Juan begins to blush and Sam starts teasing him about that too. Dante takes the time to tell Jason that his newest employee has arrived. A man by the name of Aidan Devane who was pretty much in the same hotness league as Jason Morgan only darker hair, dark eyes, and one amazing accent. Aidan waited patiently in Jason's luxury office he couldn't wait to get started working at the best casino and resort ever in Las Vegas. Jason arrives into the office to greet Aidan. Jason could already tell the two were going to click just like him and Sonny did.

"Welcome to the Palace!" Jason says with enthusiasim and excitement.

"Thanks for hiring me." Aidan replies.

"I looked into your profile before I hired you. I already knew you would be a great employee to the casino." Jason said.

"Thank you I've always had interest working in this place. I like Corinthos personally for my own reasons. He's good friends with my girlfriend she's told me many great things about him. I'm very aware that he has a violent history which keeps him active at all times." Aidan explains.

"Sonny would be pleased to have you join the team. I know he wishes he could be here in person to meet you himself. He is however going to be away from the Las Vegas scene for awhile. So you have no worries we like you here so just relax, make yourself at home, you are a big part of the family now." Jason explains.

Aidan was very pleased and honored to know he was a huge part of The Corinthos Team. Sam went to view the male audience as she peeped from behind the black curtain. Sam stood still when she saw Rick Lansing and his goons were among the guests. A cold chill went down her spine as she saw him sitting there just having a cheery good time. Sam goes to Adriana a former Llanview resident who has made friends with Sam. She convinces Adriana that they have to cancel their parts in the strip show.

"Why?" Adriana asked.

"Rick is here." Sam confessed.

"Oh no." Adriana says.

"The thought of that man coming close to me makes my skin crawl." says Sam who was beginning to shake.

Adriana could tell Sam was not looking forward to dancing today. She goes to let Juan and Stone know that Sam would not be able to perform.

"Sam is in really bad shape I think Rick is in the building. You should see her she is absolutely terrified." Adriana explains.

Stone goes to check out the male audience to see that Adriana was in fact telling the truth Rick, EJ, and Caleb were indeed in the casino. Stone heads back to give Juan the bad news about Rick being present. Juan tells Stone to just keep an eye on all three of them as best he can to make sure they don't pull any tricks. In another part of the casino Tea Delgado and Lily Riveria sit at a table drinking expensive Martini's. Tea was currently involved with Rick but she did not like the hatred he had towards his half brother Sonny. She could see the frustration and confusement in Lily.

"I love Rick but I do not agree with him." Tea says.

"He's not going to listen to you. Rick is evil he always will be. You can't change the man it's like he's possessed by the devil or something." Lily says.

"It's pretty obvious you'd rather be back with Sonny then with EJ Dimera." Tea replies.

"I have feelings for my ex-husband but I'm very much happy with EJ. I have no intentions of going back to Sonny." Lily replies.

"He won't even love that little girl inside of you because she's Sonny's baby girl. How can you possibly have any ounce of feelings for EJ?" Tea asks.

"I know you may not understand my reasons but I do care about EJ. I have to move on I just can't stay in the past forever. I mean Sonny has moved on he's got Brenda Barrett the supermodel. She is just perfect for him just absolutely perfect for him." Lily says.

"Are you jealous of Sonny's new girlfriend?" Tea asks.

"No of course not but I hate how she judges me everytime I go to visit Sonny for things that have no concern in regards to her." Lily states.

"Do you ever tell Sonny about this?" Tea asks.

"How can I he is so all about her right now." Lily says. "He would take her side before he would ever pick mine."

"I highly doubt that he was married to you first." Tea says.

In Port Charles in his office still writing up some paper work. Sonny had himself digging deep in work. Brenda comes to join him with two extra slices of the Pizza that Antonio had fixed. She also had a bottle of beer in her hand. She closes the door behind her and turns on his little plasma tv.

"Hey you I haven't seen you all day I got worried." Brenda replies.

"I thought you were enjoying the company out there." Sonny jokes.

"I did but I was still missing you." Brenda adds.

"Who made the Pizza?" Sonny asks.

"Antonio did but um I sort of sneaked him some extra cheese and sauce. You should know me so well by now." Brenda says giggling.

"Only you would throw in an added punch to it wouldn't you?" Sonny teases.

"I can be creative when I want to be."

Sonny needed a good laugh since he was sky high busy with all this work in front of him. He realizes he just needs a good break. So he opens up the bottle of beer and takes a quick drink.

"Jason loves this stuff." Sonny mentions.

"Oh is he the beer type?" Brenda asks.

"Is he the beer type? It's all he keeps in his refrigerator. I had to laugh when I got a peek inside when he opend his door the one day. I couldn't believe it I was like don't you drink anything else? He was like no Sonny I'm the beer drinker. Oh yeah a beer drinker and a pool table guy." Sonny says.

"I have to meet this Jason you really do value his friendship. I'm sorry you can't have that same relationship with your brother Rick." Brenda says.