When Naoto put her gun to Souji's left temple and pulled the trigger, the shock of the recoil shook off the Confusion spell compelling Naoto to believe Souji was her enemy. Yet it was a clarity that came too late. The Detective Prince could only watch as Souji crumpled lifelessly to the ground, katana still clenched in one hand.

"Oh sweet God." Naoto stared down at the smoking gun in hand. "Wh-What have I done?"

"OW!" said Souji. Naoto stared with wide eyes as the silver-haired boy stood up, rubbing his entirely intact, gore-free forehead. "Seriously, Naoto, next time we go to Master Daidara's, I'm buying you Buddha of Serenity accessory. That gunshot was like the ice cream headache from Hell."

She stared back at him, mouth gaping.


"I... I shot you!"

Off to one side, Yosuke piped up, "Yeah? So?"

"Do you need to sit down?" asked Souji.

Naoto nodded dumbly.

"Five minutes, guys!" he called out. The rest of the team took up a loose circular guard around them. Naoto didn't pay them much mind, seeing as how she was obviously going insane from the guilt of gunning down her... well, 'friend' might be too strong a word. Business associate, perhaps.

"Yeah," said Souji, sitting across from her on the pixelated stone ground, "I can see how that was pretty scary, what just happened, but it was no big deal."


"It was more like my temple, but that's neither here nor there."


"Yes you did. And I think it knocked about twenty-five HP off me." Naoto made a strangled, gurgling sound. "Okay, this is my fault. I should have taken you aside to explain a few things but I guess I forgot after being inside the TV so much. See, the laws of physics are kind of... strange here." He gestured to the 8-bit dungeon all around them. "I mean, you spent a week inside that laboratory basement of yours, but you never ate or drank in all that time, did you? But you were alright afterwords. And have you ever once had to put a new clip into your gun? No? That's because it magically reloads itself. We regularly get set on fire, electrocuted, or frozen in blocks of ice by Shadows, but we come out okay in the end."

"I shot you in the face!"

"You're calming down. That's a good sign."

"I shot you in the face."

"Would you like me to shoot you in the face? We'd be Even Stevens."


"Feeling better?"

Naoto nodded. "I'm sorry about... you know."

"Shooting me in the face?"


"Don't worry about it," Souji said, standing up. "Everyone on the team has tried to kill me at least once - well, except Rise. Though with those mini-skirts of hers..."