Well, well! I never thought I would be doing this! But here we go!

For those of you that don't know, last night Total Drama World Tour ended in America, and Heather won! However, on the website an official video was released of an alternate ending, of Alejandro winning! I had heard rumours all over the place that Alejandro was either going to win in America or there would be a alternate ending, to be honest I never thought that Alejandro would have won, I mean why would they put the main antagonist as the winner of the series? Still I suppose either way he gets what is coming to him.

Plus a quick note, who watched the 'Best of Alejandro' video? Is it just me, or did they show a lot of Bridgette/Alejandro?

Anyway so I proud to bring you the alternate ending to my story, Alejandro's Victory!

This story will pretty much be my work from chapter 17 with a lot of changes involved to mix it up a bit.

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And without further ado, here is the Alternate Ending to 'Keeping it Together'!

Chapter 19: The Alternate Ending: Alejandro's Victory.

There were now inches away from the top, Bridgette stopped at this point making Heather turn around again.

"Don't tell me you're leaving me with that thing again?"

"I have to" Bridgette said handing the dummy to her, "Alejandro's already there and if Chris catches me then we're done, I'll be on the side lines".

And with that Bridgette made her way along another path to the top, "Good luck" She called back to Heather as she ran faster away from her.

Bridgette took a deep breath as she ran, this was it, it was all down to Heather, would she come through? Or would she abandon her at the last minute for Alejandro.

She had no idea, and not knowing was terrifying.

As Bridgette climbed up to the top she was very surprised to see all the ex contestants there already, she pulled herself up to join the rest of the group and was instantly met with the arms of her lover.

She was already warm enough as it is due to the heat from the volcano, but as the sweat dripped down from both of them she felt oddly comfortable and never wanted to let go.

"Oh my God" She could hear Geoff's voice in her ear as he hugged her tightly, then he pulled away looking very stern, "Why the hell did you do that?"

"I told you" Bridgette explained, "There was no way that Heather could win by herself, I helped her as much as I could".

"But not enough" Noah mumbled poking out from over Geoff's shoulder, "Alejandro got here way before she did".

Sure enough Alejandro was at the top of the volcano holding the dummy over his head ready to throw it in, the look of glee and happiness on his face was on rivalled by the smug smirk he had on his lips.

"That's it" Trent said, "We're done!"

"No we're not" Bridgette said, "Not yet!"


Everyone's heads turned immediately to see Heather pulling herself and the dummy up with great effort, she leant against the dummy breathing heavily.

"I can't catch my…my breath!" She wheezed loudly.

"You are gorgeous when you've lost!" Alejandro said turning around and looking at her.

Bridgette's face went pale, as she watched as Heather, the once proclaimed Ice Queen who made everyone's life hell on the show, finally accepted defeat.

"I worked so hard!" Heather gasped pushing the dummy over and letting tears roll down her porcelain face, she slowly dropped to her knees sobbing loudly, "And now you're just going to take the mill and vanish from my life forever".

Bridgette could see her surroundings spinning; she quickly grabbed hold of Geoff's shoulder to stop herself from fainting, who retaliated and placed a hand round her waist to stop her from keeling over.

"She promised that she was going to stay away from him" Bridgette moaned, "Why is she doing this".

"A leopard never changes its spots" Noah mumbled.

"Just throw your stupid doll into the stupid volcano already!" Heather cried, as more tears spilled out of her onyx eyes.

Alejandro paused, he looked over at Heather, "So what are you more upset about losing?" He asked, "The million…or me?"

Heather sat up wiping her eyes and blushing slightly, "Are you cracked?" She sniffed, "I would never fall for a jerk like you".

"Then why are you blushing?" He asked manically walking over to her and dropping down to her level.

"Hello!" Heather gasped out, trying to hold back the tears, "We're, like, right beside the hottest thing on the planet!"

"Admit it" Alejandro said standing up, "You're in love with me".

"What?" Heather snapped standing up, "I don't love you I love-."

She gasped and covered up her mouth, causing several of the other contestants to gasp too, Noah shrugged his shoulders and turned back to Bridgette who was now shaking, "I told you" He said, "She won't change for anyone, she only thinks for herself".

"Wow…you're right" Bridgette whispered.

"It'll be ok babe" Geoff said to her, "We can get by like this, so what if he wins?"

Bridgette fell silent, knowing that a world of pain would be coming her way if he did win.

"Hate!" Heather quickly said, "I mean I hate you!"

"I know what you meant" Alejandro gushed, "And I must confess, at first…yes my intentions were purely strategic".

"Can the confessing wait?" Chris asked, "Kind of on a schedule here bro!"

"That is no longer the case" Alejandro said to him before turning back to Heather, "Because you!" He gasped out, pulling Heather's body close to his, "You have stolen my heart!"

"Oh that is so beautiful!" Owen sobbed.

"Even if it is Heather" Sadie said.

"Give me a break!" Gwen moaned.

"Our connection goes deeper than the game" Alejandro confessed to Heather, "Together; we could take over the world!"

"God!" Bridgette gasped, swallowing hard.

"Wow" Heather mumbled, looking down at the floor and the back up at Alejandro, "I suppose I might actually feel… a little something".

"Mi Amore!" Alejandro chanted as his face moved forward so quickly and caught Heather completely off guard and kissed her hard on the lips.

Just like he did with Bridgette.

Calls of 'ews' were heard amongst the group and they all watched as Heather started to kiss him back, the sounds of them making out filled the air in a horrible way.

And then what happened, no one expected.

Heather's right knee moved up incredibly fast and didn't stop moving upwards until it collided with Alejandro's kiwis, the group fell silent and Alejandro's choked screams now filled the air, he staged forward slightly and Heather leant towards his ear and whispered something so low that Bridgette could swear she was on the only one that could hear her.

"I know what you did".

She pushed him back and onto an ice cube that Chris had been using to cool down on, Alejandro tumbled onto it, clinging onto his manhood in pain, "A little something called VICTORY!" Heather called out loudly, "So long sucker!" She jeered as she pushed Alejandro's ice cube back down the volcano.

Alejandro's horrified face was priceless as he sped back down the side of the volcano, screaming loudly both in pain and in shock.

Everyone in the group aside from Courtney were cheering and clapping for Heather's victory, Bridgette didn't know what to do, she let go of Geoff's shoulder and begun cheering and clapping for Heather louder than ever.

She had come through for her after all!

Bridgette turned around and looked down the long slope of the volcano, there, sure enough she could see Alejandro attached to the ice block screaming in fear as he was carried down the winding slope, Bridgette couldn't help but laugh at this sight, finally, after months of torture the man that had made her life hell had been defeated.

Then she heard Heather speak up again, which made her turn back to Heather, and oddly enough it felt like she was talking to her and only her.

"Yeah" Heather said picking up the dummy again, this time with great ease, "Boys are ok, but a million dollars is way better!"

She lifted the dummy high above her head and threw it into the volcano; everyone watched as it tumbled down into the fiery lava below them, she had won!

"YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" Heather chanted loudly, punching her fists into the air.

Trent had seen Heather pick up the dummy and throw it into the lava, he was confused, earlier on when Heather had broken down she had left her male dummy over in the corner, and between kissing Alejandro and kicking him in the kiwis, she hadn't had her dummy I her hands, so what was that she threw into the volcano?

Then it clicked, over in the corner was her dummy, his eyes widened and he slowly looked over at Bridgette who had a look of glee on her face, he quickly pushed his way through the crowd so he was next to her.

"Hey?" He asked her, "Isn't that Heather's dummy in the corner?"

Bridgette smile faded as she too laid eyes on Heather's male dummy, "Oh my God, she threw the wrong one in".

"Maybe it won't count?" Gwen suggested, "Maybe Chris didn't see, I don't know!"

For once everything seemed happy and calm, until suddenly…

"Nice!" Chris announced pointing at Heather, "Except…isn't that your sacrifice?"

"Maybe not" LeShawna mumbled covering her mouth in shock.

"But!" Heather started, "That's not…"

"You just threw Alejandro's sacrifice into the Volcano" Chris said as the dummy sunk into the lava, "So, Alejandro wins!"

Heather clenched her head in shock as the shock reality slowly sunk in, she had lost! And all for throwing Alejandro's stupid dummy into the volcano.


Bridgette covered up her ears at Heather's response, it was all slowly sinking in for her too, Alejandro had won! She was screwed! Now that he won he had a power over her, and no matter what legal action she took now she would never be able to win against him, winning this was like having diplomatic immunity, especially in his case.

Shakily she turned to Geoff who looked equally shocked, "So…we lost" She mumbled quietly.

"No, no we didn't" Geoff said quickly pulling her into a hug, "You…don't know what could happen next? Something good will come of this".

"Are you sure?" Bridgette asked, "I just…now that this has happened it feels like everything that has happened to me I deserved…Am I a bad person?" She them mumbled quietly.

"No" Geoff quickly said pulling her face up to look into his eyes, "You're not Bridge believe me! All of this is just a horrible turn of events ok?"

"Good things happen to bad people" Justin muttered quietly.

Soon, Heather stopped screaming, and Chris leant over the side of the volcano, "Hey Alejandro! You might wanna come back up here!"

Despite being so far down the volcano, Bridgette could hear the clear shouts of Alejandro calling back up to Chris…


"This is not fair!" Heather screamed quickly getting up off the ground, Chris immediately shielded the million away from her in case she tried to snatch it from him, "I am the one who made the pineapple sacrifice!"

Bridgette who was all up for helping Heather out had immediately tried to push her way through the crowd to reach her and help her out; as she tried to push past Sierra's wheelchair she heard another voice.

"You didn't throw any pineapples into the volcano did you?"

"Oh what now?" Bridgette snapped angrily looked past the two to see two angry looking Hawaiian natives talking to Chris

"There are signs everywhere!" The other shrieked out.

"Oh no" Geoff murmured turning around and seeing a 'no pineapples' sign behind him.

The group all parted, revealing five signs, "This can't be good" Noah mumbled.

"Oh yeah" Chris said, "They really ruined the shot so we put the human wall there".

Owen who was scratching his back with one the signs received a disgusting look from the third local, he pushed Blaineley's dolly over so she was flat on her face again and pointed to a sign behind her.

"Don't you know what happens when pineapples meet lava?" He growled.

Just as this was said the volcano started shaking violently, "Uh oh" Chris gasped.

Heather froze as she felt the volcano shaking too, so much she didn't notice someone or something sneaking up behind her.


His eyes had completely gone now, and from his last stint in Tanzania he had changed so much, his hair was completely gone aside from a few strands of hair and he was truly like a beast now, despite his eyes pretty much gone he could still hear, and he heard Chris say two words so clear that it forced him to climb the volcano.

Alejandro had won.

Slowly he staggered beside Heather who heard him coming and rudely pushed her face until she had fallen to the floor, so now in front of his was Chris, if Alejandro had won, then no one deserved the million, it was tainted, not even Bridgette deserved something like that, it was going to be ruined for her.

He growled loudly and pounced on Chris, trying to rip the briefcase clean from his hands, he didn't want the money from him, he wanted it to help Bridgette and to get it away from Alejandro.

Chris refused to resort to violence against Ezekiel, partly because he didn't want any lawsuits against him, he just tried to retrieve the briefcase for himself. As the fight continued, Ezekiel got a tight grip on the briefcase, Chris didn't suspect this and let go of the briefcase in shock, causing Ezekiel to be stagger backwards and towards the inside of the volcano. Ezekiel had the briefcase in his hands and a slight smile spread across his beastly face as he fell towards the lava, he hugged the case to his chest happily, until his back touched the scolding hot lava, burning him to death.

The group watched his last few minutes as he held the million up, pointing it towards Bridgette, as if trying to hold it up for her to grab, but it was no use, he sunk beneath the lava and his body disappeared.

"Whoa, didn't see that one coming!" Chris said as the volcano begun to shake more violently, "RUN!"

There was a loud thud as leading the group back down the volcano was Heather and Chris, followed by the rest of the group and Blaineley coming down last on her dolly, the panic was shocking as the group all thundered towards the end of the volcano.

Alejandro had been trying to reach the top of the volcano as fast as he could, all the while he was thinking of what he could do with the money, first things first it would be to send Geoff to the authorities for punching him, he had money, he could do so, closely followed by anyone that knew about his and Bridgette's secret, lastly leaving him and Bridgette left, he wasn't going to start a relationship with her, he had something better in mind, more like a maid…with major benefits.

In excitement and glee Alejandro started to run a lot faster, until he saw three Hawaiian natives running past him, he paused as he then saw Heather and Chris also running past, something was wrong.

"HEY!" She shouted angrily, "Where's my prize money? I demand to get what's coming to me!"

Just then Alejandro could hear loud screams behind him, he slowly turned around to see the rest of the group speeding towards him in an alarming rate, they all ended up trampling Alejandro's body.

Finally Blaineley crossed him as her dolly ran over him, Alejandro raised his head up, completed mauled by being trampled on, he could only see Bridgette in front of his eyes.

Bridgette's eyed met with Alejandro's they seemed to be begging her to help him, she bit her lip in fury as her neck started to twitch form where Alejandro had grabbed her before, she sent a death glare towards Alejandro's direction that made his spine tingle.

"No" She said to him, "You wanted what was coming to you, and well my friend, you'll get exactly that!"

Alejandro's eyes widened in fear as Bridgette spun around on her hell and took off for the end of the volcano, Alejandro knew Bridgette had to pay for this and tried to push himself up off the ground, but it was all too late as the lava spilled over the edge of the volcano and all over him, enveloping his body in burning hot lava.

Geoff spun round in fear after realizing that his girlfriend was no longer beside him, as the rest of the group filed into the ocean as quickly as they could Geoff stayed put on the beach, trying to dodge the lava balls until he knew that Bridgette was safe, then he saw it. Her unmistakable body running down the side of the volcano.

"BRIDGE COME ON!" Geoff screamed, grabbing his girlfriend's hand and pulling her into the sea with the rest of the group, it was now every man for themselves, they all plunged into the surprisingly cold waters and swam for their lives, as Chris climbed onto his safe boat, he pushed off anyone who tried to climb on, however to their delight Ezekiel had been flung out of the volcano and into Chris' boat, making it sink. They all shrieked with laughter, only to realize they were still in grave danger and carried on swimming.

It was horribly terrifying, Bridgette had gone from being safe to now back into the depths of danger, she was a good swimmer but she knew from her experiences out at sea on that fishing boat that this island was far away from the mainland and from any part of civilization.

And she also knew that there was also be a limit before someone gave up on swimming and chose to drown…

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