I woke up with tears in my eyes and I could feel dry tear streaks on my face.
I sat up and the pain came…this time the marks went all the way to my knees.
Silently I sat there unsure of what to do now.
so….I'm fourteen today.
I walked out of my room and headed upstairs.

The smell of muffins was lurking around as I walked into the kitchen.
Mom was standing by the oven with a bunch of fresh muffins she just pulled out.
"Happy Birthday" she said happily "Careful, the muffins are still hot."
I grabbed a glass and poured myself some milk.
"So… what would you like for your birthday dinner?"
I took a moment to decide "I guess we'll have the usual…Steak, corn, rolls…"
I grabbed one of the muffins from the pan thingy.
"And your cake?" She asked
I took a bite and shrugged "again, the usual: Oreo Ice Cream Cake."
Taking one more muffin, I grabbed my glass of milk and went back down stairs.
When I finished the muffins I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.
I turned on the light and looked into the mirror…my jaw completely dropped when I saw my reflection: My eyes were an indigo color, my hair was darker and at least four inched longer, and my face was a bit paler too. Just like a Vampire, Huh? I was unsure whether to be freaked out or excited.
How did mom not even notice…I mean INDIGO EYES!
When I was finished with everything I went into my bedroom, jumping slightly as Kukai gave me a huge hug. "Happy Birthday!" He said excitedly
"Thanks" I unenthusiastic and he let me go.
I could feel his stare and I did my best to avoid eye contact. "Rose?" He said concerned.
He took my empty glass and filled it up with water from the bathroom sink, then tapping it once the water turned red.
"Your full abilities will come to you once you drink this…" He held it out to me.
I shrugged and chugged the entire thing. "Blech! What did you make me drink?" I demanded making a sour face.
Kukai laughed. "It was just tablet blood…Not real blood."
Suddenly I began to sway and Kukai caught me as I fainted.