Chapter 11

A Word with a Sister

Serena couldn't sleep that night. It was some sort of nightmare. Sideshow Bob's past kept haunting her. Those painful memories, those hateful wishes. Damn, shi, she felt his pain alright…

Several days past by, and Serena managed to create a bedroom just for Sideshow Bob. It was a room next to Serena's room. No one said anything about him. Serena made Nakita promise that. She has already been on the verge of a killing mob, and she doesn't want to experience that again. The Lord was on her side, her sister and Cecil were with her and she could tell Chief Wiggum was awkward about it…and that's why she was doing it.

To prove to everyone who she REALLY was…and her life-changing mission has begun as soon as Sideshow Bob left Prison…

The next morning came and Nakita was already bursting with joy for her job with Cecil. Then, Nakita burst out into a sudden scream of laughter. It woke Serena up. Snarling to herself, she rolled out of bed and got changed. When will she get a decent night's sleep, she wondered?

Walking downstairs, as if she was a zombie, she rubbed her eyes and yawned loudly. She could smell something cooking. Bacon? She only had to turn around to the kitchen to see what was happening. Nakita was by the table, holding her cup of tea and laughing as Sideshow Bob told her about some funny story. He faced Serena and Serena blinked. He was cooking breakfast for Nakita and himself, she assumed.

"Ah, right on schedule, Serena," Sideshow Bob smirked. He flipped the bacon over. "Just in time for breakfast."

"Bob? What are you doing? You're the guest. Make Nakita do it!" Serena said playfully, pointing a finger at Nakita. Nakita stuck her bottom lip playfully. Sideshow Bob shook his head.

"Serena, darling, I may be a guest, but I must do my fair share of house work. After all, you got me out of prison." He smiled. Serena couldn't help but smile at the sweet remark.

"Heh, well, if you say so," She smiled and joined her younger sister.

When Nakita went to work, Sideshow Bob insisted that he stayed at the house to do some work. He was planning to get a job close enough to Serena's house. Serena smiled to herself. Finally, she can go and speak to Marge. That womanly urge of talking to her sister-like friend was pestering at her again. She told Bob that she was going to a friend's and he respected that.

"Wait a moment," Marge said, placing her cup down. She eyed Serena's stern face up and down and burst out laughing. "You think Nakita's in love with her boss?"

Serena nodded.

"I say it's obvious, if you ask me," Serena muttered through her holding hands, her elbows resting on the table. Marge paused for a moment and spoke softly.

"Are you jealous?"

"…sort of…"

"So you DO wanna boyfriend?" Marge said excitingly, as if she was a teenage girl again. Serena smirked at the reaction. But she shrugged.

"I dunno…"

"Perhaps Homey can-"

"No worries Marge," Serena shook a hand at her. "I think it's best that I seek this man myself," Serena's eyes fell to the table. "But I feel so alone. Something is missing…I think it IS a boyfriend I need."

Marge noticed Serena trembling.

"Serena, you worried about something?"

"Not really," Serena lied through gritted teeth. Marge blinked at her.

"You're not hiding anything dangerous from me, right?"

"No!" Serena said suddenly, and laughed to herself. "No, not at all. I just think I need time away from home. Everything is starting to stress me out now…"

"Hmm," Marge rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "Maybe you can take Bart out somewhere. Perhaps to a movie?"

"Maybe I'll take him to Monster Truck Hell," Serena suggested, smiling. "You know, I've always wanted to go there, and Nakita and Esmeralda are not interested in cars like me,"

Marge replied with a smile.

"Wonderful," She clapped her hands together and grinned. Maggie was soon tugging at the end of Serena's black pants. Smiling softly, Serena picked Maggie up and placed her on her leg, bouncing her up and down. She giggled past her red dummy.

"But it's on Friday," Serena added slowly. Today was Wednesday. Marge and Serena shared a smile after a moment of silence, and knew that it will still be a great day. Serena couldn't wait.


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