Gracious Heart

A Heroman Fanfiction

Chapter 5: Rise, Fight, Peace

Something's wrong.

I feel a shudder run through me and I don't know why.

I first assumed it was because of Master's meek attitude as he started his day with a tired look about him, he had stay up past his usual rest period before finally falling asleep. Because of this, he barely made it to his 'job' on time and was once again scolded for not paying attention in math (along with five others…).

It was half-way through said class when a siren rang and that's when my worry returned when sounds of police and fire brigade sirens blared in the distance.

"We've received information that the explosion at the intersection in Center City was due to an unknown group." The man's voice grated through the radio that someone had with them.

I hoped it wasn't criminals on the loose, because if they even look at Master the wrong way I'd tear them a new-

"According to eye witnesses," the man continued, pulling me out of my semi-homicidal thoughts, "the ones responsible were three… aliens?"




"It couldn't be…"

"Hey, Joey! Where are you going?"

I felt a slight jolt of surprise when Master spun around and ran, ignoring Psy calling after him, confusion was sifting through me as he continued to run past the school.

(…Where are we going?...)

"Professor Denton!" Master panted out when he rushed into a building, doubling over to catch his breath.

This 'Denton' was Master's science teacher, if I recall correctly, this man always regarded himself as a 'Man of Science'.

…bit of loony with an outer-space complex and a frequent tendency to make things suddenly combust, if you ask me…

"What's up?" Denton asked with his ever cheerful demeanour. "Why are you giving me that look? Seems like something's going on outside, but…"

"It's bad! I know it sounds crazy, but they're already here!"


A loud crash came from outside and the earth shook violently, causing both Master and Denton to steady themselves before they both went to find the source.

I cursed to myself for not being able to see outside this blasted backpack I was confined in, I could, though, hear footsteps approaching and garble noises before a voice followed.

"…uh…gah…i…Is it you?"

"It spoke!" Master gasped in amazement, but I knew that only coated the fear that lied underneath.

"We are the Skrugg. Are you the one broadcasting the interplanetary signal?"

"Yes! That would be me!"

…Did I mention Denton having an outer-space complex?

"So you picked up my signal and came here, right?"

"That is correct. This is all because of that signal which you are broadcasting."

Something is wrong...

"I bid you welcome! As the representative for humanity!"

"That will not be necessary. Because, we…"

A shudder runs through me…

"Because we are beings that will destroy this planet."

and now I know why.


"Destroy… this planet?" disbelieve and growing horror is visible in Denton's voice, as was the same feelings that crept into Master like a wild fire.


"We will bring you with as the representative for humanity. In order to extract various information from your memory area."

"What do you…"

"Let us also take the one with you."

I froze.

"The more samples, the better."


"Me, too?"

(…no one touches Master…)

A scream cuts into air.

"Looks like we've got ourselves another sample."

A splatter and rushing footsteps were the only things I could hear.



"This is my responsibility!"

"You expect to resist us with that?"


A shot followed by the sound of something burning and a pained yelp reached my audio receptors, but I paid no thought.

"Go, run!"

(…let me help!)

"What's the matter? Get out of here, Joey!"

"No, I'm not leaving!"

The feeling of being lowered to the ground gave me a sense of contentment as Master opened the backpack and I finally saw the ones who were going to take MY master away.

They looked understandably intimidating to any human who saw their ugly mugs, with staffs and large guns clutched in their hands.

"I might… No…"

But they're just roaches just waiting to be squished.

"He might be able to do something!"

The wonderful sound of light and matter merging was music to my audio receptors.





Energy courses throughout me as I slowly walked towards the strange alien, growing in height as I do.


I pull my fist back before aiming a powerful punch at the first Skrugg in front of me, sending him flying into the sky before he plummeted to ground meters away.


"What!" another of the aliens spluttered before I went for him as well, the other aiming at me with his weapon. "You want some?"

I glanced back at Master, making the bubble-shield enveloped him before I stood my guard as the Skrugg fired. The blast slam onto my arms, the force of the blast sending clumps of grass and dirt flying in different directions.

(…that didn't even tickle…)


My brash streak of arrogance was wiped away when I saw out of the corner of my eye, the Lina girl being pushed into the air by pressured wind before falling from a hazardous height.


"Lina!" Master screamed, the gauntlet glowing and the shield dispersing as he ran towards the falling girl, gaining speed before leaping forward. It was only when Master was safely on the ground, the Lina girl in his arms unharmed did I finally mentally sighed in relief.

My attention was forced away from Master when the Skrugg continued to fire their weapons at me, bringing me back to face them and dodge their blasts before I saw Master beside me with determination in his eyes.


Master turned and smiled at me. "Let's do this, Heroman."


We ran towards the enemy before I started to brutally punch the Skrugg that had shot at me beforehand, only stopping the relentless beating to grab its arm, effortlessly bringing its body above mine before hurling it towards the ground mercilessly, causing the alien to become nothing more than green slime and an empty shell.

Only one Skrugg remained who stood gazing at his former soldier shell bouncing to the ground. "I can't believe this!" it choked, raising its towards us.

"Heroman!" Master called, raising the gauntlet in response, ready for the final fight.

I was still as I held my place, sending my promise of a painful end as I stared into the Skrugg's eyes, watching it falter before starting my slow pace towards it.

"S-stay back!" it screeched stepping back as I came closer before it began to shoot at me once more.

The chime of the gauntlet and the crackling of electricity made my processing unit tremble in exhilaration, watching as the Skugg's weapon fall from its hand when it recoiled from the electricity in the air.


That was when I rushed towards it defenceless form, fist raised, intention set.



Electric energy my offending fist as I brought it deliver a severe blow towards the last Skrugg with a sickening crack, hearing it scream its final scream before imploding like its comrade before, its empty shell falling to the ground with a thud.



I felt a gaze upon me as I turned and saw Master looking at me with a soft smile on his face and a look in his eyes that made me feel…


Master and I turned our attention towards Lina-girl, Psy and Denton coming towards us with smiles of joy (towards Master) and awe (towards me).

"You did it, Joey!"

"Yeah, Heroman is our hero!" Master replied sending another smile in my direction.




I barely stopped myself from narrowing my eyes at Lina-girl as she clasped Master's bare hand in both of hers, causing Master to glow a bright red.

…Is she making Master sick?

"That's not right, Joey. You're both heroes!"

"Both of us?" Master asked in a puzzled tone, gazing back towards me.

A sense of sudden dread fell upon our group when the sunlight was unexpectedly smothered by shadows. As we gazed up towards the sky, we saw a dot in the sun growing bigger and bigger until it became quite obvious the dot was actually an aircraft of some sort.

Looks like those three Skruggs weren't just the only ones here…


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