Las Vegas! Las Vegas! the greatest spot for a fun, exciting, and spontanoeous vacation. Yes for those who do not live here Las Vegas is only a small, mere, dream for some. However for someone who lives everyday in pure luxury it's not a dream but the real deal. However it was more then just a real life fantasy, there was also a darker side of things even if that dark side included a life that puts you in harms way at all times. Yes this is a story for all you Sonny Corinthos lovers out there. It's a story about Michael "Sonny" Corinthos a dark and mysterious, but deliciously, dimpled faced, dark haired, dark eyed, handsomely cute Mob Boss, King Pin, Don,...whatever you wanted to call him the names were endless and his good fortunes was endless to. Sonny was extremely handsome but he was also very much alone and wants a family of his own. It's sort of hard though when these sultry, siren, brunette beauties all want to take turns in his bed and bare his children. It's hard for Sonny to make up his mind which one would make the perfect Mrs. Corinthos. He knew though whoever he choose would have to be willing to live with some added danger around without completely loosing it. On the other hand Sonny has enough money to afford the best security of friends ever. His two grown sons Dante Falconeri and Juan Santiago would always be Sonny's back up help if anything were to happen to their father and he could not be there to manage things while absent. Sonny also has a trusted friend and hitman that he has adopted into his family an awesome, incredibly hot guy by the name of Jason Morgan. Sonny always knew Jason was from the other side of the tracks but that didn't matter to him. Sonny has built a close knit friendly relationship with Jason one that will last. Dante and Juan know they can trust Jason with anything relating to their father no matter what it was because of that special bond they share.

Sonny owned a private lake house outside of his former home Port Charles. He always stayed here to be close to Port Charles but still have a form of privacy. He didn't need anyone around because it was located where nobody else could find it. In a dressed down look wearing brown slacks, and a black t-shirt with a bit of facial hair that didn't hide his delicious dimples too much. Sonny was busy admiring the night view as he slowly took his time sipping on some very expensive italian champagne. He was mentally and physically at peace this evening. A woman with long brunette hair approaches him with a pregnant belly. She was Sonny's ex-wife Lily Riveria. She and Sonny have seperated for their own reasons but Lily still has a heart for her Ex-hubby. Lily was now getting romantically involved with someone else and it was someone Sonny did not like. She though was bearing a spawn of Sonny's a little girl named Maya Corinthos.

"I thought you had plans tonight?" Sonny asks.

"I do have plans tonight but I needed to stop by and see you. I wanted to talk to you about our baby girl. I really like EJ and I just want to continue on with this relationship. Sonny I need to be sure that you will be able to take full custody of Maya. EJ would not want me to have a child by you in between us." Lily explains.

Sonny shakes his head but he couldn't get angry with Lily because deep down he still had feelings for her.

"I don't know what I'm going to be able to do Lily. I would not be able to raise her myself especially with who I am. You saw that I couldn't keep Kristina safe and now she is dead because I put her through this life. I will not do that to Maya and I don't know who I could even possibly turn to that could keep her for me." Sonny explains.

"She could stay here Sonny you have the money to hire a babysitter fulltime or a nanny." Lily says.

"I don't understand why this new loverboy of yours can't accept Maya as his own. I'm pretty much giving her to him." Sonny says.

"He has made it perfectly clear he wants nothing to do with any spawn of yours Sonny. I will not have an abortion I'm not going to take away our little girls chance at a life of her own." Lily adds.

Sonny sips on some more champagne and then pauses for a moment trying to think of what to say next. Sonny did not want to loose another daughter like he lost Kristina. So Sonny assures Lily that he will do what he can in his power to make sure their daughter has a secure and safety future. He had to warn her though that it could not be around him. Lily was a little disappointed that Sonny would just isolate himself from his daughter's life.

"I don't understand why you allow Juan and Dante to have a relationship with you but not your own daughter." Lily says.

"Lily, They are grown adult men they can survive in this world I have built. Maya will not survive she will end up dead if she stays anywhere near me. I do not want that for our daughter." Sonny tries explaining to his beautiful ex-wife.

Lily get's ready to leave Sonny in peace again but another beautiful brunette meets Lily head on. It was Sonny's current girlfriend Brenda Barrett. She did not look to pleased to see Lily hanging around.

"Lily! why are you here?" Brenda asks.

Lily says nothing to Brenda and walks past her but Brenda goes after her.

"Lily! Don't walk away from me!" Brenda shouts.

"Leave it alone Brenda this has nothing to do with you it's between me and Sonny." Lily replies.

"Oh did you want to come throw it in Sonny's face that you are dating a man he hates. EJ Dimera what the hell is wrong with you." Brenda says.

Lily get's into her car and drives off as Sonny comes to get Brenda.

"Brenda...leave it alone." Sonny tells her.

"Do you know she is dating EJ?" Brenda asks.

"Why are you letting this get to you...she's not here to come between us." Sonny assures Brenda.

Sonny runs his hands through Brenda's beautiful bouncy, lengthy brunette hair. He shares a smoltering hot kiss with her to help get her mind off of Lily and her problems.

"Hmmmm...I think you are going to have to do more then kiss me." Brenda teases.