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The next morning, Alex made a pact with herself. Sure, she missed her parents and was always going to, but lying around and moping wouldn't help. She was in Los Angeles! She was going to have fun.

So, she decided to don her sky blue polka dot bikini and head down to the pool after breakfast. She exited the elevator with her cover-up wrapped tightly around her and her book in hand. She walked shyly over to an empty lounge seat, took off her cover-up and sat down. She opened up her book and began reading. Obviously, Harper had been somewhat of a good influence on her when she had found that H.H. Darling series.

Kendall was across the pool with James, waiting for Logan to drag Carlos away from the Jennifers in the lobby. He happened to glance over and saw Alex walking into the pool area. A smile slid onto his face and he felt James playfully punch his shoulder.

"Checking out the new girl?" James asked with a smirk. "Nice. I approve."

"James, shut up," Kendall said, slightly annoyed. "I just happened to look over when she sat down."

"You so like her," James said before shutting up.

"I do not! And her name is Alex," Kendall replied.

"You have a crush on her," James told him after a few seconds before walking over and sitting down on a lounge chair. "Go talk to her. Invite her to go in the pool with us." James knew Kendall had been really mopey and not very smooth around girls since his nasty breakup with Jo when she left for New Zealand, but this was ridiculous. If he liked this mysterious new girl, he should go for it.

"Fine! Get in the pool," Kendall growled before he slowly made his way over to Alex.

Alex, meanwhile, was starting to miss the magic she hadn't used since the accident. She still kept her wand in her show, but at the moment, she was wearing flip-flops. So, she had disguised the wand as a pair of earrings. Hidden behind the book everyone in the pool thought she was reading was her spell book. And it wasn't the huge spell book that all three of the Russo wizards had received, it was her own personal spell book that she had made. One night, after everyone was in bed, she snuck into the lair with a little notebook and blue pen. She had gone through the entire book, writing down spells which she grouped into categories. For example, one category was spells she thought were cool. Another was spells she knew she would probably need at some point in her life She also had a section for each of her brothers, two friends, and parents. Two more were spells with knowledge and spells with humans. She had all the spells she deemed necessary in her book.

As she flipped through the pages and soaked in the sun that she knew her pale skin needed (her friends always said because she was part Latino, she didn't need a tan, but she thought otherwise), she saw a shadow come over her and block her sunlight.

Quickly uttering a spell to shrink her spell book and closing the real book, Alex looked up to find herself face to face with tall, blond, and green-eyed. Kendall was looking at her with a small smile and she subconsciously pulled her cover-up a little tighter around herself.

"Hi, Kendall. Can I help you with something?" she greeted him with a smile in return.

"Um, no, but the guys and I were wondering if you wanted to go for a swim with us?" Kendall asked nervously. Alex grinned because she could tell he was nervous. He was playing with his hands and he couldn't stay still and he kept breaking eye contact with her. The dark-haired girl thought for a moment, getting a laugh out of Kendall's behavior.

"Sure, that sounds fun," she told him as she stood up to her full height, which allowed her to reach to the top of his chest.

"Great! The guys are already in the water, so whenever you're ready you can just come in. I mean, I don't want to rush you or-" Kendall was cut off when Alex put her finger to his lips.

"Shush! You ramble a lot!" she grinned. Just because her shy side had come out last night during dinner due to her grief, it didn't mean she couldn't still turn into cool, confident, flirty, I-don't-care-what-anyone-thinks-about-me Alex.

"S-sorry" he stammered out, her finger still on his lips. Alex just shook her head and walked a few steps in front of him. She unwrapped her cover-up and tossed it on the lounge chair next to her book and Ipod before walking towards the deep end of the pool.

Kendall stared after her bikini clad body. He thought she looked perfect. The blue bikini outlined her chest and brought out her hips perfectly. Her stomach was toned and tanned just right and the rest of her body had a matching tan. Her dark hair flowed behind her and bounced a little with each step she took. Her brown eyes sparkled. Her long, slender legs- Kendall cut off his train of thought, mentally berating himself. She wasn't looking for a boyfriend. Her parents had jut died in a freak accident and he had just met her. Heck, for all he knew, she could have a boyfriend back home in New York. But he had to admit: she was perfect.

He turned towards the pool and headed over to the deep end.

When Alex reached the edge of the pool and spied the shirtless trio of James, Logan, and Carlos, she smiled. The three of them looked up at her and motioned for her to join them.

"The water is awesome!" Carlos called up to her. She nodded and took a small step back before lifting her arms above her head and completing a perfect swan dive into the pool. As she surfaced, she heard James let out a shriek about his hair getting wet.

"James, it's just water!" Alex giggled as she watched him frantically smooth out his hair.

"But water equals frizzy when dry," James explained, his eyes glancing up at her for a second. Alex smiled as she quietly swam over to him.

"James," she said quietly when she was right in front of him. "If most of your hair gets wet, then what's the point in staying dry?"

"But most of my hair isn't going to- you wouldn't!" James glared at her, looking for a place to go. However, he was trapped near the side of the pool.

"Oh, but I would," Alex said quietly before jumping up with a big splash and using her surprising strength to push him underwater.

James surfaced and flipped his hair back before glaring at her.

"You're going to get it," he laughed. As he was about to take off after Alex, who had dove underwater, a large splash of water drenched him again.

"It wasn't me!" Alex quickly defended herself when he looked at her. "It was him! Go after him, James. Not me!" The four boys laughed as Alex defended herself. She grinned as she watched them begin to organize a water volleyball game.

She swam over to the edge of the pool so she could get a look at the time. As much as she liked being alone with four hot boys, she wished Harper and Bailey would hurry up and get down here. Judging by the clock, she had about five more minutes on her own to go. She sighed quietly and turned around in the water only to swim into something.

"I'm sorry," she said before looking up and locking eyes with Kendall.

"It was my fault," he smiled down at her. Alex smiled. "Do you want to play volleyball with us?" Kendall asked. When Alex hesitated in answering, he looked down and noticed that his hands were still holding onto her wrists. "Sorry," he apologized quickly as he blushed.

"It's cool. And I'd love to play, but I really should wait for Bailey and Harper. They should be here in less than five minutes," Alex told him a little wistfully.

"Well, I could wait with you if you want," Kendall told her. "I'm sure the guys won't mind waiting a few more minutes."

"Um, sure if you want to wait, I guess," Alex replied. She realized that their bodies were only inches away from each other as she spoke and she made the mistake of looking up and making eye contact with him. She saw him start to lean down and became shy.

"Alex!" Bailey yelled as she Harper walked toward the pool. Alex quickly pushed Kendall away from her and dove underwater, coming to the surface when she was on the middle of the pool, a few feet away from him.

"Over here!" she called back to her friends. "Want to play?" She smiled as Harper nodded enthusiastically.

Kendall, however, was mentally cursing the interruption. He knew he shouldn't be. Heck he had just met her. And how did he know she wanted to be anything more than friends? And when their eyes had made contact and held it for a minute or two, he saw a secret in them. She had a big secret and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out what it was just yet, or ever. But, maybe he did.

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