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ps. i put the narriation in bold.


We haven't heard from Tony for almost a week. Now, I find myself in waiting room...well, waiting for Tony to get out of surgery.
I'm ashamed to admit it, but when I got the call I was terrified...

"get to Bethseda now"
"boss its 2am"
"now McGee"

so, here I am. When I evreything sank in, I took the liberty of calling the team.

"McGee?" Its close to 4am and she sounds wide awake. why is she up so early?
"hey Ziva"
"McGee, why are you up so early?" If I wasn't calling for the reason I was, I might have laughed at that.
"Ziva, its Tony" before I could say more...
"where is he?" her voice is steady but urgent.

"Hello?" music is blaring. she never went to bed.
"Abby could you maybe go somewhere quiet?"
"what?" this will take a minute.
"somewhere quiet?"
"McGee i can't hear you!"
"somewhere quiet!"
"oh why didn't you say so!" ...
"OK, I'm in a closet"
"Abby, its about Tony."
"Tony? have you heard from him? is he OK?"
"not exactly and not exactly"
"well McGee, what about Tony? what's going on?"
"hes in the hospital"
"what hospital?" her tone was surprisingly similar to Ziva's.
'I'm on my way"

"'Gee?" Palmer was definitely not asleep either, but interestingly out of breath and distracted.
"it's Tony, he's in the hospital;in surgery" I hear a woman in the background. Again, under another circumstance I might laugh (or be thoroughly disgusted).
"Tony's in the hospital'
"in Mexico?"
"Bethseda? is he OK? What happened?" his voice is now confused and frantic.
"He's been shot. Look, I tried reaching Ducky, maybe you'll have better luck"
"of course, I'll call Dr. Mallard"

Seems like hours later, my thoughts are interrupted by Dr. Sanders.

"DiNozzo's party?"
I untangle Abby from around my neck as we all stand. (with the exception of Gibbs and Ziva who were already standing). Both Gibbs and Franks are bloody and bruised. Why are they not being treated again?
"He is stable and asleep, but I will take you to his room if you would like to see him"
"yes" her olive skin turns a light shade of pink when she answers too quickly. Gibbs gives her a simple look and motions for Sanders to proceed.