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"Go on a trip." Misty said, "You need this vacation."Brock says, "You have to learn to rely on yourself without Pikachu." Professor Oak says.

Well this is not my idea of a vacation.

The hotel isn't the problem; no it's the best I've ever been to. A clean place with a bed including a T.V., not to mention the beautiful view of the ocean, and the staff are very nice and even showed me around the area. They even let me play with some of their Pokémon. No, my problem was that Gary was here babysitting me in the room next to me. Gary denies the claim, and says that he needed a vacation, and it was only coincidence that we met. What are the odds that Gary would come to the same vacationing spot that I'm in, not to mention the fact that we were in Jhoto! Its obvious Professor Oak asked Gary to watch over me. There was no way Gary would know I was here. The only people I told where I was going were mom and professor Oak. Not even my friends knew where I was going, so how did Gary the day after I obtained my hotel room when I was leaving to explore, and at the same moment he does too. Leaving me gasping in surprise and him grinning like a manic, with "Hello Ashy-boy" leaving his lips in less than a second! Not to mention he was trailing behind me the whole entire time, teasing me. I mean, come on, the whole entire reason for this trip was to basically be with myself in the city, but that was yesterday. Hopefully Gary will hang out with that one girl she was hitting off with, Caria, I think. She was really pretty and nice; we met her when we're coming in to eat at the snack bar. She had long brown hair and blue eyes; she seemed to like Gary a lot.

Slowly I opened my hotel room. Looking both ways to see if Gary was around, he wasn't. Cautiously I walked into the hallways, making sure to keep quiet. Then I bolted to the direction of the elevators and ended up taking a quick turn and hit something hard, falling to the ground with a 'thud'.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going." I said rubbing my head. That's when I looked up to see who I tackled to the ground. I could barely keep the squeak that escaped me as I recognized that familiar glare.

"You're as klutzy as ever."

Who would have guessed Paul would be here too. Let's just bring every single one of my rivals here. Is Ritchie going to be here too?

"Hi Paul, I didn't expect to see you here." I also didn't expect to see Gary, but hey, it seems the universe wanted me to have the worst vacation ever.

"Same here." Paul said, picking himself up as he waited for me to get out of the way.

Then the sound of knocking pierced through my senses.

"Ashy-boy, wakey, wakey, we got a big day ahead of us."

To think I would have been in the elevator by now, because this is so embarrassing. Even the usual stoic Paul was snickering. Why did Gary have to be so loud when saying his pet name with me. Especially since I never liked it, I couldn't take this, rushing to my feet I ran. Yes, I know it was childish, but I didn't want to be with either Gary or Paul, especially if they were going to be together. So I ran, I didn't pause to take the elevator, I went straight to the stairs into the lobby and out the door, stopping briefly to look behind me in case Gary or even Paul was there and went on my way.

I went everywhere, to the bookstore,mall, the sidewalk stands, and got some souvenirs for some of my friends. A togipi toy for Misty since I know she misses her old togipi, a piplup keychain for Dawn, A book of poetry for the professor, a shirt for mom and a batch of cookies for my Pokémon. I did anything, so I wouldn't have to go back to the hotel, but the thing is time never stops for anyone. Eventually I had to return to the hotel since it was getting dark and my feet were starting to hurt.

I entered the hotel, bags in hand surveying the scene. No Gary or Paul, that's good. I walked through the crowds of people, careful not to trip. The lobby is crowded which isn't surprising since most of the guests leave to have fun during the night, and usually don't get back until the next morning.

After bumping into a few people, almost landing face first onto the floor. I finally reached the elevators. When they opened, I kind of wished I'd taken the stairs. Right there in plain view was Gary, Paul, and that one girl Caria. It seemed they were having a vigorous discussion on how to train their Pokémon until they saw me. Well it was mostly my rivals that stayed deathly quiet. Caria kept on talking about a poffin recipe that could make normal type Pokémon fur shine.

"Ashy-boy your back, you didn't say anything say anything when you left, hey but your just in time. Caria invited us to dinner. I wanted to wait for you, but you took too long."

I couldn't help the blush that escaped through my cheeks, and my blush only grew worse when Gary asked to carry my bags.

The disapproving glare from Caria gave me didn't help. Paul on the other hand had the same demeanor he usually had.

"No thanks, but I'm Kind of tired so you go ahead and have fun." I entered the elevator ignoring the concerned looks that Gary gave me, but Caria soon picked up on her past conversation.

The only one who stayed was Paul which I found odd, because this was the first floor.

"Paul aren't you with them?" I asked taking a step away from him as we went to the second floor.

"No, they dragged me into this, I just wanted to get back to my room, but that friend of yours insisted."

We were at the fourth floor, only two more until we reach mine.

"Sorry about that Gary can really be-"

"Exasperating." Paul finished, looking at me with the same stoic expression.


Sixth floor.

"Did you know that girl?" Paul asked politely.

I shook my head. "No, not really, I met her yesterday with Gary, and she talked mostly to Gary though."

The doors opened, we were at my floor.

Why Paul asked that question is beyond me wasn't it obvious that she didn't like me.

"Most girls like spending time with Gary than me."

Just when I was about to leave the elevator, Paul grabbed me from behind me from behind and turned me around to greet me with a kiss. I was so surprised that I barely heard what Paul said next.

"You don't need to be worried about girls."

Then the elevator doors closed as I stood dazed. Looking at Paul's smirking face as the doors closed.