Hello! This is a KandaxLavi fanfiction/fanvidio. Fanfidio? Fanviction? You'll understand later.

Anyway, it's the tenth of August and while Lavi is travelling, Kanda decides to write him a letter. See how that goes, by - instead of reading the text below - watching this video I made:

http:/ www. youtube. com/ watch?v=zXGDVIqKcCE[without spaces]

You won't need to read this afterwards. Enjoy!

Hi Lavi
Things are kind of boring here at home. It's raining. Like always. I never really noticed it rained this much. But it must've been like this always. Where the fuck did the sun go? Shit.
Anyway, Lenalee finally got her driver's license. She's crazy about it. I don't feel safe outside my house anymore….
Allen made it into college. NOT THAT I CARE AT ALL. Beansprout's finally growing a bit, it seems.
What else…
Oh yeah, Cross is being a dickhead. Like always.
(And don't give me that stupid joke "yeah my head and my dick have a wonderful corporation" BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT. SCRAM.)
So. It's the tenth today. I guess there's nothing special about that at all.
Just kidding.

That was my attempt at humor. Don't try me. (humour, humor, fuck that beansprout and his stupid British)

I am not sending a freaking package with post to India, because it will render me penniless, and it will not reach you in a lifetime. I'll save that for when you get home, okay?
I know you said to send pictures of us all when I write you, but I'm not really the here-let's-all-take-a-picture kind of guy, so you'll have to excuse me.


Happy birthday.
It was hard to say that before? Huh, how weird. I hope you're well and all.

Remember last year when we were at Johnny's party and we had to stay overnight and the next morning you woke me up at FIVE FUCKING AM? HM? Yes of course you do. Screw you and you Alzheimer's. (ok so fuck it if I can't spell alxzmeishmers. Whatever.)
We ended up at the port, didn't we? It was so early, I think the light hadn't even come out. Fuck, it was chilly that morning. Freaking November, and you get up at five o'clock. You really are a retard, you know that?
Was pretty cozy at the harbor, though. And we drank the leftovers from last night. Wasn't it, like, four beers? Completely de-carbonated, because some idiot couldn't hold a damn bag still while walking.
That was the first time we really talked, wasn't it. I don't really know if I wanted that morning to happen. I'M NOT SAYING that I regret it, I'm just saying… that it changed a lot. Of my life. And stuff.
.. but what do you care. You always only think about yourself.
And of course I know that's not true. But it's hard to be with you sometimes, Lavi. It hurts. I freaking hurts, and you know it.

Fuck this.

Lavi, you know I don't lie. Not like you do. So when I say this I mean it. Seriously:
I want there to be a next time.
Stupid rabbit and his stupid beer. And his stupid love handle. And his really stupid trip to fucking India.

Come home.
Because I love you. And fuck, it hurts like crazy…

Yours truly
(not Yuu, stop the puns, you bastard)