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~Rima's POV~

I woke up and yawned. It might have taken awhile to finish the dress, but I did it. I rubbed my eyes and yawned again.

I was so tired, but excited at the same time. I was going to get a job today.

I stood back and admired my work. The skirt part of it was green and the top was white. The sleeves had small flower designs. There was a small ribbon in the front as well.

It wasn't much, but it was definitely good enough to get me a job…I hope.

I got ready and I made sure that the dress was inside my bag along with my other materials. Once I was ready, I went to go see Lulu.

"Good morning Rima," Lulu greeted me.

"Morning," I responded.

"You ready to find some work?" I nodded my head as Lulu handed me some bread and fruit. "You better eat up then." I ate my food and when I was done, Lulu led me to a store.

"Do you have some samples to show?" I nodded my head as Lulu opened the door.

"Lulu? I haven't seen you in a while. And who's that with you?" a voice called. It was a woman with short black hair and brown eyes.

"Nice to see you too Kaya-san," Lulu and I both bowed with respect.

"My name is Mashrio Rima," I stood up straight again.

"Rima-chan wants to find a job here," Lulu nudged me to show Kaya the samples I made. I carefully got the dress out of my bag and laid it across the counter.

"Hm, nice," Kaya examined my work. "She has a job here." My face lit up. I finally got myself a job!

"Thank you Kaya-san. I'll be going now, bye!" I waved goodbye to Lulu, then turned around to Kaya.

"You can start making your shop gown in the back room. Here's your dress," Kaya was handing the shop gown (on profile).

"That? Ok, that'll do," I shrugged my shoulders and I reached for the dress.

"Don't speak out of turn," Kaya spoke sharply. I winced. "You can work in the back, and when the shop closes, you can start on your dress. Oh, you have to pay for the shop gown and the rent to stay here," she added.

What? That's not fair! I will barely have any money!

I sighed and I walked into the back room. There I saw two girls, one with long blonde hair put into two ponytails and purple eyes, and one with bubblegum pink hair and golden eyes. They both looked up from their work and smiled at me.

"Hi, I'm Rima," I greeted them.

"My name's Utau. So I guess you're our new roommate, huh?" the girl with the long blonde hair smiled while I nodded.

"I'm Amu, and of course she is Utau!" the girl with pink hair greeted while scolding Utau. I giggled a bit.

"You guys are good!" I continued giggling.

"Good at what?" Amu inquired.

"Good at, well making people happy! That's what I like!" I explained with a smile. Utau and Amu both smiled as well.

"Oh wait, Kaya-san needs me!" Amu hurriedly walked to the front of the shop after a few knocks on the door. Then she came back. "Where are the scarlet ribbons? They were here yesterday!"

We all began searching for a scarlet ribbon until I found them hidden under a box.

"I'll give this to Kaya-san," I rushed to the front of the shop. "Kaya-san, I found the scarlet ribbon!" I gave her the ribbon and she snatched it from my hands. I then looked at the customers, Yaya and Princess Saaya.

"You! You're the one who tried to murder me!" Saaya screeched as she pointed an accusing finger at me.

"I did not! You bumped into me!" I argued. This girl is starting to annoy me.

"Where'd you get those necklaces?" Saaya noticed my necklaces.

"You don't need to know," I glared at her. She's not getting the necklace Ryoma gave me, or the one that Temari and Rhythm gave me.

"I want it," she demanded. I clutched both necklaces.

"No way you're getting them," I continued to glare at her.

"I want it," her voice was rising, "I want it! I WANT IT!"

"NO WAY!" I shouted.

"Your Highness! We can buy one at the market!" Yaya paid for the ribbon and swiftly took it.

"Fine," Saaya answered stubbornly as she walked away with Yaya trailing behind.

"You come out here wearing that!" Kaya pointed to my dress.

"Well I wanted to give you the ribbon, and I didn't know that it was a crime. So I'll just back off and won't give you your ribbons anymore," I retorted.

"You watch your mouth young lady," Kayla sternly looked at me, "Now go back to the back room!" I gave her one last cold glare before walking back.

"That took some guts girl!" Utau grinned at me.

"You really told her off," Amu looked proud too.

"Thanks," I said before I got back to work.

I was able to work on my shop gown, and I finished it. It wasn't much, but I got it to work.

The good news was that I survived my first day at work. But I wondered what would happen the next day…

~Next Day~

"Rima, wake up!" Utau shook me up.

"Huh? Oh yeah, work," I remembered as I got ready. We all began working and then Amu came by and told me and Utau something.

"Rima, Prince Nagihiko is here to see you~!" she said in a sing-song way. I rolled my eyes playfully and went into the shop.

"Hey Rima-chan!" Nagihiko called me.

"Yo Mashiro!" Kukai grinned, but then stared at something behind me. "Who's that?"

I turned around to see Utau, who had a faint pink blush on her cheeks. "Oh that's Utau, one of my roommates." I motioned her to come.

"Hi," she came up to us.

"Prince Nagihiko," he introduced himself.

"Souma Kukai!" Kukai grinned his famous smile and added a thumbs up. I could tell Utau was slightly blushing.

"What are you doing here in the first place?" I questioned them.

"No way we wanted to sit in on another maeeting about Prince Ikuto and Princess Saaya's wedding! So we decided to sneak out of the palace and come here!" Kukai said.

Nagihiko rolled his eyes and added, "Actually, I wanted to check on you. Lulu told us you were here. But the beginning part was true."

"I'm fine, so you don't have to worry me!" I gave him a slight glare.

"Ok, ok. So I guess we'll be going. Right Kuk-" Nagihiko stopped because when he turned around, Kukai and Utau were busy chatting.

He sighed as he grabbed Kukai's wrist and pulled him away.

"Hey! Let go of me Nagihiko!" Kukai's was struggling to get out of Nagihiko's grasp.

"See ya later!" Nagihiko pulled Kukai away, while Kukai was still struggling.

When Utau and I got back to our room, Amu was there looking at us knowingly.

"I want details," she demanded with a grin.

"And then I asked them why they were here and Kukai said this story about not going to a meeting about some sort of wedding. Then Nagihiko said that they really didn't want to go to that meeting, but he also said that he came to check up on me-" I was cut off by Utau.

"And Rima was SO blushing!" Utau interrupted. Amu had a smirk on her face.

"You like Prince Nagihiko? Why didn't you tell us?" Amu inquired while she was still smirking.

"No! And I was not blushing!" I denied both. "Besides, Utau was the one who was blushing when Kukai was staring at her, and gave her a smile and thumbs up!" I countered.

"I was not!" Utau was denying it.

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not!"

"Was not!"

"Was too and that's final!" Utau gave the last word before covering her mouth.

"Told ya so," I smirked. I could get used to this.

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