I had entertained this story idea a while back but could never get it to formulate right on paper. Then Jules passed away and this story came back stronger than ever. Actually, it woke me up this morning and wouldn't let go until I got the first chapter on paper. I'm not sure which direction this is going to take but I hope it's a good, hot one. Bear with me since this is new territory…but then I love being a pioneer.

Rated: "M" for strong sexual content, language, and a ménage a trois. If the premise makes you uncomfortable, please stop reading now.

Song prompt: (I Wanna) Kiss You All Over by Exile

This story is dedicated to Jules (JWynn). I loved being your beta and being your friend- even if it was for a brief moment in time. I will treasure those eleven stories we shared for always. P.s. This is probably the closest I'll ever get to a Prentiss/Hotch pairing, so enjoy it!

Kiss You All Over

It was another quiet evening at Dave Rossi's house. An uneventful day at the office full of paperwork had led Dave's thoughts to his friend and co-worker, Aaron Hotchner. It wasn't anything that the unit chief had said or done, but more like what wasn't happening. It had been over a year since Haley's murder and Aaron had yet to date. Hell, Dave thought as he sipped his evening scotch, Aaron had yet to smile.

Now with the news that JJ was leaving, it was a sure fact that if Hotch ever cracked a smile again, Jack could be graduating law school. That would never do.

"What are you thinking?" Emily asked, as she sat down beside Dave and took his scotch. Sipping the smooth liquor, she watched her lover and best friend. Something had been bothering him all day and she was pretty sure she knew who and what had been occupying his mind all day.

Dave took the glass back. "Thinking about Hotch and how the man is sinking deeper in depression with each passing day. It's been a year since Haley's death and he hasn't done one thing to move forward. I'm worried about him."

"Well, he's taking care of Jack," Emily offered.

"Doesn't mean the man can't get laid once in a while."


"It's true Em. Sex is a healthy way of relieving stress and helping your mind refocus. It's not normal to let all of that pressure build up."

Emily raised her eyebrow. "I suppose that is why you are going to live to be a hundred. God knows your sex life was more than a little healthy for quite a few years."

"I was preparing my system for meeting you," his eyes danced. "I'm going to have to live to be a hundred to even begin to working out of my system." Setting his drink on the table, he leaned in, kissed her neck.


"One hundred is a start for getting you out of my system," he corrected. "Trust me; it isn't going to happen in the next three millenniums."

"Comforting." She closed her eyes as Dave's bearded face moved over her skin. Oh, yeah, she was definitely not going to be able to walk tomorrow. That was alright, it was a Saturday and she had no where to go.

"I just wish there was a way Aaron could know what we know," Dave remarked between kisses.

"I know," Emily sighed and arched into his hand which caressed her breast. As Dave's lips moved down her neck to her breast, she had a thought. "I know what we can do to help Hotch," she gasped.

"Do? What do you mean?" Dave was intent on making his woman feel good. All thoughts had left his mind once his hands touched her skin. He was on a mission and Hotch was not included.

"To bring Hotch out of his shell. That is, if you're game."

Dave pulled back. "If I'm 'game'? Care to explain?"

Emily found herself getting a little nervous. For quite some time she had entertained the thought of helping Hotch, but now that it was on the table, she wasn't so sure. What if Dave didn't agree? What if he did agree?

"Okay, here goes: you and I both love Hotch more than anything. Haley had a hold on him before her death, and now after she's been gone for a year, her strangle hold on his life and manhood seems to be getting worse. You're right, the man does need to get laid before he strokes out."

"I'm sure he's stroking out every night," Dave teased. Emily slapped his arm playfully.

"Pervert. You know exactly what I meant. Between work, cases, dealing with Strauss, taking care of Jack…well the stress has to be overwhelming and without sex to relieve it, Hotch could be dead before his next birthday."

Dave considered her request. "I don't know if I am comfortable letting you do my best friend to relieve his stress."

Emily laughed. "Not me. Us!"

Dave looked at her in shock. "Us? As in you and me, us?"

Emily shrugged. "Why not? You love him. I love him. We care about him."

"Em…" Although her request had shocked him, there was part that was secretly thrilled that Emily would even consider going down the forbidden road of taboo. He might have to brush the dust off his copy of "The Kama Sutra".

"You mean to tell me you don't think Hotch is hot?" Emily asked as she began unbuttoning Dave's dress shirt.

"I know good looking when I see it, and there is not doubt that if I was a woman, I would jump Aaron in a New York minute."

"What's the difference between wanting him as a man, and wanting him as a woman?" She demurely responded as her fingers journeyed lower to the evidence of his desire for her.

"Because I'm not like that. Trust me." Dave touched Emily's cheek. "You're the only thing that makes me hard."

"Aaron Hotchner has never given you a thrill?" Emily teased as her hands brushed against Dave's erection. His body jerked in response. "Not even once?"

Dave sucked in his breath. "Maybe a couple of times. There is that one cologne he wears…"

"Air Musk. I know." Emily's hand lowered the zipper on Dave's jeans. "You know those nights I've worn you out?"

"It was because of Hotch's cologne?" Dave could barely think as Em's fingers ducked into the opening of his boxers and teased him. "Are you saying that Hotch has been turning on my woman?"

"Yeah," Emily confessed, her touch getting bolder. She was on a mission and she desperately needed Dave to support her. "But each of those times it's worked in your favour. I think the last time I jumped you after my counseling session with Hotch, you swore you never came that hard in your entire life."

"True." Dave felt a chill as Emily pulled his erection thru the opening of his boxers and licked the tip. "Ah, Em…what if he…" he groaned. "What are you doing?"

"Changing your mind. We have to save Hotch's life. Even if he doesn't remember it."

"Are you saying that we get him drunk off his ass and have our way with him?"

"Do you think he'd agree if he was sober?" Em rationalized as her tongue dipped into Dave's weeping slit.

"Probably not. Dear God!" He tried to control his breathing. "When do you want to put this plan into action?"

"A week from tonight." Emily stood up and removed her clothing. Dave felt his blood pressure rise as his eyes drank in Emily's svelte toned body- a body that belonged to him. A body that had save his life on more than one occasion. A body that could rescue his best friend from his self imposed hell.

Moving over Dave, she refused to let him touch her as her mouth took him in and stroked him with her tongue. She was wearing him down.

"I…I don't know Em. What if it doesn't work out?"

"You mean to tell me you've never participated in a ménage a trois? I find that hard to believe since you did live thru the seventies."

"That was over thirty something years ago. I got that out of my system long before you even knew what the word meant."

Emily moved her body to hover over his. "You don't have to make love to Hotch; you can sit back and watch."

"I am not going to sit back and watch my woman fuck Aaron Hotchner," Dave protested as his body arched to connect with her but was denied. "God, woman! Are you trying to kill me?"

"Perhaps," she replied enigmatically. She stroked him and took pleasure from the deep groan he emitted. "You don't have to sit back and watch me fuck Aaron Hotchner; you can participate too. Unless you are afraid that you and Hotch will forget that I'm around and you two go to town on one another."

"I'd bet you'd love that." His hand reached down and found her hot, slick wetness. Stroking gently at first, he watched her close her eyes as she moved against his hand.

"I think it wouldn't hurt the both of you to let go and learn something new. I won't deny it- I'm attracted to the both of you. And I figure since you and I are creating all of this for ourselves, we can share some with our best friend and save his life. And no one but us ever has to know."

Dave considered it. Really considered it. He loved Aaron more than a brother and it broke his heart to see him go down the road of no return. "Okay, you win. I'm game."

Emily kissed him deeply. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. But what if I find that I like being with Hotch and I want more of him after all is said and done?"

Emily lowered her hips and encased him in her hot wet heat. Dave's eyes rolled in his head as he let out a primal groan. "If you think you can give this up, then go for it."

"Dear God, Em, you might kill the man while trying to save him." He pushed his hips to go deeper. "I am going to get the man drunk off his ass so he doesn't remember this."

Em shifted her weight. "I knew you'd understand." Covering his mouth with hers, she showed him that no matter her plans, she still belonged to him.