PotM: Protege's Honeymoon

Okay, this will be my first M rated story on this site. I will see if I can match it to my other stuff.

First of all, though, I would like to make it known that this is a NegixTheodora-hime pairing, not a NegixChacha. I got "permission" to do this from Glorious Burden, who specializes in lemon writing. If you do not like this setup, then I advise you to turn away now. This is the only warning you will receive.

All the characters here, whether in real life or fictional save just 1 OC is NOT owned by me. They are property of their respective creators, just like the OC is my property. Anyone resembling a real life person is strictly by coincidence.

Possible Lemon warning: If you're not into Lemon, then this is your last chance to turn back. I'm not confident that it will go well, I just want to do this as fast as possible and get back to the real plot.

This story is linked with Power of the Mind from chapter 38. If you read that, then this setting will possibly make sense to you.

Now onwards.

Sunny Spain greeted the trio as their personal jet landed in Madrid-Barajas Airport. Having good contacts certainly paid off, at times. And this wasn't some weird quest or something but relaxation. Two royalties and a gentle robot girl was making ready to leave the airport to find their transport.

Negi Springfield was dressed casually for one, having neat blue jeans and white shirt along with a cloak, that did make the security suspicious at first but since he was only a kid, they didn't pay much attention to him much. Once he got past the metal detectors, he knew he was definitely safe from them.

His wife, Theodora of the Royal Hellas family on the other hand had adorned a black skirt and white shirt along with a lightly brown colored coat on top. Her horns had been covered by a good old sunhat that had them stick out, making it look like the horns were part of the hat. A lot of young women at the airport noticing that wanted something like that but the princess told them that it was custom made.

Finally, Chachamaru had her casual black dress on her with the white sunhat. She couldn't help but smile at the two others looking in awe at the sights before they could get to their vehicle. "Negi-sensei, Theo-sama, shall we get a move on?" She asked the two.

"Huh? Ah yes." Theo gathered her wits first of the two. "Come on, Negi. We got to get going." She had to drag her husband with them so they could get away. He had spotted something real shiny, I suppose.

"Yes, yes, I'm coming, so can you please stop dragging me, Theo?" He asked her gently, so she stopped and lifted him up instead so he could stand on his own two feet. "Thank you."

"Now let's get a move on. We're supposed to stay in Marbella, not fool around in Madrid." The princess said.

"You've learned a lot about geography since you came to Mahora, it seems..."

"Not really, I just looked over a brochure before we got on the plane and checked out Madrid from it. It's Spain's capital city, isn't it?"

"Negi-sensei, Theo-sama, we're here." Chachamaru reported for them, standing in front of... something resembling a futuristic motorcycle with a roof and two seat. It had support wheels on the sides to help it stay upright and it was colored yellow. It had a crimson red Lambda on the side.

"That's it?" Theo asked surprised at its shape and design.

"What is it?" Negi asked, sliding his hand on its side.

"Accessing local network for information..." Chachamaru stated, as several binary codes ran through her eyes. "It's a Monotracer. A new brand of motorcycle designed in Switzerland. Top speed, 155 mph, designed for comfort and the materials involved are glass, kevlar and carbon steel."

"That was a little too informative, Chachamaru..." Theo commented her.

"Please step into the back seat." The robot asked the two. "I shall drive this to Marbella." With that, she opened it up for the couple of sit down first, with Negi in Theo's lap and the seat-belt was strapped onto them.

"Um, Chachamaru-san..." Negi asked nervous about all this. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yes." The robot answered him as onlookers watched the door close and her starting up the engine. "I was programmed some time ago to handle personal vehicles from Hakase-san."

Both passengers gulped. Negi caught a glimpse of a young man looking at him in his position and then gave him a thumps up. Negi could only return it before the Monotracer took off and gained speed quite rapidly, pushing him and Theo backwards. Once they left the outskirts of Madrid and made it into the open roads, then the robot turned up the speed.

"AAAAHHHH!" Both royalties screamed as their driver went zig-zag, since the support wheels had been raised. "Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" Theo kept yelling as they almost hit the ground multiple time. "I don't want to die so young!"

"I don't want to die so young and pressed against a lady's breasts!" Negi yelled after a chicane had been outmaneuvered by Chacha's driving.

"Well look at it this way!" Theo replied to that.


"It's your wife's boobs!" With that, Chachamaru began to slow down a little as the road had become straight... for now.

"...Point there." Negi replied to her when they were catching their breaths.

Out in Space, behind the moon

A massive space craft appeared from somewhere out of the blue. It was 2 km long and it was built for practical designs. This rendered it ugly, but Battle frigates tends to be that. It had heavy armaments for ship-to-ship combat and orbital bombardment if necessary.

What was inside the ship, was where the horrors lie. Creatures out of some horrible movie franchise, patrolled the corridors, alongside synthetic humanoid-like built robot, pained mostly white and flashlights for heads, armed with rifles, looking up creepy narrow corridors for some stowaways aboard their mighty ship.

On the bridge, sat a lone figure. Not piloting the ship, as a supercomputer seemed to be doing that for the figure. This individual was more busy inspecting the planet they were approaching. "...Is that where the target is?" She asked, revealing to have a female tone to herself. "Shadrac, can we get a lock on the target? Where he is now?"

"Target is approximately at coordinates 365518746 and moving southward rapidly, at around 150 mph in local 1 G speed." Shadrac, the ship's computer reported to her.

"Any fixed position we can get on him? Any place he's going to?"

"Unknown. Target was spotted on a rough estimation. 40547398 to 1 to get a precise location on target."

"Any towns he might be heading to?"

"Recommending stand by for approximately 4 megacycles until suitable location."

"Gah!" A new voice, this one belonging to a huge mechanoid. "Is this mission going to take all stellar cycle? I can't stand the scent of your organic 'pets' as you call them!"

"...my pets are pretty much house clean and generally stick to only to the secluded parts of the Bloodgeld." The captain of the ship responded to him, her, it. "Not to mention, they make a wonderful planet cleaner should we need to go extreme."

"But this calls for subtlety and just one target." Her large mech replied to her. "If that's what the contractor called for, then why bring those things here as well?"

"Because, Starscream," The captain rose from her seat to address her 2nd in command. "The contractor also said the prize for this kill was 40 000 000 credits. Forty million! A planetary governor doesn't even come up to 200 000 credits. And they happen to be some of the most well guarded people in the galaxy."

"So you're saying that this organic happens to be highly dangerous?" The great robot known as Starscream asked his commanding officer.

She could not help but grin viciously. "That, or he's linked to some of the most dangerous people on that planet." She smiled whilst thinking the possibilities. "Think about it. He might be the key to them staying their hands. Probably against each other. We get rid of him, all of Hell is gonna break loose. Maybe, just maybe, should we be rid of him and blame one of the big parties, the other will surely declare war on the blamed party."

"...Making it easier for that invasion army on its way to take over this pathetic excuse of a planet while they're fighting each other." Starscream realized. "O-ho... maybe leaving Cybertron for good was not a bad idea, after all." He smiled. "If only the smell could improve..."

Her commander laughed lightly at him. "I love that smell. Reminds me of why I'm so damn good at my job." She took a seat. "this is gonna be the easiest earned amount of money i've ever earned..."

In Marbella

"Negi-sensei, Theo-sama, we've arrived now." Chachamaru told the couple as she slowed down in speed, and released the support wheels. "Although this is my first time as well, welcome to Marbella."

The sunset had started to set in over the town, but Marbella had to be the Spanish equivalent of Las Vegas, only it lacked neon-lights. The streets were packed with people having parties and walking to find the nightclub for them. Their chauffeur was good enough to find a strip for them to cruise in, taking in the sights of the city. Theo had never seen a sight like this before, so the young princess could be basically described as a little kid standing in a toy store. Negi had seen sights like this before a couple of times, so he wasn't amazed at the sights. He seemed more surprised at his wife's wonderment and general behavior seeing various things. The latter made that spot check on him. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Eh?" Negi reacted to that. "Er... no reason."

"Hooh... is it that you've finally given in to the pheromones and started to admire my body?" She teased him.

"No, that's not it, I swear." Negi replied instantly to her. "It's just that, um..."


"...You seem all excited about seeing this place." Negi confessed to her. "I mean, Earth is nothing exciting, really. Yet you seem all worked up."

"That's not true, Negi." Theo replied. "Most of us Hellas people never get to see the Old World. Not even my father has strayed this far." She couldn't help but smile of the pride that came to her. "I think I'm the first one to be so far away from home in this world." She said that whilst looking into the sky. "...Makes me wonder how the rest of my family is doing up there."

"Sensei, Theo-sama, shall we proceed to the villa?" Chachamaru asked them. "I know the location now."

"Thank you, Chachamaru-san." Negi replied. "For now, let's just go to the villa, take a bath in turn, get some sleep and then we can check out Marbella tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, if you say so." Theo replied and they heard the robot nod in acknowledgment. "But we'll be taking a bath together."

"Huh?" Negi reacted to that statement and Chacha almost lost control of the Monotracer just then.

"Konoka told me that you're not one to take baths." Theo told him. "So to counteract the smell that would come if you didn't take them, we'll be taking them together. You know, as a c-o-u-p-l-e." She dragged out those three words, with a smile that made her husband quite nervous.

"I don't have a say in the matter, do I?"

"Not. At. All."

"...Dangit." He said, realizing that Aristodemus' plan had now gained a chance to backfire. And neither would see it happening without it being too late to stop...

Gaining access to La Zagaleta hills wasn't easy. The armed guards had to look in the register for an Aristodemus. It was fortunate that Chachamaru had remembered his modern surname, Tou Lacedaemon, and the guards found it. After that, they got allowed in. The villa itself was masterfully designed, built round like the palace in Ostia and having sweet ornamental looks to it. It was designed with the idea of sunlight coming easily in through the windows, crossed together with the ancient Greek build design.

"Whoa..." Theo said, being in awe of the place. "This is our place for the week? Sweet."

"This could be the first time, that I've gone to live in a luxurious place..." Negi said quietly.

"Indeed." Chachamaru added. "Granicus Gladiator Halls doesn't seem to compare to this."

"Heh, Stratz-san knows how to make a good home nowadays. Certainly contrasts his old lifestyle." Theo commented on the old man. "Come on, let's see the interior."

The inside was quite something. Wide open spaces, nothing to get in your way if you were in a hurry, Flat-screen TV, fresh fruit (huh?) in wooden baskets, stairs leading to the upper levels, there was bound to be a library in this place, no doubt. Odd thing was that there was no one here to begin with, so how come everything was clean? …Best not dwell on it.

"Nice..." The princess was highly impressed. "He's officially given up the old lifestyle when it comes to social living. This has got to be the best."

"Certainly. Marbella is widely known as a capital for the 'stinking rich', who wants to enjoy a good holiday and generally lives luxuriously." Chachamaru informed them. "It's also common to have many British citizens coming here, so we have little trouble in company with other people."

"Oh, that's good." Negi said. "Now, let's explore this place first, then we try to get a bath and go to sleep."

"As you wish, sensei." The robot complied, starting with the lower level.

"You got it, honey." Theo replied herself, going for the outer backyard. Immediately, she spotted the nice 'islands in middle of ocean' designed pool. It was pretty big. "Woooo, there's a pool here! Love how it looks, too!"

Chachamaru reported the good placement of a kitchen, obviously, then she mentioned also the presence of a round shower room, with the shower in the center, surrounded by glass you could only see silhouettes through and with a stall door.

Negi checked the upper floor. The whole villa was circular so he walked the upper floor to see the various rooms. He found the library, as well. This villa didn't seem to have that pocket dimension magic stuffed in here, so it was fairly small. He did find a small dojo though, having a minor sand pit in the center, for sparring, it would be assumed. Then he found to his horror the one thing that he had expected from the start.

There was only one bed, and it could only fit for two.

"Bugger." He couldn't help but say it. Then he was joined by the other residents.

"Well, I did kinda expect that." Theo said, a sweatdrop easily noticed by the robot girl. "Guess we do need to sleep together..."

"Um... if you would not mind, Theo-hime, would it be too much to ask if we could take turns?" Chachamaru asked. "There is no need for you to spend every night with Negi-sensei."

"...Maru-chan, thank you very much." Theodora thanked her deeply putting her hands on the other's shoulders. Then a thought crossed her mind. "Erm, how come that you suggested this to begin with, Maru-chan?" She asked the robot, starting to get used to the new title she had given her.

"...I don't know how to answer that." Chachamaru replied quietly, so that Negi couldn't hear. Then she decided to whisper it to her. "I don't want Negi-sensei to find out at this stage, Theo-hime-sama. Please keep it a secret."

"...I see." The princess whispered back. "Well, at any rate, it's getting late. Shall we head for the showers? Don't back out of me now, Negi."

"Okay, okay." Negi gave in to his wife's demands. "I suggested that we would do it, anyway." With that, he was dragged there towards the shower room downstairs.

Once there, you could say that he was blessed with a sight most young men in the teenage years (though definitely in late teens) would have committed murder or people's rights violation to experience it themselves: A royal princess, dark skinned, blond, with a truly voluptuous and well endowed body and striking green eyes, stark naked, along with an almost equally endowed robot girl with bleached skin and green hair, both of them preparing to take a shower together. And he was gonna be part of it. Almost disgraceful to most male teenagers (plus lesbians for that matter), he didn't feel any joy in seeing the two ladies naked. This author certainly wouldn't mind. (POW! Ai~!)

"It's okay to wear towels, right?" Negi asked as he took off his shirt first, whilst the robot girl was removing part of her underwear. No telling which part.

"Yeah, until we start up the showers, then they gotta go." Theo replied, getting her towel on around herself. "It's not like I'm gonna enjoy this, though. Konoka said you needed to get washed every now and then."

"Yes, yes." Negi answered her, knowing that there was another motive to this than... he didn't want to dwell on that. "Chachamaru-san, aren't you going to wear a towel?" He asked her, and she jumped for some reason.

"Ah, yes. Please forgive me." Chachamaru apologized and put a towel on herself, before heading into the shower first. Theo got hold of Negi's shoulders as he had put his towel around his waist and pulled him into the round booth.

Its floors was a big mosaic, resembling bathing girls with flat chests in the ancient Greek landscape surrounded by trees and a spying faun in the trees. The shower itself seemed empty, bereft of any equipment for showering, but a look at the roof of the booth and there were tiny little holes there. That's probably the shower itself, as if to create a downpour of hot water. At least the drain was on the floor.

"Is there anything that just isn't amazing about this place?" Theo had to ask loud, seeing the booth inside.

"I think this place was designed with comfort and relaxation in mind, not practicality." Negi replied to his wife's question, whilst two square holograms appeared next to him. One was labeled 'H' and was colored red and the other was labeled 'C' and colored blue. Didn't take long to find out which one was which.

The shower did create a downpour, but it was... gentle, soft and caring. It wasn't the great downpour of raining, it felt more like of shots from a waterfall. It felt... very nice. "Okay, I'm sold." Theo said, removing her towel all of a sudden. "Let's get to getting cleaned up." Not surprisingly, Negi got a nosebleed all of a sudden, having seen her full figure for once. "Heh? What's wrong, Negi?"

"No, it's nothing." Negi reassured her, wiping away the blood from himself.

Sorry, nothing sexy for now.

"All along..." Negi said, wearing a thick bathrobe on their way to the bedroom, whilst Chachamaru went to find a guestroom. "I never knew that Chachamaru-san didn't have..." He tried to find a different word for it, but couldn't find it in the end. "...nipples, at all."

"Well, I guess I was expecting that as well... maybe too much for a robot to have." Theo said, wearing a bathrobe as well. "By the way, you smell a lot better now after that shower. Just how much sweat were you covered in after all that training in Japan?"

"Ah-he-he-he-he... I guess I kinda forgot to take them whilst there." Negi replied sheepishly. His wife didn't buy that. But she didn't show it.

"Oh, well... good thing I packed a handful of those coupons that Konoka was giving out a while back. I had to pay her for those." She said, much to Negi's chagrin. "What, you didn't expect to experience these things again, did you?"

"No..." Negi replied, but whether he answered her question, or felt some sort of trauma coming up from old experiences, she couldn't tell.

"Well, good start on this vacation, at least." She said, running a hand through her hair as they entered the bedroom together. No music came out, though that kinda was a little too much to expect of this place, even if they were on honeymoon. The house wasn't automatic. "Now then, shall we turn to bed? It's been a long day on the road and I'm exhausted, myself."

"Yes, I know." Negi replied, going to a corner to give her privacy while they change into pajamas and nightgown respectively. "We'll go around Marbella tomorrow to have a look at what we can do whilst we're here. We're probably likely to get invites to parties too."

"Heh, that I can figure out straight away." Theo said, strapping on her bra for the night. "Why are you changing over there?"

"Huh? Well, I'm an British gentleman, so I can't really look at naked girls..." He started.

"I get that, but I also happen to be your wife." Theo countered him. "There's nothing with looking at your naked wife."

"Well, uh..." Negi tried to argue, but the words just... didn't come out of him.

"...Oh, wait, now I get it." Theo realized, before quickly putting on the nightgown over her underwear. "Good point. That would be most... problematic."

"Yes. It would be." Negi said as he finally put on his jammies. "We're here just to relax, not... you know."

"Yeah." Theo said as both of them crawled into the bed. They both got space, possibly due to Negi being smaller than her, and the bed was also pretty big itself. Someone used this villa for something when they needed a rest. "Goodnight, Negi. See you tomorrow." She said, smiling at him.

"Goodnight, Theo." He replied to her, and the two royalties drifted off into sleep. Meanwhile, a certain ship out in space couldn't find their position from orbit. Some very weird interference or jamming going on with the scanners...

A/N: That's that for the first chapter. No lemon behavior for some time, but it might change. I'm still considering whether or not they should do it at the end of this. Any suggestions, I'll take them, but nothing overrated or exaggerated. I'm trying to be reasonable here. The others from 3-A might get their spot in here when they call Mahora, that I can promise you. But unless it's reasonable, they won't come to Marbella. Finally, I give thanks to Piers Morgan, who ran a documentary on Marbella as to why people go there to spend their money. That's all for now. Will update within a marginal time period.