Parenthood is Never Simple: By Luna Mrow

Author's Note: Hiya everybody! Luna here, starting up another one of my crazy DC stories :D So remember in Celebrity Manhunt Courtney and Duncan had a raccoon named Britney they were fighting custody over or whatever. Well that's what this story is about. I have no idea how long it will be though. TDI, TDA, TDWT never happened. Please read on ;D

Chapter One: Meet the Parents

Courtney's POV:

I hate summer camps. I used to like them, I was a CIT once, and they were enjoyable. But now they're unbearable. Because my two best friends Gwen and Bridgette convinced me to join a summer camp called McLean Escape. Except everyone here wanted to escape McLean.

Chris McLean that is, the early thirties guy running this hell camp. He has made every camper here lives miserable, by making us do crazy activities, feeding us crappy food, and laughing at our expense. Well I should say Chef is feeding us crappy food. Chef is a huge guy with a mean scowl on his face that helps Chris keep us 'in line'. Yesterday Geoff's oatmeal was twitching… and then we find out it wasn't oatmeal. But Chef wouldn't tell us what it was.

For eight weeks we're stuck here. And we're only two weeks into the torture. Who's we? Well there's Gwen, the goth girl who is opposite of me in almost every way and yet we're still best friends. Then there's Bridgette the blond soul surfer who loves mother nature and keeping things easy going. Next is her boyfriend Geoff, who's a real fun loving party animal that wears a cowboy hat.

Then there's Duncan Adams. He's the delinquent punk that has been living across the street from me since we were nine. We were always stuck together because our moms were best friends. Duncan is the most annoying guy in the world. To begin with we're total opposites. I live for order, he lives for chaos. Another thing, he constantly teases me. And I'm stuck with him for six more weeks. Unbelievable, right? Right.

Finally there's me, Courtney Vega. Like all my friends I'm sixteen (except Duncan and Geoff are a few months older). I have straight and brown hair, mocha skin, and onyx eyes standing probably 5'8. So with that little bit of knowledge, so begins our story…

6:35 A.M. Tuesday morning

The sun had just come out of a thick sheet of clouds and the light immediately woke me up. With a yawn I got out of my top bunk and jumped off the bed, careful not to awake Gwen who was asleep in the bottom bunk under me. I was in the girl's cabin and I was the only one awake. Figures. Carefully and quietly I slipped off my pink nightgown and got dressed in a pair of faded out jeans, a plain purple tee and matching purple converses. (A/N color coordination!)

After that I brushed out the few knots I had in my hair and tip toed to the door of the cabin, when a loud voice exclaimed, "WHERE YOU GOING?"

"Shush!" I hushed, turning around to see an inquisitive Izzy sitting on the top bunk above Leshawna. "I'm going outside, okay? Keep your voice down," I answered. One word described Izzy: crazy. Likeable but crazy. She wasn't as close as a friend to me as Gwen or Bridgette, but I liked her. Izzy was like a kitten, young, hyper, and had claws.

"Why are you going out?" Izzy asked in a slightly lower tone.

"Because I want fresh morning air. Please be quiet."

"Okay. BYE!"



Right before I walked out the cabin door I heard Heather (the queen bee) shout, "You better take crazy girl with you!"

I sighed in defeat. "Come on Izzy."

"Yay!" Izzy squealed, jumping off the top bunk and following me out the door. She was wearing a green summer dress and was barefoot. "Where should we walk?" Izzy asked.

"Actually I was hoping for a walk alone."

"Oh, okay."

"Do you mind being alone?"

Surprisingly Izzy starting laughing loudly. "I'm never alone! E-Scope is always with me!" she laughed.

"Right. I'll see you in the mess hall for breakfast at 8:00, okay?"

"Okay," Izzy nodded. "Bu-bye!" (A/N Ah yes, I love Izzy she's so crazy like me. She'll be in this story ;D)

Quickly I turned on my heels and walked away from Izzy and towards the lake to clear my head. It was a cloudy morning, and there was fog bouncing off the lake. Once again I yawned and by the time I reached the edge of the water I was fully woken up. Morning walks cleared my head. Who knows what Chris and Chef would be making us do today. I shuddered at that thought.

After ten minutes of staring into the lake, I heard a quick whish noise. Sounded like it came from the forest bushes behind me. "Hello?" I asked.

No reply.

I sighed. "Probably just a squirrel."


"Hello?" I repeated again.

No reply.

"Two squirrels," I told myself.

Whish! Whish! Whish!

"Okay, seriously, who's there?" I asked louder and firmer this time.

No reply.

"Fine," I grumbled. Picking up my pace I walked to the bushes that were making the noise. "Aha!" I exclaimed as I moved the branches of a bush. I expected to see something, but nothing was there. "Hmm. I guess it just my ima-"


"AH!" I screamed as a hand jolted my shoulder! I turned around to see Duncan laughing his ass off. "Duncan! You scared me!" I shrieked.

He laughed harder. "I know Princess," he said between laughs, "That was the point." Then he composed himself and stood up straight to his full height of 5'10. He had lighter toned skin than I, with black hair spiked up with a green mowhawk at the top. All over his face there were piercings, he was wearing a black T-shirt, baggy jeans and his signature red converses. His teal blue eyes were fixed on me.

"Why are you up this early anyway?" I asked.

He shrugged. "I dunno. Couldn't sleep and I saw you and crazy girl outside so I decided to follow you and scare you."

"You're very sweet," I replied sarcastically. He smirked.

"So you want to ditch this place and let me show you this cool new spot Geoff, DJ, and I found?"

"What cool spot?"

"Well there's a place not far from here we discovered that Chris or the others don't know about. I could show it to you."

"Then it's not very secret."

"Well we won't tell anyone," he winked.

Ugh. "No, I think I'm alright," I answered, turning my back to him and starting to walk away.

However, Duncan never quits. He followed me, "Oh come on Princess, loosen up."

"Don't call me Princess." That had been Duncan's nickname for me since we were twelve. I didn't like it but he seemed pleased with it.

"Oh come on, take that pole out of your butt!" he exclaimed.

"I do not have a pole up my butt!"

"Yeah you do. You're uptight."

"Gee, thanks. Saying stuff like that makes me want to spend all day with you," I huffed.

Duncan laughed. "Well then, prove me wrong. Let me show you my secret place."

"I don't have to prove anything to you!"

"You do if you don't want that pole up your butt."

Before I yelled back at him we both heard yelling from the girl's cabin up above. "BETH! LINDSAY! ONE OF YOU NEED TO RUB LOTION ON MY BACK!" Heather screamed. Duncan I shuddered at her voice.

I sighed. "Fine. You can show me your 'secret place'."

"That's the spirit babe," Duncan smiled triumphantly.

"Don't call me babe."


"How much longer?" I asked. We had been hiking through trees and bushes for the past fifteen minutes.

"Almost there. Don't tell me you're giving up," he replied.

"I never give up!" I exclaimed.

Duncan laughed. "Then shut up." I growled. Finally after three more minutes he turned to me and said, "Close your eyes."


"Because we're here."

"Then why would I-"

"Just close them."

"Fine." I out my hands over my eyes. "Happy?"

"Yeah, I'd be ecstatic if I had a sandwich."


"Kidding, kidding." He took my arm and pulled me a couple feet. "Okay, open your eyes."

I opened them and my jaw dropped. He took me to a clearing! There were wild flowers all along fresh green grass, with a running stream beside it. Trees surrounded the area, giving off a nice shade, and there were nice smooth rocks to sit on. "Wow!" I exclaimed. "This place is amazing! It's so nice! Wow! I can't believe it!"

"Told you," Duncan smirked.

"This place really is great, thank you," I smiled genuinely. And I did mean it, it was great.

Duncan tried not to show his embarrassment so he turned around. "Whatever," he mumbled. "No big deal." Duncan had this thing where he didn't want anyone thinking he was nice. He always wanted to have a tough guy attitude. So I'm sure by showing me this place everyone would think he was a nice guy.

"I won't tell anyone," I smiled.

"Pff I don't care," he replied. But then he faced me. "Thanks," he mumbled. "Plus Geoff and DJ didn't want me to show anyone."

"Then why'd you show me?"

"Cause you're hot."


He laughed. "I'm serious, keep this secret Princess."

"I will. I'm a woman of my word, cross my heart."


I smiled. Then Duncan and I heard this shrieking noise. "What was that?" I asked.

"I don't know," he answered. "Come on, let's follow it." I followed Duncan through some shrubs, as we followed the shrieking noise. Then finally we found what was making the cries- and we froze.

Author's Note: Okay so obviously we know what was making the noise lol. In this story I'm going to have more TrentxGwen, BridgettexGeoff, and I'm going to attempt some NoahxIzzy. Well it will be NoahxIzzy friendship, I don't really want to have to juggle like four relationships here XD I'M NOT A ROMANCE WRITER! True, romance is an element I put in, but I mainly do humor and action. So yuss.

So what do you think guys, should I continue this? I have a working plot inside my noggin as we speak. Well chapter two will be up soon, and by soon I mean soon. So please, review and thanks for reading!