Authors Note: Each of these entries are referring to an episode.

A special thanks to Sanaryelle for Beta-Reading!

The Diary of a Q

"He's devious and amoral and unreliable and irresponsible and... and definitely not to be trusted." -Jean-Luc Picard

Entry One:

It's been a few days after my trial of the Enterprise and the Farpoint "incident", and I do have to admit, these humans, especially Picard, intrigue me. It was very fascinating watching them during the trail. Their reactions were very humorous. I already have some ideas concerning our next encounter…

Entry Two:

I have to admit, I am very disappointed that Riker didn't accept my offer to join the Continuum. He would have made a very good Q-in-training. I blame Picard. Then again, Picard might possibly make a good Q if he wasn't so…stoic.

Entry Three:

I still can't believe that they rejected me as their guide! The nerve! They would be so much better off with me guiding them. Well, at least in the end Picard told me that he needed me, and I have to admit, his admission did flatter me.

Entry Four:

Well, that was certainly a horrifying experience. I really should have chosen something wiser, maybe a wiser form such as a Romulan, or even a Vulcan. I didn't even get any compassion while I was stuck as a human! And then those dratted Calamarain had to show up and try to kill me. Worst day so far in my existence; at least the Continuum finally realized their error, and granted me my powers back. Now to have some fun with the Calamarain…

Entry Five:

Ah, I smell roses in the air.

Today was a very satisfying day. In the end Vash really did surprise me. She will be very entertaining to travel with. Picard behaved almost exactly as I thought he would.

As I said, today was a very satisfying day.

Entry Six:

Today proved successful. I convinced Amanda to join the Q, and got to annoy Picard some more. Crusher was a bit annoying, though; the whole time she kept trying to persuade Amanda to be human. How horrible.

Entry Seven:

I ultimately enjoyed toying with Picard today. It was quite fun showing him his mistakes, though he still manages to surprise and intrigue me. Bastard.

Entry Eight:

Picard impressed me today. Several years ago, I would have thought that it was impossible for him to broaden his views. I knew that he could save humanity, though it took him awhile to figure it out, as usual.

I do admit, I look forward to my next encounter with Picard and the Enterprise…