Tony's POV.

Sure it was a little drizzly outside, but besides the rain it was a night like any other. How's that for a cliche?

Dinner and a movie. sometimes at my place sometimes we went out, but most times at hers. I could tell she felt more comfortable at home, plus she's an amazing cook.

We carried light conversation as she made the final touches on dinner. her back facing me, I took the opportunity to look at her ass. It's a great ass.

"Tony we need to talk" she spun to look at me, catching me red handed oggling her rear end, but surprisingly ignores it.

"Are we not talking?"

"I mean seriously" she says.

"As in we seriously need to talk, or we need to talk seriously?" her brow furrows. she's confused and definately not amused.

"the second one...I think"

"In that case, I don't think we should. Talking seriously is not one of our strong points. Can't we just exchange knowing glances and call it a day?"

"Tony" she scolds.

"Okokok what's on you're mind?" she takes a deep breath and starts playing with her fingers. It's a nervous tick she's developed.

I wait patiently so she doesn't change her mind.

"When you got back from Mexico I decided we must, but then there was Gibbs can not wait any longer.
when you were asleep in the hospital, all I could think about was all the things left unsaid...all the debts left unpaid "

"Zee, how many times have I told you? you don't owe me anything..." I interrupt

She throws her palms up to stop me from continuing

"please let me finish" I shut up and gesture for her to go on

"my point Tony, is how many times do we have to almost die to admit..."

"to admit what Ziva?"

She turns away. It always only gets this far. I have to make the deciding move on this one.

I put my hands on her shoulders to turn her towards me again. Lifting her chin we share one of those all too knowing glances.

She wnats me to. Hell, I want me to. so I do.

Ziva's POV.

It was soft and apprehensive at first...he was unsure, but I assured him.

Deepening the kiss, I put my palms to his chest and breathed him in. I can not beleive this is happening.

Reluctantly we separate.

"I told you talking's not our strong point"

I reply with a small smile, his beaming ear to ear, God I love his lips, tongue, taste...

He pulls me closer, one hand on the small of my back, the other in my hair.

This time he gives me the true DiNozzo experience. The one I remember frome years ago.

We match eachothers need and urgency, and like in everything we do, fight for dominence.

I slowly pull away, lingering one hand on his cheek.

"I am not hungry anymore. Let us go to bed."

"I'm starving!" he whined. Is Food always first with him? I look at him in disbelief and I think he got the hint.

still smiling, I take his hand and pull him down the dark hallway.

"and just think, if Gibbs had been put away, we'd never have to tell him!"


"I was kidding." he laughed.

"I Know or I would have slappd you much harder. Now get in here my little hairy butt"

He steps into the bedroom pulling me into another kiss and closes the bedroom door behind him.

AN: i want to point out that when Tony says "we'd never have to tell him" it is a 'joke' 'cause Ziva doesn't know that Gibbs knows.