A note from the Author first:

Hey, Salverto here!

Wow, it's been ages since I came back to . Last time I came here, I have finished my Oddworld Fanfiction: Unlikely Feelings and started with Oddworld: You're Not a Bad Person. Sorry about my long absence, I've been busy on Deviantart. Anyway, yeah, a different area of a Fanfiction for me. Instead of a game, it's the TV program The Simpsons…you might have guessed. Heh! Anyway, I warn you guys now, this story isn't wrapped around every single details that is true in the program, so please don't waste your time with flaming me about the wrong things I do, because I won't even listen.

Basically, I have edited things in it, including my own OCs and due to the lack of watching this program lately (I've been busy with college, so it's hard at time to sit down now), I will research them and watch them online, and it should make me better each time. I hope I won't kill any characters to, but if I do, please forgive me. Perhaps in each chapter, I will write notes at the bottom of the chapter to let you guys know what's happening or such. I would appreciate help if I need to, like some suggestions. Also, please forgive me that there will be swearing, perhaps violence and a sex scene if I'm bored enough XD

I do warn you guys too, because I'm a lazy bastard, I will not be disclaiming who is who on every chapter, so the disclaimer at the bottom goes for the whole story ;)

Anyway, I'll leave you guys to it. Read and Review please, please don't flame because I can be sensitive, plus this is something TOTALLY new, my friends will back me up on that…and most of all ENJOY! ^-^


Serena Jordison, Esmeralda Jordison and Nakita Jordison © Salverto

The Simpsons and all of the characters (Used and Unused) © Matt Groening