Try not to be too harsh! This is in the eyes of Bridget, the oldest teenage daughter.

Hey! So, I was walking down the stairs to go meet my date, Kyle as he honked his car. When I got there, my dad was like, "Oh. Noooo!" I guess he thought my outfit was too revealing but, it wasn't! I was wearing a belly shirt with hot, black jeans that would only look good at me!

Then, I went downstairs wearing something that covered me up but, I didn't like it. I mean like, I still looked totally hot in it but, it wasn't as good as my outfit before. I saw Kyle and my dad like talking and then I said to my dad, "Oh my GAWD! You talked to him?" Then, he said, "Little bit" and as Kyle and I were leaving he yells, "Later my brother from another mother!" So LAME! My date way so awesome, though!

The next day, my sister was using my mirror, again! She's so annoying! Then, I go downstairs where my dad's going to get mad at me for my outfit cuz' my thong's hanging out but, it's looks great and everyone does it! Kerry, my sister says, "Well, it must me casual sex day at school!" So then, I said, "Well, at least I get-uh" I almost let that one out and this is while my dad's totally freaking out because you can see my bra, too. Like, we're the thong generation so, like live with it, honestly! But, I had to change into something else, AGAIN!

Later, to make my dad look like more of a loser, he packs us lunches in paper bags! EWWW! Then, he yells, "Bridget, Kerry, you forgot your lunches! You're WELCOME!" OMG! We told him not to, too! Like, he's such a loser and he tries to make me look bad! I will never look bad!

Yah, and this all happened BEFORE school started. Besides, school's a waste of my time! I don't get why I need to go! I go to show off, mostly.

I'll talk later but, Kyle's waiting for me like, now! OMG! He's so hot!