AN: Hi. It is me again. This is a ideal I just got today. The full summary is: What if Edward woke up alone? Esme was changed after her fall and woke alone? Alice finds Edward and tells him the future of the Platt coven. New kids are at school. Why is Alice a jumping bean and soon excited about school? Orginal pairing. C/E, B/E, J/A, R/E


Today was another day of hell. I sat at my piano just letting my fingers flow other the keys with boredom. I listened to my family thoughts.

I wish Edward would find a mate. It hurts me to him like this.

No one is more beautiful than me.

I wonder if Edward is up for wrestling.

London Bridge is falling down. Falling down. Falling down. Falling down.

"Alice, why are you singing London Bridge is falling down? You are giving me a headache." She just smiled at me.

"Oh nothing." I raised an eyebrow at her. "Oh, just stop being Grumpy, Mr. I have been alive for almost a 100 years now."

"Well, I am almost a 100 years old but I am not alive."

"Oh, shush. One day someone will come make you see yourself different."

"Alice, I've been a vampire for almost a 100 years, do you see anyone by my side? I don't. Everyone will just accept that I will never have a mate." She smirked.

"Edward, I wouldn't say that. You never know. Your future mate might come up soon."

I shook my head. Alice was crazy. Like if she wanted you to wear something, she would continue bothering you till you say yes. I sighed and went back to my beloved piano.

I have been this thing for almost a 100 years. I have been alone my entire life. Esme and Alice are mateless also but they aren't like me. I was dying of the spanish influeza when I was bitten. We don't know who changed all of us. I just woke up and tried to get out of town without killing anyone. After a few years of travelling I met Alice. She said that she had a vision of us going to the Platt Coven. So we travelled together, we never had any relationship more than a brother and sister and we met Esme. She took us into her family. Esme was changed after jumping off a cliff. Her creator lefted her before she woke too. Then we found Rosalie being changed in the street. We took her into our family. Then she found Emmett being maut by a bear. Now this is where we are.

"EDWARD, GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE! WE GOT TO GO TO SCHOOL!" I looked at my watch. It was 6:30.

"Alice, it is 6:30. We don't have to be there till 8." I walked down the stairs to find Alice bouncing up and down.

Come on, Edward. New students are coming today.

"Since when do we care if students are coming?"

"Come on! Lets go!"

"Fine! Just stop bugging me!"

"Yupee! Rose, Em. Come on!"

Edward, what is she all happy about? Rosalie asked. I shrugged.

"Beats me. She been a jumping bean all morning."

What is she thinking? I listened to Alice thoughts.

In quaint native dress an Italian maid
Was weeping distress'ed as the streets she strayed
Searching in every part for her bold sweetheart
And his ice-cream cart

Her English was bad
It cannot be denied
And so to herself
In Italian she cried

Oh! Oh! oh Antonio, he's gone away
Left me alone-ee-o, all on my own-ee-o
I want to meet him with his new sweetheart
Then up will go Antonio and his ice-cream cart
So sad grew the plight of this fair young lass
She'd faint at the sight of an ice-cream glass
She dreamed nigh every day he'd come back to stay

"Alice, what the hell are you thinking?"

"It is a old song made in 1908." I looked at her, raising an eyebrow. "Come on, it is 6:45. Move or will drive us to school in your precious Volvo."

I rolled my eyes again and got in the driver seat. Alice jumped in the passenger seat. You could practically see her buzzing with excitement.

I backed up the car and drove to school. Wondering what this day would bring.

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