Summer 2022

"Come on," he said, "I look like a TOTAL hot stud in this robe!" Teddie twirled around.

"You do realize that your job require strict celibacy," Naoto countered. All she had wanted was a nice, short vacation in Europe, but once she saw the news she dropped everything and hurried here. Fortunately the Shirogane name carried some weight even in these far distant halls.

"Eh. Teddie has sown his wild oats. Besides, now that Yukiko-chan has married Chie-chan, what's left to hold out hope for?"

Don't shoot the bear. Don't shoot the bear. Don't shoot the bear. "You have lost one desirable partner, so you've decided to eschew all further sexual relations? That's extreme."

Teddie wagged a finger at her. "Sensei doesn't chase after anyone but you now, does he? Isn't that a little extreme?"

Wisely, Naoto decided now was not the time to bring up her and her partner's hobby of recreational swinging. "Teddie, please consider what you are planning to do. This job is for life. You cannot retire. A career as head of state is highly demanding. How do you plan to keep your promise to protect the TV World if you must also guard this one as well?"

"Heh heh. Teddie's got a plan!"

"And that plan would be...?"

"It's a secret."

She sighed. "Of course it is."

An assistant walked into the office. Teddie nodded at the young man. "It's time," her former teammate declared. "Give all my love to Senpai and the rest. We'll have to get together and break bear-d sometime!" Outside the office's windows, Naoto heard a sea of voice clamor in excitement as the announcement of Teddie's intending appearance was made.

Teddie moved to the open balcony door. Naoto hung back.

"People of Rome," announced the loudspeaker, "I present to you His Holiness, Pope Assisi!"

Pope Teddie stepped forward. Down below, in Saint Peter's Square, a million voices rose up in joy.