The sun seeped through the porthole, and surrounded the boy asleep on the floor. It had chased away the darkness from the room but not from the boy's troubled mind. His dreams were tainted with the revelations of the night before.


The boy stirred at the voice calling him.

"Codes wake up"

The boy's eyes flew open and he shot up.

"Zack?" He answered his voice slightly panicked.

Zack knelt down to him.

"Get up you lazy sod" He laughed. "We're going to be late for class."

He stood up and opened the door.

Cody frowned. "Are you sure you want to go? I mean after last night I thought you might..."

The door swung shut and Cody jumped. Zack's cheery expression had changed to a more serious one. The next thing Cody knew he was on floor pinned down by Zack. He let out a strangled cry.


His breath hitched as Zack leaned down till their eyes were an inch apart.

"Last night doesn't matter" Zack stated bluntly.

"But Zack he..." Cody was cut short as Zack lips pressed against his own. Cody's eyes rolled shut as he leaned up wanting more contact. Zack complied letting his hand trail down Cody's wrist, all the way down his body until it met with the zipper of Cody's jeans.

Cody suddenly felt an urge of dominance as he tackled Zack until he found himself on top staring down at a very shocked Zack.

"You can't just walk away from this" Cody sighed.

Zack groaned and attempted to get up but Cody forced him back down clutching Zack's wrists.

"Zack...I know you're scared. So am I, we can't let him get away with this" Cody leaned down to rest his forehead upon Zack's. "I love you"

Zack grimaced.

The three words made him feel sick.

"Then why are you doing this to me?" Zack asked sourly.

"Because he might..." Cody trailed off at the sound of someone knocking.

Zack took this as the perfect opportunity to push Cody off him. He straightened his shirt and clutched the door handle, took an intake of breath and opened it.

He face paled.

"Zack, glad to see you haven't left yet I thought we could have a little chat" Mr Moseby beamed.

Cody froze.

"Can I come in?" He asked.

Zack looked at Cody and signalled him to get in the bathroom before turning back to his guest.

"It's a bit of a mess" Zack said his voice a little shaky.

Cody scrambled into the bathroom, leaving the door open ajar.

"That's quite alright" Mr Moseby smiled, pushing past Zack and closing the door.

Moseby grabbed Zack's hand and pulled him onto his bed.

"There...much more comfortable, eh, Zackykins?" He purred.

Cody clenched his fist.

Why wasn't Zack doing anything?

Zack looked at the bathroom door, expressionless, making Cody's heart sink.

He had to help him.

Moseby leaned closer to Zack, his hot breath on Zack's neck making his whole flesh crawl.

"I love you" He said before kissing his neck softly.

Zack winced when he bit down piercing his unblemished skin.

"Stop" He cried.

Moseby grabbed Zack chin and harshly forced him to look at him.

"Is that what you want Cody to scream?" He sneered, a grin stretching across his face.

Cody eyes widened, he was doing this to protect him and it was wrong.

Moseby pushed Zack down onto his back.

"Always liked a man in uniform" He laughed. "Tonight after your shift, I want you to wait, got it?"

Zack just stared straight through him and his words until he heard...

"I bet Cody looks nice in uniform to"

"You stay the fuck away from him" He shouted sitting up.

Moseby just laughed before leaving.

Cody shot out the bathroom, his cheeks tear stained.

"How could you let him do that to you?" He cried.

"I won't let him hurt you." Zack replied pulling Cody into his embrace. "You are the most important thing in my life, how could I let that monster destroy you?"

Cody cried harder.

"I can't stand and watch it happen to you" He sobbed. "You have to tell someone"

"Who can I tell? He's practically the highest authority figure on this damn ship! No one would believe me, especially with my reputation." Zack whimpered.

They stayed locked in each other's arms for a while before Zack pulled away.

"We're late." He said wiping his eyes.

Cody had never been late in his life but this was much more important than academics.

"You better go get dressed. Woody's probably worried, after all you didn't go back last night." Zack laughed.


"Please. Codes, for me?" Zack asked.

Cody sighed, wiping his own tears away, heading towards the door. He stopped and looked back at his brother.

"I'll fix this" He gave a small smile.

He closed the door behind him.

"I'll fix this..." He whispered to himself. "...I promise."

Zack had no intentions of going to school and Cody knew it and for once Cody was going to follow pursuit. He went back into his own cabin and locked the door.

He went straight to his wardrobe and pulled out his freshly ironed uniform and changed into it. He went over to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

His eyes were dark and so were his thoughts. He thought back to Zack before his thoughts trailed to Moseby. His smile made Cody clench his jaw. His words struck pure anger in Cody. He thought Cody to be weak and easy but Cody was so much more...

"I am more than you see" Cody spat.

He walked over to Woody's bedside table and opened the top draw. He rummaged through the clutter until he pulled out the shiny object he was looking for. He felt power holding it. Woody had told him he had only brought it on boat for emergencies which Cody thought was fitting as he slipped the pen knife into his pocket.