Once upon a time there was a girl. She wasn't like any other girl though, this girl was special. This girl lived a terrible life you see, and only to make things worst, a green monster flew in and took the girl away from everything she'd ever known. He had supposedly taken her to freedom, but a price was to be paid. In order to stay in the land of her dreams, she was forced to complete 3 tasks. The three tasks were hidden in a riddle.
'Across the sea and over the ocean, is a star far and bright, but which star is worth this might? As a giant guards with a look so fierce the person will have to retrieve in order to pierce. In the mountains way up high lives a golden lilly in the sky. She has a treasure from the past which she guards from behind it is this you will have to find, which you can only give her as a resort so last to get this treasure from the past. And the last one is a sacrifce to be made, one that will never fade. In it's place you will see it the one thing, place or person you wanted to be. With these things you will find your hearts desire all in line. Stars will shine brighter than the sun, and you will know your hearts desire when the time will come.' So the girl set out on her mission in order to go back home, to an unloved family."
"Boy time to hunt for treasure." I heard Peter say right behind me as I was about to start my next sentance.
"Yay!". A few younger ones cried out, but a few muttered they wanted to hear the end of the story.
All of them filed out of line, all except Peter. "You know you can go outside. You can't get off Neverland any other way than flying, and you can't take a boat on account for 3 reasons."
He started with #1.
"The mermaids will sabatoge your boat, and you'll be drowned to your death."
#2 was next.
"The supplies here for making and repairing boats are pretty much useless, and don't work so you're out of luck there."
And of course the magical number 3.
"The only good boat is the jolly roger, and it's long since been abondoned. Out of pixie dust."
I just sat here with a -.-^ look on my face.

Day number 15. Things gotten brighter...for me and the lost boys that is. Well me and Peter if you're asking that's a whole nother story.

"I told you to get green apples, not red ones!" Peter had shouted, more like blew up in my face.
"Who cares if their red just eat it!" I yelled back jumping on peter trying to get him to eat the lost boys just cowered in fear in a nearby corner as they watched our fight drone on and on, with black aura coming all around it.
"Prove that's poison peter, just porve it, and I'll go out and pick green apples."
He quickly got one apple from the basket I had just put on the table and shoved it in my mouth. He the proceded to hit me in the bsck of the head so I'd bite it.
My eyes widened and I suddenly, started to spazz out on the floor. I them closed my eyes, and stopped spazzing. I heard many gasps from around the room. I then felt hot breath on my neck. And then 2 fingers on my neck for a pulse.
When the fingers and hot breath were moved away, I sat up and laughed.
"That tasted like a regular apple, it wasn't poison."
Peter's eyes widened.
"That was mean."
"Was not."
"Was too."
"Was not." "Was too."
"Was not."
"Was too."
"WAS TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". After that great big shouting match I knew peter had won this battle. Oh darn.