PotM: Protege's Honeymoon Chapter 5

Okay, let's continue with the plot. Let's have a look at what I can accomplish this time. Don't expect everything to be long in this chapter.

"Great are the Gods that watch over us. It's the ones taking interest that you have to watch out for."

Aboard the Bloodgeld, things weren't going as successful as they had hoped.

"Where are they?" Starscream nearly yelled at the screen which showed no trace results of the target. "It's been megacycles! We scan throughout the whole damn city and no signs of this Negi Springfield and his group of female humans! We had them that time!"

"My scans come back negative every time I attempt at tracing them, Starscream." Shadrac, the ship's AI and helmsman of the Bloodgeld, informed the defective Decepticon as he paced on the main bridge. "But the ship comes with more ways of finding targets. Shall I list the methods I recommend?"

"No." Sukh'an told both machines as she was reading a holobook she acquired from her own mother a couple of stellar cycles back. "We will wait for them."

"What?" Starscream inquired of the organic.

"I apologize, Commander. My audio sensors told me that you said that we were going to wait. Could you confirm that?" Shadrac stated.

Sukh'an closed her holobook. "We. Will. Wait." She told both of them, making Starscream look at the computer screen. Shadrac would do the same at Starscream if it could. "It's not what you machines think it's about. The mission called for stealth and subtlety and we blew that part the last time we were down there. And then the bounty will be canceled and we'll have to earn that amount of money the hard way. So we will wait for an opportunity to present itself and then we will strike.

"Besides, I need to calculate all the extra credits out of time duration being here, hazard pay, recharging of the geth platforms... well, you get the picture." She told them after a brief silence of the two machines staring at her for about ten nanoclicks.

"Uh... right, that uh... sounds more like you, Sukh'an." Starscream said nearly confused.

"Not to mention... time for those upgrades again." Sukh told the Decepticon. Starscream could only smile in response as the two were teleported straight into the great laboratory.

Morning in Marbella

"Well then, as per requested, I shall drive Iinchou to the airport in Madrid." Chachamaru said as she bowed before the hitched couple outside the villa.

"Take care." Theo wished them well whilst Ayaka stood in front of Negi.

"I got a call from my mother. She's been let out of the hospital and is going to meet me at the airport." The class rep told them whilst clad in normal clothing, her formal dress stuffed neatly into a duffel bag along with her high heel shoes. "She got off very lightly from the attack yesterday. I think I need to tell her the truth about us."

"Are you okay yourself, Iinchou-san?" Negi asked her.

"I'll live, but I figure I'd have one of those embryos that that Githyanki woman mentioned if my mother and I had kept our mouths shut." She confessed to her love. "I guess I couldn't take the pressure of being in an active combat zone."

"Hey, it happens." Theo assured the girl. "Now go on. We don't want your mother waiting for you, now do we?"

"True. Take care, you two. Don't go all fun-fun on us while we're gone." Ayaka told them before stepping into the Monotracer behind the gynoid and the vehicle took off to the main gate separating La Zagaleta Hills from the rest of Marbella.

"What did she mean by "fun-fun"?" Negi asked curious about that.

"I think you should know that if you think about it for a minute or two." Theo told him. Didn't take long really.

"Ah. Now I get it." The husband said almost deadpanned.

"Anyway, we're alone together for the most of today..." She said before sneaking in a glimpse down on him. "Say... shall we play a game for starters? I'm sure there's something we can do whilst Maru-chan is away."

They ended up trying for about two hours once inside building a house puzzle in 3D. It collapsed on them a few times.

Up on the Bloodgeld

"You know, Sukh..." Starscream started whilst he was lying on a massive slab as mechanized tentacles stripped him of his exoskeleton in order to access his internal servos and the new mass effect core he had been given. "You bringing me away from Cybertron during your raid on it for protoforms was probably the best thing that has happened to me through all my stellar cycles in my quest to become the Supreme Leader of the Decepticons."

"Well, help me, help you, right?" Sukh responded almost monotonous to him whilst retrieving some weapons for installment on him. "You could see it as convenience that I brought you back online with the mass effect core instead of an ordinary Spark you Cybertronians have."

"Still, it fulfills the same purpose as a Spark." The Decepticon said as his blaster cannons were removed from him. "And now here we are. As a pair of mercenary leaders out to gain enough credits for both of us to buy upgrades for us."

"Yes. You help me fulfill my missions and odd jobs alongside the Geth and in return I give you tech- and weapon upgrades so you can thwart Megatron when you feel you're ready, we've had this conversation before." Sukh told him. She retrieved some large blades about as big as herself and carrying them as if they were feathers toward the great Transformer. "I'll think you'll like these when I'm done."

"Oh, what are those?"

"Something I read down on Earth for a brief moment gave me the idea. X-23, I believe it was called."

Starscream could barely hold in his grin. "Ooh, Megatron is going to be a pile of scrapmetal and spare parts once I'm done with him..."

Megacycles later on Earth

It was like trying to find a gem in a sandbank. Oh sure, go for a swim in the pool together, we could have loads of fun, she said. Negi scoured pretty much the whole of the great pool in search for her yet she proved a most elusive target. Seriously, how hard can it be to spot a busty woman in a pool with no one else around save yourself? Damn tropical islands motif.

A poke on his back from behind gave her away. When he turned around though, she wasn't there. Okay, this is getting strange. And I need to get air.

Resurfacing for air, he suddenly got pulled down again into the water by Theo who swam away from him as fast as she could and he gave quick pursuit. The swimming couple were quite fast underwater but kept themselves back so the water wouldn't splash out. She kept teasing him by halting from time to time, giving him a slight hint that he might catch up only to be left behind in blow of bubbles from her takeoff from him. Not willing to blow energy in vain, the young man decided to use tactics instead and swam off in a different direction.

The princess swam far enough to not see where he took off and it didn't take long for her to find out she was alone. "Negi?" She called telepathically, but no reply came to her. Getting a tad worried all of a sudden for him, Theodora began retracing her swim tracks (Wait, there are swim tracks?) and keep an eye out for her husband. Shouldn't be too hard, he doesn't seem to be a very good swimmer in comparison to him. Thing is, he proved rather hard to find on such a large surface. Oh shoot, now our roles are reversed.

Swimming close to one of the islands, the princess went to look around the corner of it in search of Negi when that hand that swept down on her neck came from behind all of a sudden and then she was pulled up to the surface.

"Oh gee, now I'm your captive, completely under your control." She teased him slightly after having been drawn up on the mini island.

Negi sighed after hearing that. "Would you please stop with the jokes and teasing, Theo?" He begged her, only to receive a tongue sticking out of her mouth.

"Uh-uh-uh~" She even wagged a finger in front of him whilst being held by him. "Just because we're part of the Magic World's higher levels of class, it doesn't mean that we're not allowed to have some fun."

"It's not that, Theo." He reminded her. "It's just that the level of your teasing and joking is a little on the... other kind of jokes." He had uneasiness trying to tell her what he meant by that.

"Ohhhhh... I get it." Theo said whilst looking up into the sky as the sun glistened overhead of them. "To be honest, I'm trying to help you cope in some way."


"Yes, because you're basically no longer ten years old." She told him. "You're way mature over your natural age, you have university level of intelligence, thanks to your mother, you're way stronger than anybody else I've seen, apart from Jack that is, loads of ladies are practically fawning over you and you are basically an all-time round guy who makes people like you for being who you are. Not to mention, you're now biologically speaking almost an adult. ...Did I get everything right there?"

"I wonder really if being thirteen to fourteen really makes me an adult..." Negi commented on that last part.

"Well in some parts of my country you'd be. In royalty as well, it doesn't really matter what age you are when you marry. Me, I'd prefer it if you were, say... sixteen or so. Then I would have no problem really about... you know."

"Great. I know what it is you're talking about – vaguely – and yet I get almost no clue as to what part you're trying to help me with." Negi said deadpanned not looking at her.

"Vaguely?" Theo repeated and then looked at him with a curious/serious look. "You haven't been given the Talk yet?"

"Parts of it. You can thank Haruna-san and Kakizaki-san for it, mostly. Chizuru-san only warned me about how my "looks" would attract a lot of pretty girls." Negi answered her.

"None of the teachers told you?"

"Well... they seemed rather reluctant..."


Negi opened the door to the teachers' offices to find all the teachers involved with magic in his part of the school in there. "Hey, guys..."

"I won't do it!" Seruhiko suddenly yelled as they saw the young man and promptly jumped up on a shelf. The others on his end backed away.

"Look, it's..." Negi tried the other end of the room, only to see them trying to occupy themselves with something else or chatting with each other. "Guys..."

"Sorry, can't talk right now. Has to reschedule everything for the new term. New school year. Gotta meet the new students!" Gandolfini said cheerfully (He's faking it) while typing on his computer for the schedule. Negi shook his head instead.

"Never mind, I'll go see the dean instead."

End of flashback!

"It was such an embarrassment for them when they found out that I was only going to ask them to cover my class while I was sent here." Negi told Theo, who looked rather disturbed by being told that of all things. "I wasn't gonna want to have the Talk with them. Maybe, once we're back but not before. Didn't occur to me then."

"...Let's get inside and talk. This pool ain't really the best place to be in for the Talk." Theo told him.

"Most likely." Negi agreed.

Out on the road

They both stayed quiet as they initially left Marbella. Chachamaru kept her eyes on the road, her steering essentially perfect and smooth. Ayaka stared at the beautiful landscape as it passed by their eyes. She seemed in deep thought, thought Chachamaru. Was it about Negi-sensei? Was it about the situation he was trapped in? They both knew he couldn't leave the city without getting targeted by the alien Sukh'an, as she surely had some sort of surveillance on the city. They themselves were taking a big risk. What if the mercenary came down on their heads?

This was reckless... and yet Ayaka needed to get to her mother in order to talk to her mother about this. "Um... how do you think you'll manage?" Ayaka dared to ask the gynoid.

"I honestly do not know that myself, Iinchou." Chachamaru replied whilst making a turn. "But since it is Negi-sensei... I'm positive that we'll manage."

"...Chachamaru-san? I don't mean to impose on this, but you seem very confident in Negi-sensei's abilities." Ayaka asked the gynoid who flinched at the question. It wasn't seen but heard by the class rep. "Did that surprise you?"

"No... but I suppose I should have seen the question coming." The gynoid responded quietly in a tone loud enough for the blonde to hear. "Would you mind? I think I need to pull over." She told her and Ayaka agreed to it. Once they pulled over, the two girls stepped out so they could have a proper talk.

"Sorry if I caused you any major distress." Ayaka first apologized.

"It is fine, Iinchou." The gynoid replied. "But why did you inquire of the matter now? Do you have little faith in Negi-sensei?"

"Well of course not." Ayaka began with pride all of a sudden. "I have the utmost confidence that Negi-sensei will triumph over this opponent like the gallant hero and warrior he is as you have described he is." There was a sparkle in her eyes as she said these things. "He will definitely crush them like the uncouth louts they are and restore peace to us yet again. But..." That last word was said in a dampened tone than the rest of the boast she made. "Equally, we know next to nothing about this one. Sukh'an-san is no doubt a powerful adversary in personal combat as well as command ability. You saw how she led those automatons in battle last night."

"I did." Chachamaru replied to her in a monotonous voice. "Even with such odds and opponents, I have the utmost faith in that Negi-sensei will find a way to defeat her and her 2nd in command Starscream."

"Anyways, my original intention was that I was wondering... if you had feelings for Sensei as well?"

The gynoid felt a glitch in her circuitry for a brief moment before primary systems were restored to normal.* "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You're too obvious." Ayaka countered her. "I had my suspicions a while back, but now I'm quite certain."

"Of what?" Chacha inquired suspiciously.

"That you have a strong affection for Negi-sensei." The blond accused the green-haired girl. "I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but I humbly suggest that you wouldn't try to get close to him."

"...I cannot agree to that." Chachamaru told the class rep. "Negi-sensei has been there for me for as long as I can recall since he came to us. Albeit, he was there for all of us but he helped me with a personal crisis in my own existence and I can never thank him enough for it."

"I can understand that, but it's not what I-" The robot interrupted her by holding up one hand and then diverting her gaze to something in the air. There was no traffic at the moment, so a flying drone of sorts was hovering a small distance from them. It watched the two girls and as Ayaka turned around completely, it snapped a flash at them before taking off. "That's not a good sign, is it?"

"Get in." Chachamaru ordered the girl. "It's not safe here of this moment. We need to get to Madrid now."

The harsh tone in which the gynoid spoke in was enough for the rookie to understand that things were about to get nasty and they got in the Monotracer before taking off toward the Capital.

In the villa

"So... you didn't have much to do in school except studying?" She asked as they tried various activities in the house. This time they were exchanging light give-me-fives in the dojo's small sandpit as to practice hand-to-hand combat.

"Oh, I had plenty of things to do." Negi replied as they picked up the speed. "I snuck out of school with Anya, my childhood friend, to practice forbidden spells we studied by sneaking into the school library. I went to events like everyone else did. I helped Chamo escape from traps once and got punished for it."

"Maybe you shouldn't have." She commented on that last part as she attempted a minor grapple on him.

"This may seem a bit of a stupid question compared to everything else, but... are you a Christian, Theo?" Negi asked as they were on the bed, trying out positions just for fun. In truth, Negi lost the stone-paper-scissors contest and she chose this for them to do. They had their clothes on for the record.

"No, not really. I'm not a Christian in any way." Theo answered. "We do have Christianity but it's not the state religion."

"It's not?"

"No, we have belief of a Goddess instead of God. Tashara, the queen of Heavens, Lady of the Forests, World Mother. All those kinds of titles, you know?" She told him as they shifted into a position of which she was on top. "A missionary came one day some time before the Hellas Empire was founded and told us about her. The king of the main capital of today caught on to it and used this religion to start building the Empire."

"What kind of deity is she really?" Negi asked her further.

"Not unlike God as you perceive him, I think." She replied. "She is the goddess of creation, forests, stars and magic, all that crap. Well you might have learned a different truth in Ostia but that's what I believe things to be. Anyway, that's just her primary aspect."


"Yeah. Tashara is one goddess but she's got so many aspects of herself you might take it for a polytheistic belief of ours."

Negi had left a few moments ago to study on his own in the library, leaving his wife to fend for herself. They had spent half the day together so far and they didn't have anything more to talk about so they parted for now. Theo quickly found herself rather bored with nothing to do. She couldn't go bother Negi again after all they've done: The swimming pool, hand-to-hand practice, watching some TV just for fun (it was all Spanish so they couldn't understand what the folks in that soap opera was saying), the positions they tried on the bed... she had recorded the whole thing just to tease him on an epic scale once they got back to Mahora. What else was there to do?

Meditate, perhaps? It was common for magic users back home in the Empire to meditate once in a while to increase their magical capacity. Few ever caught on to it. Nah, let's not. She had the attention span of a puppy at times. But not always.

"What else?" She spoke aloud to herself. Argenta was still on downtime after her run-in with the assassin so she didn't have anyone to talk to about something. Well... there was one thing that one could do when alone and adult... but it was indecent of an imperial princess like herself. It was only a deed done once you truly felt like you were lonely and was in a form of heat. Plus, she needed some requirements to do it.

There was not much she could use to fulfill most of those requirements. It was daytime for starters, still the afternoon at least. She didn't have anything to think about. There was no music and maybe some candles would be nice. There's none of that here... Theo thought to herself whilst looking around. Her eyes paused upon a stereo player on a desk. Okay, there's music here... but what kind? She walked over there by curiosity and had a look at the CDs. Kylie Minogue, Fever. Heh, wonder what this sounds like...

Over to Negi

Reading a book was good from time to time but now Negi couldn't stop thinking. There was a lot on his head going on. I know I'm supposed to relax whilst I'm here, only I can't. The young man felt himself very much distracted by the thoughts of how everyone else out there was doing. Most of them had stayed on Earth with a few heading off into deep space and they had no idea where to find it in the galaxy. Then his mind went out to those who had left Earth along with Fate and Dynamis. Asuna could look out for the team as a whole and Setsuna certainly would discipline Fate and Dynamis from doing something stupid with them. Moreover, his thoughts turned to the main reason why they were in this in the first place.

Nodoka-san... how are you doing out there? He asked in his head. I know you're still alive but are you well fed? Are you hurting anywhere? Are you with friends as well? People you could actually trust? The list of questions went on and on in his mind. They were mostly questions about her well-being but he had to stop when he asked her mentally if she was maintaining her studies. You can't do studies whilst being stuck on an alien planet.

Unbeknownst to him, Nodoka sneezed in the middle of one of her lessons at Greenwood's...

A flashing glow came by after he had left the library and entered the living room. Argenta's figurine was flashing almost violently on the table as if she was willing to come out. As soon as he touched the figurine, she popped out in a great smoke cloud and exclaimed with joy. "Oh, that really hurt me back there." Negi heard her speak as she had come out in her human form. "I mean, sheesh... that merc knows what she's doing. Not to mention she's quite strong..." She seemed to be telling herself as the smoke faded away...

And Negi gazed upon yet another blessing/curse from some god he must have offended in a past life...

"Oh greetings, Master. I failed to spot you because of the smoke." Argenta told him as she was either being ignorant or just ignoring her state of clothing. Which was... squat. "Um... Master, why do you look so red in your face? Are you having a fever?" Now... she was either toying with him or being honest.

"A-a-argenta-san..." Negi uttered out of himself since she didn't notice why he was like this... until she took a look at how she looked.


"Put some clothes on!" He yelled finally.

A few minutes later...

"Gee, I don't really understand you." Argenta complained at her master as she got dressed in a white shirt at least. "I know from before that young human males would love to see a beautiful lady in the nude."

"Well I am not like those men, Argenta-san. Here, there's a more strict society with big taboos on nudity." Negi told her while averting his eyes from her. "It's very rude to look at a naked lady as well so I have to be discreet around you girls."

"And yet I sense naughtiness in those words. Happen too often back home?"

"Too many times since the second one, really." Negi answered her with a sweatdrop clearly visible on the back of his head. "I swear, the girls are doing it on purpose to me."

"They most likely mean well though, Master." Argenta said as she considered the shirt enough clothing. Plus the panties. Where did he get- Never mind. Then a thought gathered in her head and she couldn't resist since she was a dragon originally. "But it makes me wonder... if you actually react to their stimulating exercises." She cooed in a near seductive tone whilst tip-toeing over to his back.

"Well it gets quite annoying." Negi told her, not even bothering to look in her direction. "I never really reacted to their teasing early whilst I still actually looked like a ten to twelve year old kid. Now... it's gonna a pinch. I can't even look at them the same way now." He said whilst scratching the back of his head. "Wait a minute... why did you speak in that to-" He stopped right there and suddenly realized. "Oh, crap."

Wham! The silver dragon girl's full body weight slammed into him from behind, making him fall to the floor with her on top. Granted, since coming back from the Magic World the first time, this had happened to him about 13 times already but those were just for fun. This time the girl was serious about it, it seemed. (Phew, almost wrote 'semen' there. Why would I do that?) "Goshujin-sama~!" Argenta cried out happily. "As much as it can't be helped, you're a growing young man and I know from before that young human males have certain... issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible."

"Do any of the ways you're thinking of handling these issues involve getting off me?" Negi had to be sure of that.

"If that was the case, I wouldn't have jumped you at all." She answered happily.

Stercum, stercum, stercum, stercum! The young man thought to himself as she started to grind herself against his back, starting to moan softly. Why do I always get myself into these- oh wait, natural sex magnet. Somehow I'm gonna learn how to handle it.

[Not in this lifetime, kid.]

Who said that? He jumped at that strange voice that rang in his head before Argenta brought him back to reality by turning him around and facing him straight on. "You've been looking to this, haven't you?"

"Well, I admit it's been quite a while since I last put out," She told him as she leaned in close. "But you just happen to reek of that little extra that gets me turned on."

"Oh, god, I must have offended some deity for this." He lamented.

"There are a few out there who would match your idea of offending them. Not surprising that- Teh! You're trying to find an opening so you can get me off you, aren't you!" The dragon accused him. He started shaking his head rapidly but she wasn't buying it and started unbuckling his pants. "I really don't like people who lie. I can tell in your eyes that you wanna get out of this mess. Naughty boys should be punished accordingly."

"This is not being punished accordingly." Negi objected as he started to start rejecting her physically and tried to push her off to no avail. "Get off me! Isn't it the servant's duty to obey the master!"

"It is also the servant's duty to make sure that the master stays on the right path in life." Argenta countered. "Even if we have to become devils in that scenario, it's the path servants must take to secure the master's good future."

"How is this the right path in life?" The young man yelled as she quite literally ripped off his shirt.

"Come now, Master. I'm only administrating the actions that my position demands of me. Now hold still."

"You are not administrating anything." Negi scolded the dragon girl. "You're only doing this for your own pleasure without regard for what others think. You should behave more like a girl instead." He pushed her off hard now, sending the half naked girl flying off him briefly before landing on her butt a small distance.

"Hmm..." Argenta considered his words for a moment. "You're right to some extent, Master. However..." With blinding speed, she was right on top of him again and this time pinned him down real hard so he couldn't move his arms. "You forgot that I happen to be a dragon girl, Master. Dragons are real greedy beasts from what I hear of this planet and frankly put, I want sex and I want it real bad. And you're the only guy around hot enough for me to consider it."

Negi could only glare at her madly at first but at the same time he couldn't blame her. He did forget that she was a dragon first of all but this was on the border of being crazy. She wanted to have sex with him? Of all people? Okay, he was shooting himself down with that question but he was still a child! It'd be a real crime! Her face came down on him closer by the moment with eyes set on him and him alone. Where's help when you need it the most?

Argenta was all of a sudden flying right over his head, giving him a clear view of her white panties before slamming into some furniture by the sound of it. "I'm back." The familiar monotone of Chachamaru was music to his ears as he saw the gynoid in front of him with her right leg reached out as she had kicked the sex-crazy dragon off him. "I hope nothing too serious happened around here while I was away."

"Chachamaru-san. You're a sight for sore eyes." Negi complimented her as he got into a sitting position and gave her a genuine smile of appreciation.

"I do not recall Argenta-san being this keen on you, Negi-sensei." Chachamaru said calmly whilst keeping her eyes on the currently knocked-out dragon girl. "Something must have-" She stopped talking once she laid her eyes on Negi and saw a blessing of her own down on him. Does not compute-Does not compute-Does not Compute! Her inner processor told the girl as steam began to literally come out of her antennae.

"Eh?" The young man thought before realizing that Argenta had not only removed his shirt but also his pants from the waist down. "Argh! So sorry about that!" He yelled as he covered himself up. The gynoid turned around out of either respect for his privacy or sheer embarrassment.

"It's fine. It was Argenta's fault, anyway." She told him but her processor was abuzz. He is that big... my god, I can't look him in the eye anymore without thinking about that anymore. Now I realize just how much Theo-hime stressed out when she saw it. What is Argenta-san thinking?

"Okay, I'm dressed now." Negi said and rose up. "I need to get a new shirt."

"Yes, that's a good idea." The gynoid stammered out of herself whilst fidgeting with her fingers for some bizarre reason. And whilst the two of them headed for the bedroom Negi noticed that the dragon girl was no longer unconscious by the robot girl's attack and another thing as well.

She was giving him a knowledgeable grin.

He didn't stay long to find out why and rushed up after Chachamaru. Argenta merely rose up and headed for the showers. "Without regard for what others think, my tail." She spoke to herself.

"Um... Theo, could we come in?" Negi asked the door first and some weird noise was heard from the inside, leaving the two outside the bedroom a bit confused. Seconds later, Theo opened the door. How come her hair was raffled?

"Oh hi, Maru-chan. Good to see you back! Did it go well to bring Ayaka to Madrid?" She asked the gynoid first.

"It went well with one incident happening on the road." Chachamaru answered her.

"That's good to hear. We could take it up- Whoa, what happened to your shirt, Negi?" The imperial princess exclaimed upon seeing him barechested.

"Argenta-san jumped me from behind." He told her. "I came up here to get a new one."

"Sure, sure." Theo said and let them both in. "What got into that girl anyhow?"

"Dunno, she seemed so shy and timid yesterday." Negi replied as he rummaged for something that would fit him. "Did something happen to her or something instead of getting hurt by that assassin?"

"Er... nothing I would know about." Theo hesitated in answering that but Negi paid it no serious heed. Actually it's because I let Argenta give him a blowjob yesterday but I'd rather rip out my own mouth than tell him that. Damn it, I should have done it instead. Oh, Tashara place a curse on me now. "I could have a talk with her about it. Should be easy."

"Like trying to get Kakizaki-san to stop dressing me up when she feels like it." Negi replied with some actual sarcasm in his tone before he found a nice embroidered shirt his size. "By the way, what were you doing here all along?"

"Oh! I was just listening to some music here." She told them. "Found an old stereo and tested it to see if it worked."

"Really?" Negi just had to walk up to the stereo and reach out for the play button. "Does it wor-?" He was cut off by Theo preventing him from pushing the button. And she was putting on a weird face.

"No... it does work in a way, but... it's quite old really and... bad sound kills good music, right?" She told him with a "happy" grin.

"Um... right." He finally complied as he concluded that it wasn't worth listening if the stereo was bad.

Actually the stereo is excellent, even on prime level but the minute he gets hooked up on that album and Asuna along with a few others would kill me for sure! Theodora thought to herself. I cannot allow him to listen to that awful music like I did.

Later that night...

The Imperial princess rose up frantically from her slumber with a panicked look on her visage. It was quite the dream she had after she went to sleep. Was Tashara's aspect of love & lust, Sosheri, putting a hex on her? She had probably forgotten to do something to appease the Goddess. But why now of all times?

Stupid album... now I can't sleep properly. She thought to herself, cursing the singer Kylie Minogue for making that album. The vivid images brought to her from the songs came back and she flustered at what they told her. They say a picture tells more than a thousand words. You can imagine what kind of words they told her thanks to Fever.

"Okay..." She whispered. "I'm okay. Just a little... excited about it..." She told herself. "Wait, I shouldn't be excited about it. I'm just... no, no, no, no, no." She scolded herself. "Why am I acting up like this?"

A small groan next to her and Negi rolls over on his side of the bed. Watching him brought a small smile to her and she couldn't help but notice yet again how cute he was. It's sheer wonder that he was actually one of the greatest magi on both worlds and still be seen as a child.

The heat came to her face faster than she expected if she ever did. What the? Why am I feeling like this around him? She tried to brush it off but Negi came at her in his sleep making it only worse for her. Is he doing it on purpose or is he just clingy to an older lady's body! I need to get out of bed... She did so and left her husband on the bed by himself.

By the doorway she leaned, almost willing to head for a cold shower in the middle of the night. Yet at the same time she swore she could hear the innocent laughter of some young girl in the hallway. No way that was innocent. "Who's there?" She demanded in a harsh tone outside the bedroom and almost immediately spotted a small black haired Hellas girl in a summer dress covered with full bloomed flowers. She was barefooted and didn't have a care in the world as she danced on her own whilst laughing.

"Haa?" Theo exclaimed seeing the girl and it caught the girl's attention. She had her eyes closed at the moment whilst she walked up to the Imperial princess. But when she opened her royal purple colored eyes, it sent shivers down the princess' spine faster than it took to make a shundou.

In the same amount of time, Theo had retreated back into the bedroom and slammed the door behind her. No way, no way, no way, no, no, no, no, NO! That couldn't have been! Even so... even if it really was... what the hell is she doing here to begin- ARGH!She spotted a much older version of the girl outside inside the bedroom right by Negi's side. Instantly, she cut herself in between the intruder and her husband, ready to impose lethal damage to the former with her magic.

The Hellas girl merely wagged her finger and clicked her tongue at Theo as if scolding her. The eyes seemed like it too. But the princess wouldn't buy it and as she was calculating how to get the woman out of there, the intruder merely slipped past her nonchalantly and straight onto the bed to get Negi.

"The hell you getting that." Theo snapped at her and pulled her out of there. "I don't care who you are or whom you think to be but you are not going to get in bed with Negi." She whispered harshly at her.

"Pu, pu~" The girl pouted loudly. "You're so stingy. Are you sure that you just don't want your hubby-hubby to yourself?"

That sent a pure spark of embarrassment down the princess' spine and a flash of red across her face. "What has that got to do with anything?"

"Your choice: You or me in bed with him." The intruder stated out of the blue with a serious-ish look on her face and a grin to equal that of the Cheshire Cat. "One of us is gonna sleep with him and that's the way it's gonna be. But if you don't want to then let me jump in there instead and go to the couch along with the automaton."

How Negi managed to sleep through all this could only be explained by two ways. 1: He was just too tired to be bothered by anything else. 2: The laws of comedy had started to occur sometime during the night. "...Damnit." Theo cursed herself and pushed the intruding girl away and went back into bed with the young man. "You better stay out of my head if you had anything to do with it before."

"As you wish, your Highness." The girl said whilst holding up her hands and then turning to leave. "However, I'm not the one who blessed that boy with such amazing charm to the ladies at his birth~." She told the princess happily whilst the latter began to embrace her husband as he clung to her warmth. Then, the intruder went all... [Er... um...(scratches head) how should I put it...?] scary Yandere-ish with at least one eye glowing red in the dark. "He was born such with the blood of his ancestors..."

"Geh-!" Theo managed out of herself at least.

"Good night~!" The intruder cheered for her and then closed the door leaving the princess in the dark. She really, really, really, really was hoping that tonight was just a prank played by someone who had been to Mundus Magicus before.

"Umm... Big Sis..." Negi murmured, bringing his wife's attention back to him.

"Geez... I don't what to do with you at times, Negi..." She told him even though he was asleep. "You gonna go through punishment for this... I swear it." She gave in to the siren call of the soft pillows and sleepiness and dozed off into nice dreams...

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