Annabeth did not like him; she didn't know why, but she did not like Percy Jackson. Maybe it was because he looked arrogant in the picture, maybe it was because he reminded her of someone, but more likely it was because he was the man she had to date on a reality show. She would have bet money that Aphrodite had something to do with this. Annabeth's father suddenly decided that she needed to be married for some reason. She had resorted to begging him not to go on this show. When she tried talking to Silena about it, she took her shopping! Never ask a daughter of Aphrodite to help you get out of a dating show.

So what if Annabeth didn't have a boyfriend. She didn't need one and if she wanted one she would go out and get one herself. But her father decided to take matters into his own hands by putting her on a dating show! Annabeth didn't even like watching dating shows, they were stupid and fake. The part that irritated Annabeth the most was that her father didn't even bother to tell her until the TV network sent her the plane tickets to California.

I'm twenty-two years old! I should be able to decide whether or not I will be on reality TV show. Annabeth thought as she packed her bags for LA. She didn't like LA at all, it was way too close to the Underworld. It would be crawling with monsters that were all headed straight for her. She reluctantly dragged her bags downstairs. Her father was waiting by the car. He loaded her suitcases into the car and drove her to the airport. Annabeth had been giving him the cold shoulder since the tickets came and planned to keep it up as long as she could.

"One day you'll thank me for this." He said as he hugged Annabeth goodbye. Annabeth rolled her eyes.

"I doubt it." She waved to her dad as she walked into the airport. She went through the checkpoint and found her gate. When she got there she saw a lot of women around her age. They were all wearing expensive looking clothing and jewelry. We're getting on a plane, not going to the freaking Oscars! Annabeth thought as she looked around. After a few minutes the flight was called. A woman checked her boarding pass and she got onto the plane. I may not like that I have to be on a TV show, but I love the first class seat they gave me, Annabeth thought as she sat down. She was settling into my seat when a girl with unnaturally blonde hair sat next to her. Annabeth didn't bother acknowledging her, she just pulled out her architecture book and started reading. The flight from New York to California was long. By the time they landed, Annabeth was sick of hearing the other girls talk about Percy Jackson. It was always, "I can't wait to be Mrs. Percy Jackson" or "Percy is so hot, did you see his muscles".

These next few months are going to be hell, Annabeth thought. There was a limo waiting for them outside. She got into the limo with all of the other girls and tried to ignore their gossiping. They arrived at a TV station where they were filed into a room. A secretary came in to give them a thick packet of paper, Annabeth couldn't tell what it was because of her dyslexia. A man in a suit came in and introduced himself.

"My name is Dave and I'm the producer of this show. You all have a contract. The gist of it is that you are giving us permission to film you and that you agree to all the rules." He said. Annabeth flipped through the contract and signed it. Annabeth found the list of rules and struggled to read them. She was thankful that there were only three rules.

1. If you are eliminated you are to pack your bags and go home immediately

2. No bribes.

3. No cell phones. You can only use the house phone.

Meanwhile Percy was just arriving in LA. Being a son of Poseidon he knew that if he even stepped foot on a plane, Zeus would zap the plane out of the sky. Percy had taken the bus to Los Angeles and luckily didn't run into any monsters along the way. Percy had a bad feeling about being on a reality show. He also had a feeling that it was someone "up there's" fault, most likely Aphrodite's.


Percy was sitting in his apartment in New York when his mom came in. She looked around his apartment and frowned. There were empty pizza boxes stacked on the counters and the trashcans were full. Percy suspected that his mom came here with an ulterior motive.

"Percy, did you meet a girl yet?" Oh gods. Sally Jackson seemed to think that Percy needed a wife, she's been asking him the same question since his twentieth birthday.

"Mom, I do not need a girlfriend. I'm happy." Sally almost looked guilty when he said that.

"Well, you're going to be on a reality show." Percy couldn't believe his mom. He knew that she only wanted him to be happy, but this was taking things a little too far.


"You heard me. I want you to be happy and at the rate your going I'm going to grow old and die before you get married." He would have laughed if his mom didn't sound so serious. There was no arguing with her after that. He was going to be on that reality show whether he wants to or not. Next thing he knows, his bags were packed and he was being forced on a bus to Los Angeles.

End Flashback

Percy was driven to a TV station shortly after the girls left. He was given a contract to sign, he was also given pictures of all the girls. Percy would have to try to get their names down before the first elimination. He flipped through the pictures, he stopped when he saw a girl with stormy gray eyes stared back at him. She had beautiful blonde hair and tan skin, he looked to see what her name was.

Annabeth Chase.

Percy continued to flip through the pictures. There were twenty-five girls to choose from, they were all pretty, but none of them caught his eye as much as Annabeth. While Percy was at the TV station Annabeth and the girls were at the house. It couldn't even be classified as a house, it was a mansion. While the other girls were killing each other for the best room, Annabeth was checking out the architecture. It wasn't that bad, but Annabeth could have made it better. By the time she was done, only one bed was left in the house. She unpacked all the clothes that Silena Beuregard made her buy. Annabeth never was one for dresses, but she sure had plenty of them now.

There were cameras hidden in every room of the house except for the bathroom and camera men everywhere. A lady from the TV network told them to wear an evening gown and to be ready in a hour. Annabeth chose the simplest dress in her suitcase. It was silver and came down just below her knees. They were all ushered into a big ballroom with a bar and a few tables. Percy walked in a few minutes later. Tonight was the night that he was supposed to get to know each of the girls a little bit. The second he came in he was surrounded my almost all of the girls. By the time Percy got all of the girls to stop crowding him he knew all of their names. He knew that he would have to eliminate the girl named Ella, she was just too clingy for his taste.

Percy made his way over to the bar, where a blonde girl in a gray dress was sitting. She was drinking what looked like a Ginger Ale. Percy wasn't in the mood to have a drink right now.

"Hi, I'm Percy." He introduced himself.

"Annabeth." Percy got the feeling that she didn't like him very much. He tried to start conversation a few times, but Annabeth would answer shortly. Percy couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something about Annabeth that he liked. Percy mingled a little more with the girls and left for the night. He had his own room in the house, it was on the floor above the girls' rooms. The girls had to do some extra filming for the show, that he could do tomorrow.

Annabeth walked into the tiny room with the camera man. There was a chair in the middle of the room and she sat down. They asked her a few questions and she answered them honestly. The girls were told to get a good night's sleep and that the first elimination would be tomorrow night. Annabeth got up the next morning at the same time as the other girls. They went down for breakfast and Annabeth made herself some pancakes. Most of the girls were dieting and she laughed internally at how most of them just had some yogurt. Today they were all going to the girl would get time with Percy and Annabeth was determined to make herself get sent home. Annabeth was the last person to talk to Percy.

"Hi Annabeth." She only nodded in his direction.

"What's with the cold shoulder?" He asked.

"Well, I am here against my will and I want to be sent home as soon as possible." Percy had to admit that his ego was bruised, but he shrugged it off.

"I get the feeling that you don't like me very much." He admitted. Annabeth just shrugged. She didn't really have a problem with him personally, but she had to dislike him or she wouldn't be able to go home. Annabeth made an effort to get along with him, maybe he would take pity on her and send her home tonight. The sun was about to set and they were told to get changed and go to the ballroom. Annabeth chose a random dress and followed the other girls to the ballroom. They were told to stand in rows while they waited for Percy to come in. The girls talked amongst themselves, but Annabeth was the odd one out. The room was pretty much empty this time, the girls waited about five minutes before a limo pulled up. Percy stepped out of the limo and walked to the middle of the room. The network actually gave him lines to say for the elimination.

"Eliminations are never easy. I've put a lot of thought into my decisions. I have to eliminate three people tonight. If you are eliminated you must pack your bags and leave immediately." Annabeth hoped that he would eliminate her, but her name was the third one to be called. She faked a smile for the cameras and went to stand with the other girls who made it into the next round. Annabeth looked over at the girls who apparently had been eliminated, they had tears running down their cheeks. There's nothing to be sad about! You've only known him for twenty-four hours! Annabeth thought as everyone left the room.