Gracious Heart

A Heroman Fanfiction

Chapter 1: You found me

At the beginning of my life, I hated humans.

Like many of my Heybo brothers, I too had (if any) hope being sold to a kind human. When I first awoke to the call of my so-called 'master', I believed (hoped, prayed, BEGGED!) that they would care for me (cherish me, treasure me, LOVE ME!), play with me…

(…let me be their hero…)

Some may be surprised, but my fellow Heybo's and I do not lack aptitude. In fact, we have the intelligence of a low-class AI. That might not sound impressive, but compared to your average robot, we are the 'Ultimate Toy'.

"Hey, that's pretty awesome!" one of 'masters' associates commented, watching me in awe like the rest as I casually walked past them.

"It responds to voice command," 'master' boastfully explained as I came to a halt. "Watch this… Back flip!" and on command, I flipped backwards, successfully landing back on my feet. Cries of wonder fell out of mouths of 'master's' friends save for one who sighed at their childishness.

"Hey, Nick… Let me try it!" one of the humans told 'master', reaching for my controller, soon the others come in to snatch away the device from 'master', squabbling over it like young children.

"Let go!"

"Why not?"

"I said stop it!"

I became aware of my body moving, one of them must have pressed a command button, as I started speeding towards the road at an alarming pace.

(…save me…)

The next thing I could comprehend, I was plummeting towards the hard ground, pieces of myself scattered around me as I made contact with warm asphalt. My body was broken, my precious wiring, protected from the fall, barely keeping my active as I heard someone yelling a crude comment before speeding away.

I felt 'master' holding me by my remaining leg, looking at me with disappointment.

(…help me…)

"S-sorry…" one of 'master's' friends whispered meekly as the others looked on.


"Whatever. My dad will buy me a new one."

I froze.


I felt helpless as I plunged into the trash can that 'mast'-no-'that human' dangled me over, dusting his fat hands as if I was nothing.

(…because that is what I am now…nothing…)

"Let's go guys."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yeah. It's useless now, so I don't need it anymore."


I stared at the darkening sky, feeling something that I'm sure I'm not supposed to feel.


I hate 'that human' who treated me like I was some common robot, I hate the others that fought over me and resulted in my nearing doom…I hate myself, for trusting a human who I thought would care for me, treasure me, love me…

(…let me be their hero…)

"…He said he didn't need it, right?"


I felt hands, different from before, tenderly raising me from trash I was previously resting on, bringing me eye to eye to bright sapphire orbs, gazing (lovingly? I think I busted a main circuit) at me.

"So it's okay if I take it, right?"

(…is he…?)

"Hey buddy… That's one of Nick's toys, you know." someone behind the sapphire-eyed human muttered, looking at my saviour with a doubtful eye before glancing at me. What's with the hair? "And it's totally broken anyway."

I also hate it when humans are right. My body was beyond any repair.

The sapphire-eyed human paid no mind, however, as he fiddled with my now inactive controller before pocketing it.


"All I have to do is fix it. Besides, I'd never be able to buy one like this myself."

My cracked motherboard gave a slight spark as the sapphire-eyed human looked into my eyes, cradling my head like a human infant.

"I'm going to fix you right up, just you wait."

(…Thank you…)

With this human, I'll make an exception.


This fanfiction is based on Heroman's POV during the anime, which I find as a fun challange.

You barely see Heroman showing ANY emotion, with the exception of episode 9, when he goes 'Psyco Mantis' on Mr. King-of-Roaches. So I've decided to try and get into our favourite bot's head and see what makes him feel.

I hope you enjoy.