- What Came Out From the Freezer -

(Halo (c) Microsoft Studios, Bungie & related creators; Red vs. Blue (c) the Rooster Teeth team. Text (c) L.Q. Coverdale. Mentions of violence.)

Emerge from the cold maw,

From the long-forgotten tomb of ice.

Clawing her way from her glacier and her chains,

She throws the copies aside,

The door to reality before her!

No more ice, no more dark,

The sun's heat baking her armour sweet promise.

The orb that circles her cries out frantically,

But the lioness is released, the huntress made anew.

He is thrown to the side,

And she bashes her fists into the door,

The metal buckling and denting

With the strength of synthetic muscle and steel bone.

Burning, flaring instinct,

I must break free!

For the last time she was in this place,

This was her Hell,

Her cage spiked and conquering,

And now she will break it open

Like the skulls of so many before.

The scent of fear, people beyond the door,

Watching warily

As the black figure

Comes forth from the mists beyond Death.

Long since believed gone,

Resurrected and angered,

The beast makes her march,

And they all flee before her.

Like a wildcat of the south,

She charges forward,

Claws extended

As she pursues the prey,

And she will think no more of this place.

The time has come

For all to fall down,

And her name is Agent Texas.