Keeping it Together.

Summery: Bridgette and Geoff's relationship seems to be right back on track; however, with the risk of Alejandro returning any day now, it keeps them both on their toes.

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A Note: Well, well! I didn't expect to be typing the sequel to this until weeks from now, however for some reason the episodes have been uploaded onto Youtube, still I'm not complaining, and we'll kick off the sequel to this story with the Second Aftermath! I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter One: Money Makes the Plane go Round.

The sun slowly rose above the quiet sleeping city, its intensifying rays slowly creeping towards the tall buildings, one building, was a hotel. A hotel that hosted several strange but interesting characters, two of them were both snuggled together in a comfy bed, dozing in each others arms.

Geoff and Bridgette were both fast asleep, she had her head resting on his bare chest and Geoff's arms were tightly secured around her waist. This was just one of the many mornings that they had spent with each other, Geoff had found it hard to separate himself from his girlfriend but he knew that he couldn't spend every night with her, just yet anyway.

So occasionally he would go back to his own room, to bunk with his roommates, Justin and Trent, this also gave them time apart so that when the two reunited again, it made it that bit more special.

The sunlight had reached their room on the fifth floor of the hotel, small rays of it slowly crept in through the gap in the curtains, the rays travelled towards the bed and shined upon Geoff's eyes.

Feeling warmth, Geoff opened a bleary eye only to wish he hadn't, he was met with the glare of the sun and he immediately closed his eye giving a grunt of pain.

'Stupid Sun' he thought angrily, he was going to have to get up and close it properly soon, wasn't he?

Either that or he could move himself slightly, but that would mean letting go of Bridgette, still if he had to get up he would have to let go her off too, it was lose, lose for him.

Thinking of another way to do this, he carefully angled his head until it was leaning against Bridgette's, Geoff smiled to himself, this was much better then what he was planning on doing. He inhaled softly, taking in her natural scent and sighed happily to himself.

Then he felt the blonde beauty next to him stir slightly, Bridgette's olive eyes slowly opened and she slowly looked up to see Geoff leaning against her head, breathing deeply.

"Geoff?" Bridgette giggled softly, "What are you doing?"

Geoff opened his eyes again and looked down at Bridgette, he slowly lifted his head up and smirked awkwardly at her, "Oh, I was…just…the sun was in my eyes" He quickly said.

Bridgette lazily smiled and pulled Geoff closer to her, "There" She said, "That better?"

"Much" Geoff replied, kissing her cheek as Bridgette re-positioned herself on his chest.

"Did you sleep well babe?" Geoff asked.

"Mmhm" Bridgette mumbled, "I slept like a baby".

"Me too" Geoff said lazily, taking in another long breath, he let himself completely relax, "I'm so comfortable" He mused to no on in particular.

Bridgette smiled, "I am too, I could stay like this all day" She said softly.

They both knew that they were supposed to be preparing for the second Aftermath today, but by the sounds of it the two of them couldn't be bothered at all. That gave Geoff an idea.

"Do you want to stay in bed all day? We'll get room service and just lie here" he asked.

Bridgette nodded, "Yeah I want to do that" She said.

The two of them were about to go back to sleep when a loud banging on their door woke them both up for again.

Geoff sat up, trying not to shake Bridgette off again, Bridgette also sat up too, Geoff pressed a finger to her lips.

"It's the make up team" He mouthed to her, "If we stay quiet they'll go away".

Bridgette nodded, the two of them sat in silence, waiting for the all clear when another knock came, and then another.

Bridgette and Geoff weren't going to have this day ruined for them; they kept shooting nervous glances at each other until suddenly a voice was called through the door.

"Bridgette? Geoff? We know you're in here open up!"

Both of them recognized that voice, it was Trent! Geoff got out of bed a headed towards the door, he didn't really mind that he was in his boxers, but Bridgette quickly was in her bra and pants, she quickly grabbed her pyjama shorts and shirt and pulled them both on.

"Sorry Babe" Geoff quickly said, "He sounds like he's in trouble".

"It's cool!" Bridgette said, giving him a thumbs up to open the door, he did so and in walked Trent, Leshawna, Beth, Justin and Harold.

"Guys we've got a big problem" Trent said sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"What?" Bridgette asked concerned.

"The planes run out of fuel" Beth explained, "It crash landed in Jamaica this morning, Izzy's brain's been smashed around a bit and now she's left the show, there's no way of getting the plane up again".

"DJ is the only one that has managed to get off, and that's only by boat, he got kicked off and now he's on his way to the studio" Leshawna said.

"Wait, wasn't there supposed to be enough gas for the whole season?" Geoff asked.

"There was…until Chris thought it was a good idea to buy a gold hot tub for the plane, now the budget's completely gone" Trent sighed.

"A gold hot tub?" Geoff questioned, "Wow, well at least he did it in style!"

"I know right!" Justin said casually glancing in the mirror.

"So simple, we just get more money and send it to them, right?" Bridgette asked.

"It's not that easy girl" Leshawna said, "The producers said that the money we have is all we're going to get, and if we don't raise at least $500, 00 the shows over".

"What?" Bridgette asked shooting up, "It can't be!"

"It is, we need toy come up with an idea to get that much in the Aftermath" Harold said.

"Jeez, we might as well just give up" Beth sighed, "Let's face it, it was fun but we're not going to get that much in a short amount of time".

"You don't know that" Geoff said, "You know TV's always doing telethons and things like that for charity's, why don't we do that on the Aftermath?"

The room fell silent.

"That…is actually a pretty good idea" Leshawna said.

"You know I'm actually very amazed that came out of my mouth!" Geoff said pumping his fist into the air.

"So it's settled?" Bridgette asked, "We're doing a telethon?"

"Yep!" Trent said jumping up, "I can write some songs to sing, I know I'd be willing to take my place as one of the drama boys again, Justin?"

"Yeah, why not" He said.

"Great, Geoff and I will host, Beth, you go grab Katie, Sadie and Eva and let them know, Harold you to go, you lot will be manning the phones" Bridgette said quickly.

"We're on it!" Harold said running out of the room with Beth.

"Leshawna, where's Lindsay?" Bridgette asked.

"She's in our room asking where Tyler is" Leshawna said shaking her head, "poor girl's confused as ever!"

"Right, I know for a fact she has at least four hundred tubes of lip gloss on her, get them off of her, we can use them to bid for money" Bridgette said, "Also find out if DJ and Izzy are anywhere near the studio, we need them to be guests".

Leshawna nodded, "I'm on it girl" She said as she left too.

It was just Geoff and Bridgette again now, Bridgette turned around to see Geoff with his mouth open slightly.

"What?" Bridgette asked worried.

"Do you know how hot you are when you act like a leader?" He asked slightly flustered by this, he leant in for a kiss but Bridgette frowned.

"Sorry Geoff, maybe later there's too much to do" She said before heading towards the bathroom to get ready.

"Ow" Geoff mumbled, "Still so hot though!"

Soon Bridgette and Geoff we nearly ready, Bridgette had found a teal coloured dress in her suitcase and put it on, she needed something that said 'smart TV host' and this was perfect.

Geoff walked out of the bathroom in the same suit he wore the other night to dinner, however he had swapped his blue tie for a purple bow tie, he was desperately trying to tie it up.

"Bridge…can you help me?" He asked struggling with the tie.

Bridgette quickly put in a pair of blue earrings and ran over to help Geoff, she quickly tied up the bow tie and straightened it up.

"May I say you're looking lovely" Geoff said.

"And you're looking handsome too" Bridgette smiled at him, then she noticed Geoff's lucky cowboy hat still on his head.

"Geoff? The hat's got to come off" Bridgette said sternly.

Geoff frowned, "Really? But I always where it on the Aftermath".

"But this isn't just an Aftermath Geoff, it's a telethon, we need to look presentable to get more money" Bridgette explained.

Geoff sighed, "Please Bridge?"

Bridgette rolled her eyes and kissed Geoff firmly on the lips, she grabbed his hands and placed them on her behind, Geoff's eyes widened and a shudder of pleasure went down his spine.

Once Bridgette pulled away, Geoff nodded, "Right, I got it, no hat!"

"Well done" Bridgette smiled kissing his cheek.

The two we're nearly ready when they heard a knock on the door, Bridgette opened it to see Trent holding up a piece of paper for her, "Here, if it's ok with you I wrote another song for you to sing at the beginning of the show".

Bridgette wrinkled up her nose, "Really? Thanks Trent but I kind of wanted it to end when I sung 'I'm Sorry'".

"Please Bridgette, it'll put a good start to the show" Trent said handing her the lyrics, "Think about it ok?"

Bridgette nodded and closed the door; she didn't want to sing again, she wasn't too sure why but it just reminded her of the last Aftermath, where everything seemed to be going wrong for her, when Alejandro was winning over this fight that she was having.

"Sing Bridge" Geoff said to her.


"Seriously, you have a great voice, you should sing again" Geoff said sorting his hair out in the mirror, "It is a music themed show after all".

"Ok…but only if you sing with me" Bridgette smirked.

Geoff froze, "What? No way I can't sing".

"Please Geoff, you have to sing with me, think how romantic that would be" Bridgette begged, "Plus it is a music themed show right?"

Geoff frowned, his nose wrinkled up angrily, "I hate it when you use things against me".

"I'll make it up to you I promise" Bridgette said raising her eyebrows cheekily.

"Right ok, I'll do it!" Geoff said excitedly, he took Trent's song lyrics and started looking them over.

Soon once everything was ready the team walked out onto the set, phone had been placed in the peanut gallery and a score board of how much money they had was hooked up.

"Right, the audience are ready, you guys ready to go?" A Crew member asked.

"Yes" Bridgette said looking around and getting several nods of confirmation, "We're ready".

"Great, we start in three".

Bridgette and Geoff took their places on the stage, Geoff gently squeezed Bridgette's hand.

"You nervous?"


The rest of their thoughts were drowned out by the cheers of the audience and the theme song, soon the curtain was lifted.

"Time to face the music" Bridgette thought nervously.

OK, I was going to do the Aftermath in this chapter, but there's so much to write about it'll be in another chapter, anyway, read, review, enjoy!