The one thing Zack always had trouble with was love.

Zack regarded love as a word for the finer things in life such as pizza and video games. He would never have associated the word with himself and other people until something inside him changed.

The end of his shift at the Juice Bar was yet to come, even though there was not a soul inside except for his twin brother who was neatly folding towels on the other side of the sky deck. Zack sighed and rested his head on his hands for a moment, letting his thoughts wonder.

He found himself thinking about love. How much happiness it brought people and how easily it can turn the innocent into the tainted. He began thinking about Cody and Bailey how madly in love they were and then after a year wasted they just threw it away. In a way he was glad he didn't have to watch them be all gushy but a part of him missed happiness in Cody's eyes whenever he talked about her.

God, those eyes! Two big brown orbs of Cody…

Cody shivered.

It felt like a ghost town on the sky deck. Everyone had gone to check out the Party Deck where there was a major party being held there tonight. Cody wasn't really upset he couldn't go it just meant he didn't have to face an awkward situation with his ex.

Her name brought him misery these days.

Cody let out a yawn before letting his eyes gander where they fell upon his brother who seemed completely lost and dazed in something.

'Probably thinking about the new girl Maya' Cody thought before grimacing.

For some reason he didn't like her, maybe it was the way she misleads people or her sense of humour or the way Zack looked at her.

Cody shivered again.

The thought of Zack and Maya made his skin crawl for reasons he couldn't explain. He pushed it away, before hastily folding the last towel and clumsily began ramming it in with the others when a loud crash was heard behind him.

He jumped up with alarm to find his brother standing behind the Juice Bar dumbstruck at the floor. Cody walked over towards him.

"Ooops" Zack whispered bending down to pick up the cups that had fallen and created a huge mess of smoothies onto the floor.

Cody let out at a snort.

Zack looked up startled. "Jeez Codes don't sneak up on a guy!"

"Need a hand?" He offered holding out his hand chuckling.

"Sure" Zack smiled grasping Cody's hand before pulling him down with some force causing him to hit the floor and cry out.

Then it was Zack's turn to laugh.

"Ouch!" Cody groaned. He tried to pull him self up but his hand met with the slippery floor causing him to fall once more but this time his grabbed Zack's collar and brought Zack tumbling down on top of him.

A breathy moan escaped Zack's lips without warning as he found himself inches from Cody's own lips.

For a moment they could only stare at each other. Then Zack did something that changed their lives forever, he leant down and let his lips meet Cody's.