The third and final chapter into my pathetic attempt at hard-core smut and semi-slash. It's not my best work, but it was a story that needed to come out. And now that it's complete, I am glad I took this challenge. But I don't think I'm going down this road again any time soon as all of my money will be sunk into much needed therapy sessions following the research I had to do. That being said, there are a couple surprises in this chapter. And those who are familiar with my writings know that I am anything but a conventional writer- I live for originality.

I don't own Criminal Minds. After this "story" my rights to the show would surely be revoked. LOL!

WARNING! MENAGE A TROIS! If the subject makes you uncomfortable, STOP READING NOW!

Song prompt: Kiss You All Over by Exile

Kiss You All Over

Fuck! Aaron thought as he felt Dave's tongue invade his mouth and swallow his scream of ecstasy. One deep thrust he gave and then his body exploded and emptied into Emily's mouth. His hands were still tangled in her hair but Aaron felt Dave's hands in his hair and hold his head as his mouth was plundered by a hot tongue that tasted of sweet red wine and an after dinner mint. Opening his mouth wider, he took all of Dave's tongue in.

It was unreal. A surprise. And so fucking insane but he was happy to have boarded the crazy train to the dark side of sexual eroticism. He was living out a fantasy he had read once in an X-rated magazine he had kept hidden under his mattress. At first, he thought he was reading it for the pictures, and then he discovered the articles. He memorized them all and hoped to play out each one when he found the right woman. Then he married a woman who thought that anything beyond the normal sex acts was disgusting. What would she think now if she could see him getting a blowjob by Emily Prentiss and taking Dave Rossi's tongue in his mouth?

Dave thought he had lost his mind. One second he was watching Emily take Aaron into her mouth and devour his rock hard cock, and the next he was kissing his best friend. Shocked at first, it took a couple of seconds to realize it was his tongue moving against Aaron's. He was ready to pull back when he remembered Emily's comment: What's the difference between wanting him as a man, and wanting him as a woman? Nothing. Not a fucking thing was different. It was hot, thrilling, sinful, and felt so good. Who would know that Aaron Hotchner was a helluva kisser?

Draining the last of Hotch's hot cum, Emily kissed a trail up his chest to his neck. Pulling back, she watched her lover and boss kiss each other senseless. If she wasn't hot before, her body was on fire now as they let go of their inhibitions. However, that didn't make her any less jealous; she wanted both of them. Now.

Pushing Dave back, Em told him, "My turn." Then she covered Hotch's mouth with hers. She tasted Dave's wine mixed with the aftertaste of Hotch. And she felt herself get wet. Or rather wetter. When she had proposed this idea to Dave, she never thought it would go this far. Or feel this good. And it was worth it to see Hotch break out.

She didn't know whose hand was stroking her, but it felt so good, and she arched into it as her mouth continued to demand and take more from Hotch. Nimble fingers sought the clasp of her bra. Released of the lacy satin cups, her breasts jiggled from the rhythm her hips were setting as the hand between her thighs increased in speed.

Hotch moved his mouth from hers and focused on the creamy twin mounds of flesh before his eyes. For a moment, he had to pinch himself before he dipped his head down and took a rosy peak in his mouth while gently caressing the other. Her soft moans of pleasure filled his ears and he felt himself stir as he suckled her breast with the hunger of a man who spent too many years starved and deprived.

Dave teased Emily until he thought she was going to go mad. Using his fingers, he delved deeper into her until he felt her velvet walls clamp against him. And he nearly came from the force of her orgasm. He had to be inside of her. He wanted to feel that sensation against his hard cock. He wanted to be buried deep as she called his name before he exploded.

"I need to fuck you now," he whispered in Em's ear. Getting the hint, Em pulled back.

"Hotch, I don't think Dave's going to wait to make it to the bedroom; would you mind moving this to the floor?"

With the look she was giving him, he would have moved it to the front yard. Nodding, he watched her get up and walk over to Dave. Quickly Hotch shed his shoes and clothing and stopped as he watched Dave take Em in his arms and kiss her. It wasn't a friendly kiss…it was one of possession and greed. It was daring anyone brave enough to step forward and try to take what belonged to him.

It should have scared Hotch, but all it did was excite him. He had never been in a threesome- much less the outsider participant in a preset relationship- and each moment that passed made him glad he had agreed. He felt his body come back to life. For so long he had been holding off, holding back, and being the one who gave himself pleasure in the middle of the night. Now he didn't have to hide his secret; he could let it all out.

Moving over to where the couple was feasting on each other, Hotch pulled Em away and covered her mouth with his. His body throbbed with desire and begged for the kind of release that would bring both of them pleasure. Positioning the head of his cock against Em's clit, he felt her shudder with pleasure and move her body for more of what he was promising.

Em had been surprised by the size of Hotch's cock. No one would have guessed that hidden under his dark blue custom-made slacks was a treasure that would make most women cum just by looking at it. God knew it had taken everything she had not to jump him. And his taste…there was no way to define how delicious he tasted…a combination of spice, musk, and maleness. She never thought she would find another man to equal Dave, but Hotch was a close second. And with each tease of his cock across her sensitive clit, she felt herself going insane. She wanted to feel him…all of him so deep that when he came, she felt it.

But Dave had had enough watching his woman making out with Hotch, he had his own needs too. And if Hotch wasn't going to satisfy Em, he would. Standing behind her, he probed her gently until he felt her body relax enough to take him. One deep thrust shook both their worlds as she immediately came.

"Fuck Em!" Dave shouted as her tight walls grabbed his cock in a velvet iron grasp, nearly throwing him off his game. In all their time together, she had never done that to him and he liked it. "You're so fucking tight. Tell me you like this."

"Yes," she breathed as her body moved in cadence with his. She liked his take-charge attitude.

Hotch didn't have to think twice as he watched his friends. Kneeling in front of Em, he grasped her hips and moved his mouth close to her clit. Darting his tongue out, he tasted her and nearly exploded. He had to regain control before he embarrassed himself, but holy fuck she tasted so good. It was better than good- it was the sweetest honey he had ever eaten.

Em was losing her mind. Between Dave's cock and Hotch's mouth, she didn't know how much more she could take and her body was begging for release that was just out of reach. One thrust took her to the edge while one lick brought her back. It was like a tug of war between the men to see who could make her cum first. She wanted to make them both feel good, but she also wanted her pleasure. In more ways than one.

Dave thrust deeper. He could feel Em's body grasp and nearly strangle him and he didn't know how much more he could take. And he was almost ready to give in, when he remembered that Hotch hadn't had his chance. Yes, he was selfish when it came to sex and his woman, but this night had been about pleasure and losing inhibitions. And there was more than one way to get release.

Just as he felt Em start to tighten around him, he pulled out, turned her around, and covered her mouth with his.

Hotch didn't have to hear the words to know what Dave was suggesting: he wanted Hotch to finish what he started. Eagerly, he jumped and thrust himself deep inside Em's body. Immediately he was grasped tightly. "Shit! Em! Is this for real? Christ!" Thrusting his hips, he tried to go deeper. She was so fucking tight and hot and he didn't know how Dave managed to walk after having this every night. He knew that if he were able to crawl out of the door at the end of the night he would be lucky.

Em felt her body come to life the moment Hotch filled her. Oh my God! She screamed silently. He really is that big! She moved her hips to take more of him deeper. If Dave's cock was heaven, then it was for sure that Hotch's was hell. And she was experiencing both of them at the same time.

Feeling brave for the first time in his adult life, Hotch moved his lips close to her ear and whispered, "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Talk dirty to me," Em breathed as Dave trailed his lips down her neck and stopped briefly to slip his tongue in Hotch's mouth for a brief hot kiss. Then he finished his trail of kisses to Em's breasts, took a nipple in his mouth, and devoured it.

"Do you like my hard cock in your tight pussy?" Hotch whispered as he quickened his thrusts. His body was screaming for release but he wanted to hear her beg for it. She and Dave were killing him and he loved every minute of their sweet torture.

"Yes," Em gasped as the force of his thrusts threatened to knock her off her feet. Harder, faster, deeper, Hotch took every frustration, urge, and fantasy and poured it into Em with each thrust.

"You want me to cum inside your hot pussy?" Hotch panted as he felt his body tighten. So fucking hot, so fucking good. Dave, I hate you. But he had Em right now and he was going to make her his…if only for a moment.

It was happening, dear God, he was dying, Hotch thought as his hips thrust frantically. Oh God! Oh God! He had never felt this before. Damn you Haley! He swore bitterly as Em's cries of release reached his ears. He knew Dave was stroking her and bringing her closer to release so Hotch could reach his.

Then it happened. Em shuddered violently as her body produced an earth shattering orgasm that nearly tore her in two and tightened around Hotch with such force that he had no choice but to let go and pour his seed deep inside of her.

Covered in sweat, his knees threatened to buckle as he felt the life drain from him. He didn't know if he was alive or dead, but he didn't care. He had laid his ghosts to rest…well almost all of them. Taking Em's face in his hands, he kissed her hard and deep. He owed her and Dave so much. As his body slipped from her, he let her go.

Em couldn't think, she could barely breathe, her world was spinning wildly. She had done a lot in her life, but the moment Hotch came inside of her, Em realized that she still this side of inexperienced. Holy mother, had Hotch set out to kill her? She wondered as she curled on the floor and tried to gather herself.

If Em was satisfied, Dave and Hotch still had some unfinished business. No words were spoken, as Hotch knew what was expected. He had claimed Dave's woman, and that was going to cost him dearly. But he was ready. More than ready to taste Dave and let him take control.

Kneeling down, Hotch had a brief second of hesitation and then took Dave's huge stiff cock in his mouth. The moment Dave's musk and Em's honey touched his tongue, Hotch thought he had died and gone to heaven. Greedy for more, he opened his mouth and took as much as he dare. He had never been down this road before, so he was running on fantasy and instinct.

Dave felt the world being pulled out from underneath him. Fuck! His mind screamed. Aaron's mouth was hot, wet, and so fucking eager to please. He knew he owed Dave, but what a helluva pay back. Weaving his fingers in Aaron's hair, Dave held on as he thrust deep into his friend's mouth. Never in his life had he let himself go like this…dear God! This was more than amazing, more than heaven on earth…it was every fantasy come true in one single moment.

"You like my cock, Aaron?" Dave panted as his hips picked up speed. A slight moan answered. "You like me fucking your mouth?" Another moan was the response. "Take my cum. Oh fuck yeah! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!" Dave shouted as he shuddered violently and spilled his hot cum in Aaron's mouth.

Earnestly, Hotch lapped every delicious drop and sucked him off. Dave felt himself die just a little and it felt so good. Sinking to the ground, he wrapped his arms around Emily and pulled her close. This woman, this lover of his had not just saved their best friend's life, but his too. She had opened up a new window in his life. And he loved it and he loved her.

Hotch couldn't think. He knew there a part of him that should feel disgusted, but he didn't. Actually, he felt vindicated and alive. All of his ghosts had been laid to rest that night. And even if this never happen again, he was okay with it because he was finally free.

Lying down on the floor opposite Dave, Hotch wrapped his arms around Emily. He owed her more than he could ever repay.

Stroking her hair, he dropped a kiss on her neck. "Thank you," he whispered.

Dave did the same. "Thank you cara."

"You're both welcome," she murmured as she felt herself drift into sleep. She was so satisfied but so tired. She knew the two men were going to be ready for round two and she wanted to be ready for it.

Emily rolled over in bed and reached for Dave and Hotch, but felt empty space instead. Her eyes flew open as she sat straight up in bed. Looking around, it took a moment for her to realize that she was in her bedroom in her house.

It had all been a dream. But it had felt so real and so fulfilling. They said that the subconscious took sleeping as an opportunity to work out problems and issues from earlier in the day. If that were true, Em could only imagine what her subconscious was suppressing during working hours.

Lying back on the mattress, she pulled the covers up to her chest. It was a nice dream…hell it was the most erotic dream she had ever had. Never had she woken up to her body throbbing with release and it was exciting that her two male co-workers could create such emotion and desire inside of her.

Closing her eyes, she started to fall back asleep. Maybe what she dreamed about Dave and Hotch would always remain a fantasy…wouldn't it?

"No," she whispered and fell back into sweet dreams.