rolling down her eyes as he held her while she 'died' in his arms. He shakes the memory from his head, answering her question.


Mal shakes her head and looks at Cobb. "It takes more than a bullet and forgiving yourself to be rid of me, it seems."

Mal turns away from Cobb, rising from the bed to observe the city that he built for her. "I did disappear, Dom. You were happy, with your children. But I was your wife, Dom. Your most cherished memories were with me. That is a hard thing to let go of. Perhaps, you still can't let me go. Not all of you, but a little part of you that still misses me. That is why you are doing this; building a city in my memory. Your subconscious simply did the rest."

"That doesn't explain why you are here right now." Cobb retorts.

Mal lets out a sigh before returning her look to Cobb. "Do you remember when you fell asleep, Dom?"

Cobb stares at her, bemused at the seemingly random question. "Wh..what?"

"What is this projection getting at?"

"Do you remember?" Mal stares at Cobb hard, as if he could give her the answer immediately.

"Y..yes, I can. It was nighttime already. I had just put James and Phillipa to bed. After that, I went to my work office to finish the new project for Barnes…"

That's when it hit him. "And then I found myself here. Just like…,"

",…when you used to use the PASIV." Mal finishes his sentence.

"Shit…"Cobb looks at her. "It all makes sense now. This building…it really isn't mine. The man at the greeting desk… he isn't my projection. You; suddenly appearing here to ask me that question…" Cobb reaches a startling conclusion.

"This isn't just my dream. I've been put under." Cobb felt a lump in his throat starting to form. He turns to Mal. "My subconscious sent you here to warn me of this." Mal's voice breaks through his thoughts.

"Dom, listen to me, you need to get out of here…"

Cobb isn't paying attention, "Why would someone do this?"

"It doesn't matter, you need to wake up! You been set u..."

Cobb suddenly hears the sound of a gun being fired. The next few moments is a blur. He sees Mal clutching at her stomach in pain. She staggers before falling limp to the floor; an expression of shock remaining on her features. Blood begins to pool around her body. For a moment, Cobb truly wishes this was some fucked-up nightmare of his that he could wake up from. You're not supposed to be dreaming of your wife's projection being shot again.

Cobb closes his eyes, hoping to awaken and forgot all of this. It doesn't happen.

"I'm terribly sorry I had to end that tender reunion of yours, Mr. Cobb," A voice with an foreign accent speaks from behind Cobb's back.

Cobb turns to see who is in the hallway. It is the hotel greeter, holding a gun in his hand.

"Who are you?"

The man smirks before his face changes. Now he appears as a man who looks Russian, in his late 40's, with brown hair that was beginning to gray. But the feature that Cobb notices the most is his eyes: Dark brown irises that almost made him look like he only had pupils. In those eyes, Cobb could see a darkness that revealed nothing to him. The man spoke again.

"Your new employer. Please come with me, Mr. Cobb, there is much business to be discussed."


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