End of tween choice

"You may of won the recount, but you lost me." Sonny said with tears filling her eyes.
"But Sonny-"
"Chad just go!"
Sonny ran out of the room to her shared dressing room. Chad set down the award and stomped out. Tawni and the rest of So Random stepped out from behind the photo booth and ran after Sonny.

Marshell walked into Sonny and Tawni's dressing room to find his cast all huddle around their couch.
"it's ok Sonny, we'll get revenge on him." said Zora in a reasuring voice.
"hey kids!" Marshell said cheerfully as they opened up. He could now see Sonny was in a ball crying.
"I know what can cheer you up from the recount." he was interupted by a huge sob. Tawni shot him a look.
"Well, since our shows ratings shot up since we got a new cast memeber, and since I'm not going to fire any of you, we are adding in to the So Random family!"
They all gave him looks with only little expression.
"Oh, and Sonny, I'm sorry about-" Marshell started.
"ahhhhhh!" Sonny wailed as Nico and Grady pushed Marshell out of the room.

Chapter 1:)
Tawni, Nico, and Grady all sat around their table in the comissary watching a video on their phone. Suddenly they burst into laughter.
"G, this is hilarious!" cried Nico as he slapped Grady.
"I know! Even Tawnis laughing!"
"Yeah because she's younger and not a threat!" squealed Tawni through her laughter.
Sonny entered the comissary keeping her eyes focuesd on her table.
"Hey guys." she said as she sat down. "Whatcha' watching?"
"That new girls video online." said Tawni, her eyes focused on the screen.
"Oh, yeah. When does she get here?" Sonny asked.
"Well." Zora saud suddenly joining them. "Shes coming in about 5 minutes, and she going to be here everyday for a half the day until Friday, that's her first whole day."
"Oh." Sonny managed to sigh. She was concetrating on not letting her eyes drift to a certain blonde haired, blues eyed guy who was sitting feet away.
"Would the cast of So Random please report to their prop house please? Thank you." the Intercom said. The cast stood up and walked to their prop house. Normaly, the group would of been all bubbly and giddy with excitment, but Sonny wasn't like that right now.
They entered to find Marshell and a girl that looked about a year older than Zora standing with him. She had wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a skirt, a lace cream sleeved shirt tucked in with some jewlry and black flats.
"Hi." she managed threw her smile.
"guys this is Nicolette, as you all know. And that's Sonny, Tawni, Zora, Nico and Grady." Marshel pointed out. "Now-" . Just then a voice came over the speaker.
"Marshell, your needed in your office."
"Well I'll leave you to get better aqaunted." Marshell said before rushing off.
Forcing a smile, Sonny spoke up and broke the silence.
"Well I guess Ill show you around." Sonny said. "I'm Sonny, by the way."
"And I'm Nico, and this is Grady." Nico said kissing her hand.
Tawni just kept staring at her until she walked up.
"Tawni! And pretty!" Tawni said shaking her hand.
"We'll see about you." Zora said as she she shut her sarcagphagus.
The mackenzie falls cast walked in, without Chad.
"Stalls." NIco ans Grady muttered. Zora poped her head out.
"We just came to congrajulate you on your big win...oh wait, we won!" Chasity said as they all laughed.
Sonny stomped out of the room.
"What was that about," Nicolette muttered. "Are they always like that to you guys?"
"Um you too. Your one of us now." Zora said.
"well then." Nicolette walked up to them, but not sizing up. Putting on an evil glare that could have scared anybody, she spoke."you better sleep with one eye open, because were they're comming for you." with that said, the falls walked out of the room, faster than normal. Everyone shuttered and then laughed as Nicolette returned normal.
"I like you!" Zora yelled grabbing Nicolette and running out the door.
"Well I guess she's showing her around." said Tawni who now ran to comfort Sonny.
She found Sonny on her couch, just looking glum.
"He didn't deserve you." she said sitting down. "Fate does what it wants and in the end it's fare. You deserve the best. And no falls are."
"Awww Tawni!" Sonny said pulling her into a tight hug.
"My bubble! Mine!" Tawni said prying her arms off.
"But I still need a way to get back at them for that." Sonny said slumping her shoulders.
"Oh, I dont think they'll come back around here for a while with Nicolette here." Tawni said.
"Why?" questioned Sonny.
"Oh, you'll end up seeing." replyed Tawni, who was now reaplying Cocoa Mocoa Cocoa to her lips.