chapter 10

"Emily, Miley?" Susana asked knocking on the door checking to make sure that they were both still alive "Are you speaking civilly yet?"

In Miley's moms bedroom the two girls still weren't talking to each other and didn't think they would, a hatred had been with them and now 6 hours had passed since they had been locked in the room and it was currently 7 am and the two girls were just waking up to see each other again.

"Emily" Miley said "Look I'm sorry about last night, I'm just so happy to know that I got such a large part in Hannah Montana, the female lead and to hear that I might have lost it to you, that just really scared me."

"Miley" Emily spoke up after a couple of minutes of silence from the other obviously showing that Emily was thinking about what she was going to say back to Miley "You could have just told me all this the truth is I'm scared too and the only reason that I acted the way I did was because I wanted to look better in-front of a newbie but I was wrong, can we please start over?"

Emily waited a couple of minutes before Miley answered back with a smile.

"Good idea, hi my name is Miley, what's you name" Miley held out her hand and Emily took it not showing a sign of disgust and smiling back at her.

"Hi I'm Emily and I'm going to be part of a tv show Hannah Montana, why are you here?"

"I'm here to do the same" Miley laughed back still smiling and took her hand away from Emily's thinking that maybe, just maybe she had made a proper friend after all.

"So when do we start filming on the show?" Miley asked suddenly scared about starting to film but knowing that she could confined in Emily as she was something like a friend.

"Oh a couple of days time but don't worry. It's not even that scary, maybe the first day but after that..."

Miley held up her hand meaning that she wanted Emily to stop talking or babbling in this case.

Outside the door, Susana sighed happy, maybe her daughter was going to get on well with Emily after all.

Susana opened the door to her bedroom after a couple of minutes of waiting to see if it was really going to be safe, to find Miley and Emily inside it talking as if they had actually been friends all this time.

"Ok girls you may leave now, I see you are getting along a lot better than before, oh and Emily, you're mother and father are waiting downstairs in the living room, your father said something about not being happy that you were out all last night and didn't tell them" Susana said causing Emily's face to droop a bit.

"Oh no, I'm so going to get grounded because of this now" Emily said groaning at how strict how father could be sometimes whilst Miley sat still only hearing the same word over and over in her head, father. Emily was acting like her dad was the worst thing in the world ever.

"Miley are you okay, what's wrong?" Emily asked now seeing how upset her now friend was looking about something but she couldn't be sure what exactly.

"Look, Emily I know you and your father don't get along but be thank-full that you do have one" Miley snapped back before running out of the room, tears in her eyes at having to think about her father again.

"Mrs Stewart, what happened to Miley's dad, why is she so upset about it?" Emily asked really worried now, she had never seen Miley cry but then again, she hadn't really known her that long either.

"You'll hear all about in a couple of days, Emily I promise. I need to speak with my daughter" Susana replied making it slightly obvious to Emily that she had to go now.

"Mrs Stewart, just tell Miley that I am really sorry about what happened to her dad and I'll talk to her later." Emily walked out and the last thing Susana heard was her walking downstairs before she moved towards Miley's room, knocking softly on the door before entering it to see Miley laying in a heap on-top of her covers shaking and Susana could tell she was crying.

"Listen, baby doll, I know that Emily didn't mean anything she said about her own father and you did maybe take it a bit to heart but listen Miley, I'm sorry that your father is no longer with us"Susana said sitting down next to Miley who rolled away so her mom didn't have to see her cry but she could that she had already heard the sniffing and saw the shaking.

"I know mom" Miley said eventually rolling round to face her mom. "But it doesn't make it any easier to know how Emily was speaking about her father and oh I don't know, I just wish dad was here to say something, anything, just give me some advice."

"Miley, do you want to go home, if you do. I will call the guys and tell them that you dropped out and to try to find someone else for the part and..."

Miley shook her heard straight away saying that she didn't want to leave, she knew her dad would have wanted her to carry on with this so she would.

"Okay baby doll" Susana said kissing Miley on the head before walking out and closing Miley's door behind her.

She knew Miley was going to be slightly upset about hearing the word dad and there was also another thing that kept on crossing onto her mind about when she started filming and especially rehearsing for the TV Show.

She was going to have to deal with pretending that some one boy about Jackson's age, was actually in-fact her Jackson, but how hard could it really be?

chapter 10 by Legolas'sGirl4Life